Travel Photo of the Week: The Abandoned Hospital at Beelitz, Germany

One of Berlin’s best aspects is the amount of historical, abandoned buildings scattered through out the city.

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Probably one of the best examples of this, is the abandoned hospital complex found on Berlin’s outskirts at Beelitz-Heilstätten.

The hospital was built in 1898 but quickly became a hospital for injured soldiers during WWI, even housing Adolf Hitler during this time.

Beelitz eventually became a Soviet military hospital after the Second World War and eventually became abandoned after the Soviets left the site in 1995.

Today, the huge complex remains relatively open for people to get into and explore at their own desire. The place is nothing short of a photographers dream…

I captured this picture in the hallway of the Surgery Pavilion.

6 thoughts on “Travel Photo of the Week: The Abandoned Hospital at Beelitz, Germany

    • It really is one of the most interesting places I’ve been in Berlin – but yes, I was definitely getting a little jumpy when the sun started going down!

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