Video: “MyFest” Street Festival in Berlin, Germany

The 1st of May is known globally as international labour day, or more commonly, ”May Day”.

Around the world, various Workers Unions and socialist groups stage large scale marches and protests demonstrating certain topics such as the rights of workers.

In some instances, these protests escalate into all out riots, attracting anarchists who use the event as an excuse to… well… cause anarchy…

Riot Police at MyFest Berlin, Kreuzberg

Berlin has long been one of the shining examples of regular, violent May Day demonstrations as the local police force does its best to keep groups of Socialists, punks and neo-nazis apart, traditionally in the dynamic inner suburb of Kreuzberg.

To counter the escalating violence and vandalism that the public holiday was bringing to Berlin each year, the state government began an initiative in 2003 where the streets of Kreuzberg became filled with a community themed street festival featuring performers, art and a huge range of street food options.

My Fest Berlin on the streets of Kreuzberg

Today, MyFest Berlin is the unofficial start of the city’s summer festival season and being apart of the huge, energetic crowd is without a doubt one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had.

I put this video together from the days events…

3 thoughts on “Video: “MyFest” Street Festival in Berlin, Germany

  1. I can’t see why the authorities don’t just herd these cretinous ferals into an old disused industrial area, lock them in, give them all the weapons they need, and let them go for it.
    Keeps the police and passersby safe, while giving these retards all the space and time in the world to give vent to their innermost feelings.
    Give them two days, and next year, the survivors can think twice about going out and rioting and causing anarchy, just because.
    For too long now the authorities in all civilised countries are allowing the dregs of society to dictate terms. And it is time to cease that placating, feelgood rubbish.
    Glad you enjoyed the festive air of your day out Ash.

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