Travel In Egypt: Go Fuck Yourself

Egypt has long been a popular choice for global travellers who are usually drawn by the country’s famous history of the ancient kingdoms that once ruled this region.

 Egyptian hieroglyphs

Spectacular wonders from this captivating era such as the Valley of the Kings, the Abu Simbel Temples and of course, the Great Pyramids of Giza have ensured Egypt has enjoyed a steady flow of foreign tourists for well over a century, much to the envy of its regional neighbours.


After almost four months in the middle-east, and a month in Egypt itself, I left the country with a far from shining attitude that had me wondering if Egypt’s famous history has made it spoilt with tourists it no longer deserves…


Team photo at Petra, Jordan.

Team photo at Petra, Jordan.

I met Annie in a hostel in Amman, Jordan. I had just arrived from Syria and Annie was taking some time off from her work in Dubai to do some travelling before heading home to see her family in the USA.

We were able to bear each other’s company enough that we decided to team up to see the rest of Jordan, which eventually led to Annie changing her plans and joining me in backpacking through Egypt as well.

Annie is blonde and there’s no denying she’s a good-looking girl – two predominant warning signs for attracting unwanted attention in the Middle East. During our time together in Jordan, I could tell that Annie’s experience of living and working in Dubai had taught her how to dress and act ‘appropriately’ for the social standards of this region, so I gave little thought to worrying too much about travelling with her in Egypt.

We left Jordan on a ferry from the Red Sea port of Aqaba, excited to begin our adventures in Egypt.


A few weeks into our Egyptian travels we set out to explore Luxor, arguably one of Egypt’s largest tourist hubs.

On the Nile, Egypt.

Arriving in Luxor on the overnight train from Cairo, there are two things you will notice immediately, especially if you are travelling independently:

One, the hagglers at the train station jump on you faster than flies to a fresh cow shit and two, it’s hot as balls… like “will-melt-the-soles-of-your-shoes-if-you-walk-on-the-road-in-the-middle-of-the-day” hot…

Due to reason number two, Annie and I left most of our sight seeing for either the mornings or afternoons.

One afternoon we were walking down a main street of Luxor to get some dinner when mid conversation, we were interrupted:

“Hey you! Sexy!… I want to fuck you! Yeah you love it! I fuck you good! Show me your pussy!”


Camels - an essential part of Egyptian proposals...

Camels – an essential part of Egyptian proposals…

I turned to see an Egyptian man, about the same age as me, leaning out of the window of his car yelling this at Annie while he waited for the traffic to move.

Before my logic could catch up to me, I made eye contact with him and spat in his direction (not actually on him, just on the ground, he was about 15 metres away from us).

He wasn’t impressed to say the least.

The attention quickly moved off Annie and onto me:

“Fuck you! I fuck you up! You fucking fuck!”

The traffic moved and my delightful host sped off.

…I went looking for medication to reduce my blood pressure…

I’m not going to deny that my reaction was fucking stupid – but in this scenario, I’m not going to accept being labelled as insensitive/racist/ignorant for what I did in a situation I didn’t ask to be in.

Fuck him.

And fuck Egypt…

Our "BandAid" Solution...

Our “BandAid” Solution…

My brain explosion in Luxor that resulted in my (somewhat) out of character response was not an act of ignorance to the country and culture I was in.

It was vented from the culmination of weeks of having to endure incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination towards someone who had become a close friend of mine as well as the continual attempts at fiscal exploitation of us both for the simple fact that we were foreigners.


There was one common characteristic I noticed almost immediately amongst Egyptian Muslim men that I didn’t recognise in neighbouring Arab countries – A large amount of them have calluses on their foreheads, a scar from a lifetime of bowing their heads against carpet in prayer.

To the men who bare it, it’s a symbol of their religious fervour.

To the travellers who find themselves daily on the receiving end of dishonest business tactics of lying and bullying by men with these ‘righteous’ marks, it’s nothing more than a symbol of vanity and hypocrisy.

Taxi in Alexandria, Egypt.

Some may see my criticisms as an ignorant generalisation, a harsh judgement where many are held accountable for the actions of a few and I can understand this. However, the fact that that I continually hear from other people who chose to see the country on their own terms instead of on a tour group largely despised most parts of their travels in Egypt, shows that the problem isn’t entirely my making. I believe it lies with the wider Egyptian society that continues to sit by and let this culture somewhat thrive.

I find it hard to say which is my favourite country I have travelled to, but I won’t hesitate in telling you that Egypt was the worst – and that sucks…

All the negative situations I experienced in Egypt I have definitely experienced in other parts of the world as well, but the daily consistency of it in Egypt puts the country in a league of its own.

The streets of Cairo, Egypt.

The relentless requests for Annie’s hand in marriage in return for camels far overshadowed the young man who took the initiative to make sure we were able to contact my friend on his own phone when we first arrived in Cairo.

The continual interruptions of “free present for you!” scams while trying to take a moment of solitary marvel at the numerous historic sights we visited far overshadowed the efforts of a police officer who helped us get the right ticket at the central train station in Cairo.

The sly groping of Annie whenever we were in a crowded place or transport far overshadowed one of our transport drivers who turned his van around after realising I had left my wallet on the seat, returning it to me intact.

The continual use of the “menu in English – the bill in Arabic (and twice the price)” trick far overshadowed the incredible… well I think I’ve run out of good things that happened to us? But I could give you three pages on scams at the Pyramids alone.

Cairo by night, Egypt.

I know Egypt hasn’t had the best run of luck in its modern history. Oppressive governments, religious extremism, wars with its neighbours and not to mention a funky little revolution that recently caught much of the world’s attention. These are all things I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to grow up and live under, but unless the country as a whole is willing to implement a social dialog which stamps out this attitude and culture towards its tourists, it’s only itself that it is truly going to fuck.


This is a very heavily opinionated piece, maybe you have had similar experiences or even ones that are completely opposite to mine. This is a subject that needs to be out in the open, so please feel free to contribute to the discussion in the comments below… – Ash.

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  1. I basically live in Egypt, and I am so sorry for what happened. Well I am sorry because what happened to Annie happened to me and happens to women every day, and it’s just so annoying, disgusting, humiliating.
    It’s very sad because Egypt would be such a better place without sexual harassment. I wrote about this in my last post too… I had to make major adjustments in my lifestyle to avoid being groped and harassed every time I walked in the streets!
    But at least, I hope that you liked the temples etc. even if I know that beggars and street vendors can take away all the magic when they are so annoying.
    I wish I could say something to defend my beloved Egypt, but you are so right.
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    • Stop apologizing to this idiot! I’m Egyptian and I was born in America….even worse things happen in Australia and America. This guy is just jealous of Egypt. And honestly based on his antagonism, it seems he got a little taste of what he deserves. Def. not a good guy. F him. And by F, lol…let’s say forgive. I feel sorry for him. I do. Egypt is WAY safer than so many countries in the world. I’ve lived around the world and the most violent people in the world are in the United States. Daily school shootings, rapes, killings…and people still come live here. I love Egypt. I am Coptic, and despite being persecuted by Islamic fanatics, I still love and pray for them. I wish we can live in harmony. I will defend Egypt with my life. And this guy will never change my view. He only shows his racism. Blondes are not even that pretty, in my eyes. Sorry, I said it. But Egyptian beauty is the REAL beauty. So I also feel sorry for the guy who even attempted to make contact with a blonde. He probably just thought that sex is something easily given, which is NOT far from the reality, if you talk about western mentality. So stick a fork in it, Ash!

      • What do you have against blonde???i live in egypt and i am blonde and every time i walk in the street they pull my hair to see if i wear a wig!!!! Now i found the solution i dont walk any more i dont drive any more too i have to travel to feel freedom and u know what i dont think we belong to egypt any more

        • Lol…nothing, but looks like the Kardashians have made every blonde go black. Katy Perry, too…lol. New times hunny…new times. Ash visited some poor area in Egypt. If he rolled down Compton, well…he’d probably face the same thing. Wait, even worse, he may get shot and killed, too.

          • Sarah, I am an Egyptian who lived most of his live in Egypt, and I am sorry to piss on your parade. I am afraid that the author of this was not exaggerating at all. You probably are missing Egypt and feel uncomfortable reading these very painful lines. However, I am afraid this is a sample of what is really going on in Egypt. Peace.

          • Lol Karim…..looks like Egypt left you. By the way, it’s lived most of his ‘Life,’ and not live. :) I love Egypt by the way and my family is VERY happy there. In fact, they never want to leave. So, I guess maybe you didn’t have a good life there, and I’m sorry for that….but many people do.

          • Sorry for the typos :) In brief, most of the women I have spoken with in Cairo share the same frustration of the author and have told me more abhorrent stories. A British girl was stripped naked, totally naked, in Tahrir Square last year. I wish Egypt becomes the most developed nation on Earth, but until this happens, I believe I should be as objective and possible.

          • omg Sara you’re right I just a comment down there spilling my guts about this. I don’t live in Egypt btw but my sister does. I don’t mean to be repetetive but I want people to see what I had to say so here……

            Oh I have more than a thing or two to say about this. I wish I had actually started my blog so I can respond properly to this unfair grotesque representation of Egypt. This is gonna be a long reply so don’t read it if you’re not interested.

            First off, congratulations genius !! You single-handedly discovered Egypt has a sexual harassment problem. I’m calling the guys down at the Nobel Prize committee to prepare your detective of the year award for you. Big Deal?! We know Egypt had this issue for the past decade at least. There are entire organizations dedicated for it. There have been countless street marches against it, videos and documentaries created, movements within and outside political parties to try and counter this issue. People are aware and their experiences are far worse than your friend having to hear what she heard. And I am sorry for her, but come on don’t make it sound like you’re about to get a heart attack from how hard your jaws hit the ground. It’s not that shocking and it’s not news and your friendly is hardly traumatized by the experience. If anything, I feel like you are. Blood-Pressure medicine my ass.

            Secondly, it had nothing to do with your friend being blonde or attractive (Not that I testify to that matter. Beauty is a subjective thing). Egyptian girls are harassed everyday, mostly in fact ones who are fully veiled and show no skin whatsoever. Arguably, girls who are far less attractive than your friend. So the fact that she’s white and possibly you too is irrelevant to these “experiences”.

            Also proposals via camels? Come on! I don’t buy it for a second. You pushed it too far. I get you wanna make your blog sexy and cool by telling your awesome adventures in the Middle East but you spiced up your version of this a bit more “creatively” than the Disney writers who wrote Arabian nights for Aladdin and the 40 thieves. Whoever that genius was. No one proposed to your friend with a camel and if they did that was probably a joke. Egyptian men are sexually repressed, sure! But they’re not living in the stone age (technologically speaking).

            Third of all and I should’ve perhaps started with this. That “funky revolution” you talked about, was built on the blood of martyrs. People died buddy so be a little respectful that’s all.

            As for why all this is happening, you touched upon a few facts. Egyptians weren’t always like this. This is not what they default too. Look at pictures from Egypt in the 50’s and 60’s and you’ll literally get the pictures. Kings and queens, princes and princesses all of them on the street even the janitors. They had such a class to them. It wasn’t because of money or education. It wasn’t because of openness to the rest of the world or not. It’s the culture. It’s who they are.

            People didn’t need to be thugs or assholes because they got what was rightfully theirs. If someone tried to take away your rights, there was a government getting it back for you. So everyone was respectful. But when you’re oppressed for 30 and 40 years, you start learning (the poor before the rich) that the only way you’re gonna get what’s yours, is by being a bully. In the beginning they started dong it because their kids were gonna die. There’s no money to buy food or medicine. So they start stealing and bullying and being dishonest with tourists and what not.

            Now there’s a whole generation of Egyptian who only knew this life. They don’t any other way. It’s not their fault. They’re the aftermath, the result, the mutilated child of an unjust regime that pushed their parents over the edge.

            All of this of course is not the fault of a tourist so here’s all what I will say to you. Thousands every year come to Egypt and have amazing experiences of complete strangers coming up to you, helping you our and asking for absolutely nothing in return. The good is out there. You were either extremely unlucky (considering you stayed for a month) or you just chose to highlight the bad.

            Next time come with an Egyptian friend. I’ll personally take you and prove to you how amazing the people here can be.

          • Nabil- when I went to Luxor, my father was actually offered camels to marry me. I would believe it happened to Ash and his friend, but it maybe that the Egyptians doing this are trying to play into a stereotype.

            Also- I have lived in Egypt, both before and after the Revolution, and the sexual harassment problem is BAD. The sexual repression in Egypt along with the economic problems only make it worse, BUT I would never say “Fuck Egypt.” The first few months I lived there, I had a very hard time. I have red hair and blue eyes and just stuck out. My co-worker’s brother was about the same age as me and needed to practice his english so he basically became my escort around the city. To this day, he is one of my best friends and I would trust him with my life. His family also took me in and made everything much easier for me. The good in Egypt far outweighs the bad.

          • Sarah, given that I am an Egyptian who lived pretty much most of his life in Egypt I can completely relate to what the author had to mention in his article, in fact I can add stories of my own to the material mentioned above.
            I am married to a Latvian woman and every time I had to take care or her family to any monumental site it was just a visit to hell on earth.
            unfortunately Egypt is the last place you wish to visit in these days.

          • Hey you stupid cunt. How’re you liking Egypt now? What a shithole it has become. I hope you get deported soon!

          • Layla….I’m Coptic so she can show her hair. Most blondes dye their hair, anyways. They get light sh brown, with time. Lol…the natural blondes tend to be Albino.

          • That’s a stupid answer and it’s not the solution. They’ll harrass u even if u’re monakaba.

          • covering your hair or your face… won’t matter a bit…
            I am not a Coptic… I do not cover my hair
            It is not a solution..

          • Doesn’t work. I’m veiled from head to toe, in black, and guess what? Unless I have my kids with me, it’s non-stop.

            I blame the mothers. Sorry, but it’s up to us to break the chain! Didn’t you tell your sons that respecting women isn’t optional? Weren’t they supposed to be potty trained years ago, and have learned to NOT expose themselves in the street where my kids can see them when we drive down the street to the store? Haven’t you explained that this kind of behavior is bigger than just you and the girl you’re victimizing? That that “chick” in the street is someones little girl, and not just a piece of meat? That one day it will be *your* little girl? It will. And blaming her clothes/behavior/haircolor/religion will only get you so far. Man up, little boys; control yourselves!

          • What can I say about this article? Very little, except that it is very true, and that muslim and arab men are pigs.
            They treat women like shit because that is part of their very fucked up culture.
            Sarah T above is trying to defend these fucking pigs. And as much as I loved Egypt on my 3 visits there, doing all that Ash did, Abu Simbel, the pyramids, Luxor, both the valleys, Cairo, it is an undeniable fact. arab and muslim men are pigs, and the sooner these pigs get a taste of their own medicine, namely getting the shit kicked out of them for being pigs, the better.
            And it sure is ironic that they are pigs, because of their not eating pork.
            To finish up. Fuck you Sarah T, you disgusting apologist for these pigs.

          • First off, as a Coptic, I will not attack Muslims. I love them. Even if I hate radical Islam. I want Egypt to be a place where we love each other. And honestly, America is the one that is funding these terrorists. I wish that Egypt secretly figured out that Americans want every country to suffer so they remain the superpower. If Egyptians are smart, as they should be, they will build their country up..Muslim and Christian and make America fall lower and lower in their attempts to ruin our country. They brought in the brotherhood. I defend Egyptians because I truly love them. And, watch…Egypt will be better than ever. Muslim and Christian will live in harmony once again. Because they love us and we love them. If we believe it, it will happen. And America’s media hype and craze is what is letting this continue. But if we educate our kids in schools, we can hope for a better Egypt. I am very hopeful.

        • Hi Patricia,

          I am an Egyptian. I will not debate with you as different situations happens to different people by luck coincidence and etc.

          I know a lot of foreigners in Egypt. Specially my Ukrainian friends -All blonds- are living happily and safely here.

          Is there sexual harassments? Of course there is. Its everywhere in the world. Is it magnified in Egypt? Yes. Why?
          Ignorance and poverty.

          In the last decades our educational system is one of the worst you can imagine. So even educated people are not “cultured” people and this is a huge.
          Let alone many can’t afford to go to school at the first place.
          Only way to get proper education is through joining international universities “American, Canadian, German universities.” But again not everyone can afford it.

          Almost 40% are living below the poverty line. That is less than one US dollar per day. Can you imagine that?
          Well in short this will push these poor people to try to do anything for money. some of them go to try to sell things to tourists. Almost all of them are doing it wrong. By pushing or scamming you into buying.

          This is not a reason for scamming what so ever but this is the answer for why they are doing it.

          Solution is to revamp the entire educational system and raise up lifestyle so people would be released a little of that tension.

          Once that happen. You may come to realise how kind Egyptians -in general- are.

          Wish you great life here in Egypt.

          Be well.


          • Unfortunately it’s not necessarily the poor and ignorant. Many so called middle class boys and men now believe the extreme Islamist view that any woman who is outside even is “asking for it”. Who taught them that, I wonder? Less likely to be the mothers than the mosques and the madrases…did you read about the Muslim cleric in Saudi who suggested that girls should be compered from birth!!!

        • I hate lies and liars
          everytime you walk they pull your WHAT ?
          you make is sound like egypt is 100% a society of perverts with zero law and police to even provide minimal security and safety
          this whole article is based on a pissed rude guy experience
          seriously you are all liars and fakes and lying for some purpose or some one or even some parties
          you are just trying to hit tourism at egypt
          egypt is MUCH safer and has best society values when it comes to kindness , fairness , hospitality and helping people
          as sarah said , and i quote “I was born in America….even worse things happen in Australia and America.” “Egypt is WAY safer than so many countries in the world. I’ve lived around the world and the most violent people in the world are in the United States. Daily school shootings, rapes, killings…and people still come live here”
          also the kind sir Nabil
          I quote “Also proposals via camels? Come on! I don’t buy it for a second. You pushed it too far. I get you wanna make your blog sexy and cool by telling your awesome adventures in the Middle East but you spiced up your version of this a bit more “creatively” than the Disney writers who wrote Arabian nights for Aladdin and the 40 thieves. Whoever that genius was. No one proposed to your friend with a camel and if they did that was probably a joke. Egyptian men are sexually repressed, sure! But they’re not living in the stone age (technologically speaking).”
          I could go on and on for days
          lots of liers here …

          • she just want to show off that she’s OMFG a Damn hott Blondyyy.. I really feel sorry for her

          • The author of the post isn’t trying to damage tourism in Egypt, you idiot. He’s relating experiences that he and a friend had. Stop making excuses and address the problems. I have never, and I mean NEVER, met a single person who has been to Egypt and not been harassed/lied/cheated to/stolen from. Not one. Egypt is fast developing a reputation as being a place for tourists to avoid, and things need to change otherwise the millions of tourist dollars will start slipping away.
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        • Or a theater, a mall, or market. You know……never heard of school shooting, in Egypt though. Go figure.

          • Even Mexico is safer than the USA. Yes, I said that. Here alone, do people kill for no reason. God bless Egypt.

          • It’s not about what it looks like cowboy. It’s about the numbers and the facts. There’s a cultural barrier here and you just can’t get your head through it. It’s about who you know and whether you’re smart or not. I bet all sorts of shit happens to tourists in NY every year. All the way from rape, mugging to even murder.

          • A bus driver was shot and killed by thieves outside of the school where she teaches. They were robbing the guy who collects the electricity money.

          • Yeah “Sarah” never heard of shooting in Egypt, except burning of churches, attacking nuns, missionaries, nurses, groping women in streets, rioting and killing because of soccer games, gang raping CNN reporters in Tahrir square, you stupid, fact impaired retard.

      • Idiot. The country was far better under Mubarak. At least he kept the dogs (eqyptian men) on a leash.

        • Waw…you attack our men? Egyptian men are real men. Would never marry anyone, but them. And, I was born in California. Don’t even go there, bro.

          • Egyptian men are real men……and the sheep and goats are nervous. Go live over there if it is so wonderful Sarah. No one needs you in America, land of the free and home of the brave.

          • Wait, Grego….our nation is ran by a Muslim president who funds Islamic terrorism…you’re hilarious? Land of the free and brave. Excuse me? By the way, I was born in America, it’s my country. But as far as I know, terrorists run this place too.

          • And she shoots and she scoooooooooreeeeessssss…I feel like I wanna be your own personal fucking cheerleader on this comment section

          • Egyptian men (the majority) are horny fucks and they have double standards, most of them don’t respect women and they treat them with inferiority

          • Sarah t. does not want to be or does not feel she deserves to be respected. And even worse, she feels that NO women should be respected. What a pity. How many times did your Father, uncles, brothers, and cousins grope you and rape you? I guess you enjoy it or deem it to be normal. Wow, you are most definitely a very broken toy, Sarah. “Egyptian men are the only real men” I suppose if you want to put up with the entitlement they feel about being born male, the misogyny, the rape of young boys, the sitting or squatting and smoking while their women and children do the work, then I suppose you will get what you think you want if and when you marry an Egyptian “man” So good luck and enjoy your life of misery. Brim out..

          • ha ha ha ha…… marry egyptian men…what a joke. Can give u soo many examples of european women being “robbed” by their own greedy husbands. Egyptian men does not know the meaning of love

      • So, Sarah, you are actually an Egyptian racist, and a foulmouth to boot. What exactly are you doing in America ? Why don’t you go back to your marvellous country which has the most beautiful people in the world ?

        • Why don’t you go back? No American is not an immigrant. And FYI, I do go back. I live their 3 months a year. And, I love it.

          • If Obama and every American president didn’t fund the terrorists, well….I would live in Egypt forever. As a Coptic Christian, America has ruined our Egypt by funding these terrorists and welcoming them, even in America. But if you ask me…I love Egypt. I love the people. The culture. I hate the Islamic Fundamentalism, even though, I love Muslims and pray for them. And, I always will. I am praying for the people of Egypt. One day, there will be peace. And, trust me, I’d live there in a heartbeat.

          • 3 months a year? Wow! Probably spending best part of it at the north coast? Sarah, believe me, you know NOTHING about the life in Egypt. You belong to one of the most dangerous species who only think they know and speak out the loudest before they even understand! “Hafza, bass mesh fahma!”

          • Yeah, obviously education was not an option in the cesspool of country that you love so much. Your English and typing skills not to mention your unwarranted racism, bigotry and hate shows that we need to be more careful who we should allow in the US.

          • No- I think you’re just another little troll. Basically, you and your supporters admit that the guy was right, but you blame him- either for complaining about it or for even mentioning. And your statements about America are completely stupid.
            So basically- you’re a fool.

          • Sarah T. OH WAIT!! You’d live there if it were SAFE!! That is what you just said. What a fucking retard. Go live there now. Please, I’ll buy your ticket, cunt..

          • Gotta love Brim, he agrees with an article that criticizes someone for calling a blonde a certain word, and then uses the same word on me. Gotta love the incrimination. Honestly, makes me think this whole thing that happened to ASH was well deserved…I am on the Egyptian guy’s side. No apologies. I bet the blonde is, too. LOL!

          • funny how u correct some other egyptians who don’t even live in an english speaking country and ur english suck! u r so pathetic

      • i agree with you, i love egypt too and live here . im an american muslim here. people are jealous and they also like to walk half naked in the street its insulting to the ppl here. respect the customs of another country when you visit, i say to the dirty mouth visitors. lol

        • This guy cursed the whole country for one situation. Honestly, I feel sorry for him. He’s jealous that he didn’t get much love, lol. Sorry, he ain’t gonna get it.

          • This “guy” is a travel writer that has been do dozens of countries around the world. His interest in the middle east and respect for its peoples is quite clear if you read the rest of the blog.

            Dont be so simple as to say his opinion of egypt is after one bad experience. Perhaps learn to read posts before you comment on them.

          • Quite clear??? Did I miss something, he said Egypt can F himself. He attacked a country blessed by God, himself. This guy knows nothing.

          • You remind me of many of my family who for one reason or another are living in other countries. اللي أيده في المياه غير الي أيده في النار. Sadly what the artical describes is very true. Our defense that if they don’t like it they can leave is extremely lame. First we have to admit we have a problem then we start looking for a remedy only them will we be able to remedy our ailment. If we cannot take criticism we will never advance. I am 69 years old and I remember quite another Cairo and Egypt. WE WOMEN WERE NOT harassed . So stop having the atidud of trying to be holier than thaw and telling people , if you don’t like it then lump it. Just come and live here for just a few days… By the way , I am, not only an Egyptian and extremely well traveled I am also of the Moslem faith and respect all other religions including Budismn and Hindoisimn. Non of them call for what is happening here. We have become depraved and the government is doing nothing about it. We have lost our tourists and business options. It is people like you who are defending what is happening by Daniel.

          • Sarah, I read a lot of blogs, and a lot of comment sections. You are by FAR the most ridiculous person I have EVER seen to comment on a blog. Did you read what the author wrote? Do you think this DOESN’T happen to other women, based on the other comments?

            You should be ashamed of yourself as a woman for making excuses that this kind of behaviour is acceptable. Also, “blessed by God itself”? No need to bring your religion into anything. How about having a rational conversation without mentioning God?

            You make a lot of assumptions, and it shows through in your self-righteous comments which have an air of, “I’m sooooo smart you guys!” when I bet you wouldn’t last long if subjected to the same kind of lechery on a daily basis.
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      • Yeah, sure. Egyptian beauty is the REAL beauty. That’s why you cover them up in black fabric coal sacks.

        • I’m Coptic….so we don’t cover up, by the way. Many Egyptians in Egypt are not Muslim. Did you know that?

          • i’m not quite sure how to respond to that, but simply, if you’r dissing my country, then don’t fuckin visit it idiot…

            If you do NOT respect a country, AND its people, then do NOT go dissing it when your gone, man up and dis it in its streets…

            moreover, i have worked as a tourguide during my college years, in Egypt, im Egyptian/Lebanese… and i totaly understand the Pyramids thing, and even when im ther i swear at this country…
            but what you SHOULD have done, is read more about the places your going to, your gonna find in EVERY SINGLE Guide book about the hustle in the Pyramids area… so people mentally prepare themselves for shit, and naturally its worth it… other than that, people are VERY welcoming, and always say welcome to Cairo, or Welcome to Egypt… im just guessing you were crooked in money, and hated the entire trip, or your babe didn’t give u enough sex, so your hormones are just acting funny

          • I have good long time friends who are Copts and they are distraught over the treatment of their community in Egypt.
            From different Coptic families I have heard stories of businesses destroyed by ethnic hatred and a huge lack of opportunity.
            pointman recently posted..Travel In Egypt: Go Fuck YourselfMy Profile

          • Hafez, people are welcoming? After 23 years the only pleasant experience I’ve had in Egypt was that a cashier actually smiled at me when I was paying for my groceries. Do you realize how sad this country is for the people to always have a poker face on? People are not welcoming in Egypt, I know that for a fact, I’ve been born here, and I live here.

            To the other folks claiming Ash is being unreasonable towards Egyptians (and by other folks I mean Sarah), boy, living in Egypt 3 WHOLE MONTHS a year must be really eye opening, I mean, you get to see EVERYTHING that happens around in 3 months a year! You’d need to be living here full time to fathom the horribleness that is the insane misogyny of most of a certain class of citizens here, sadly, those “most-of-a-certain-class” are more abundant than one would care to realize. Now I hate to to insult but you must be either extremely deaf, or do not know a word in Arabic not to realize that you’ve been at least hit on in a demeaning way once in your 3 months a year here, unless of course the only place you go is Sharm el Sheikh, then I would definitely understand your skepticism.

            As to the guys not agreeing with the article, I definitely can’t change your opinions about it, but do me a favor, next time you’re out with your sisters/gfs/or hell, even your mothers, pay some extra attention to your surroundings and I can personally guarantee you’ll witness at least a look at the person you’re with, not an innocent look, mind you, but a look that you’ll definitely recognize when you witness it.

            To Ash, I’m really sorry you and your friend went through this, I stopped recommending Egypt to my foreign friends a very long time ago. I only hope you have at least enjoyed your sight-seeings in this once beautiful country.
            Pierre recently posted..God of War: Ascension (PS3) ReviewMy Profile

        • Camels an essential part of Egypt proposal? What a douche……we propose with diamonds. This guy is an idiot. He gneeds to visit Egypt’s nude beaches wheer Australian women take it all off and show Egyptian male workers. He needs to go to Alexandria and eat at KFC. This idiot truly knows nothing about Egypt. Next time, I’ll invite him to our beach house, We’ll give him a good deal….and rent it out to him and his wait..I didn’t get it…gf? Pal? Date? What was she, anyways?

          • Sarah, you need to take your self righteousness and move on! You have your experience of Eygpt, and the writer of this post, has his. Your name pops up far too often in this debate/discourse, offering little if any value. Pipe down.

          • His pal, gf, date? And maybe it doesn’t fit in your simple mind that a guy and a girl might have been travel buddies? That they kept each other company cuz simply it’s easier to travel in the Middle East that way? Guess you’ve never had any male friends ( and sayin’ friends i really mean it literally, without any sleazy context). Oh, but well I guess u’ve read between the lines that they were fuck buddies and this is the most important thing in this post. Take your mind out of the gutter girl. it’s not your business anyway and their relation is totally beside the point.

      • PS—Sarah, you are cray cray.

        “based on his antagonism, it seems he got a little taste of what he deserves.”

        Defending the honor of his female companion is antagonism?

        “Egypt is WAY safer than so many countries in the world.”

        Besides the point you. Ash never said it was unsafe—just that is was extremely unpleasant and a horrible experience.

        “Daily school shootings.”

        Are you serious?

        ‘I am Coptic, and despite being persecuted by Islamic fanatics, I still love and pray for them.”

        Did you get persecuted at the other countries you lived in?

        “Blondes are not even that pretty, in my eyes. Sorry, I said it. But Egyptian beauty is the REAL beauty.”

        Have you been a toxic bitch all your life?

        “So I also feel sorry for the guy who even attempted to make contact with a blonde.”

        Make contact? Is that what you call sexual harassment in Egypt?

        “He probably just thought that sex is something easily given, which is NOT far from the reality, if you talk about western mentality.”

        You’re actually defending that person by trying to blame western society? Isn’t that what rapists always do? Ummm she was wearing a revealing top—it was her fault? Give yourself a clap Sarah!!!
        Nate P recently posted..Springboard LogoMy Profile

        • Get a life Nate. This guy’s title is Egypt go F yourself. Honestly, and you defending him, also makes you odd. Someone cusses out a whole country, due to one man’s actions? A country that Jesus himself visited. Honestly, Egyptians don’t like blondes. They don’t. This guy is just trying to sound pissed. In Compton, they woulda shot him. Nobody killed him. So what if some guy said some mean things….who gives a rat. It’s no reason to attack one of the seven wonders in the world. Get a life!

          • Sarah, if you read the comments its almost like the whole country is cussing itself.
            There are Egyptian women here upset that he thinks it just happens to tourists and not to them, every day.

            You need better arguments.
            You either attack the writer (not the subject) or you attack the country you think he is from (america – again wrong).

            Keep writing its entertaining!

          • Lol. Sarah, really! Egyptians don’t like blondes! I have no doubt that u are Egyptian, u think just like the daughter of the doorman in my building, but I start believing that u have never even visited Egypt. You say the most unbelievable
            Stupidities. Nate well said, I sign below your post.
            Sarah, u are a sad little person! Seriously, I usually don’t insult people online but u are just to much stupidity together. Lucky for u that stupidity is free of taxes

        • Of course I blame the Western society. They pay terrorists. The Egyptian revolution’s brotherhood was funded by Obama. Billions of dollars go to the terrorists. Taxpayers’ money go to destroy Egypt. Of course they hate America.

      • Sarah, I imagine on your annual trips to Egypt you get so bubble-wrapped by relatives so you don’t have to experience the harsh reality of debasing sexual harassment which women (Egyptians and tourists alike) have to deal with on the streets on a daily basis.
        If you don’t believe Ash, I advise you to watch the latest report on sexual harassment in Egypt on Egyptian TV channel ONTV (available on Youtube).
        I too am an Egyptian living abroad and I am always talking to people who’ve been to Egypt, and their verdict is unanimous: it would have been a great trip had it not been for the constant harassment on the street (sexual and non-sexual). Your ridiculously defensive denial is not going to make the problem go away.

        • No bubble wrap here. I’ve done tourist trips and also mission work in poor areas. And not once, was I picked on. Even if I was, I was told I was beautiful and nice things. I will not apologize for one man’s comments. I don’t know the whole story. All I know is this idiot said Egypt can f itself. He is so disgusting and terrible. What a representation of Western society. He’s attacking the very nature of what he is complaining about. Not too smart, there.

          • You wrote that you’re Coptic… so was your mission work in poor areas in Coptic areas, or Muslim areas, with it being obvious to the Muslims that you’re a Copt??

          • Damn Sarah, from what I’ve read you must be ugly as hell if Egyptian men won’t even harass you.

          • Excuse me? A pretty girl always welcomes such attention….do you see me complaining? Lol…do you even see the blonde complaining that spent the night with Ash? Double lol. Shut don’t even know what you’re talking about..

        • Thanks Reem! El nass hina walla 3andohom asl, yishtimooo fi Masrrr, la ana iskandaraniya, bil shibshib fo’ ras’hom lol!

          • well.after reading all the comments and replies till this point. I tried very hard to stop myself from taking part in this debate..but this is going so far..
            Sarah.. you are a great example of an Egyptian christian as it should be. I see no point of going on debating endlessly with the guys here..the writer of the article shows a great deal of racism and lack of writer’s decency by titling his article ” Go F yourself in Egypt” or so..the rest of the guys are either western extremists or guys who know very little about Egypt and Egyptians ..I am 49 years in Egypt, Muslim, have a daughter, who is very Muslim but not wearing veil, my wife is also the same..I have visited most of the world and seen all types of social problems and diseases. while walking in a very crowded tourist area of one of central Europe’s cities..

      • Sarah, your hate-filled, racist, bigoted comments are contributing, rather than counteracting, people’s already negative views about Egypt and Egyptians.

        “He probably just thought that sex is something easily given, which is NOT far from the reality, if you talk about western mentality.”

        Disgusting. Are you sure you’re not a wacko Salafi sheikh?

        • La moakhza, el ragal tha magnoon wi homarr kaman lol. Honestly, look at the pics this guy posted….of a girl flaunting cleavage with a turban and his usage of f words. Honestly, the only one I’m laughing at, is them. They wanted attention and didn’t get it. Poor Ash. At least, mish ha yifham el logha thee…homarrr ya nass…izzay el nss thee tishtim masrr….izzay….il osoool niktib bil 3arabeee….lol…

          • And here you have it. Women have no chance in this country when their fellow kind insinuate they deserve it because they (barely) show cleavage.

            Good luck with it.

          • Lol….the pictures are disgusting. She’s showing her body and covering her face, as a joke? The pictures speak enough. And nobody said anything about deserving. She shoulda went to our nude beaches, where women take it all off in Sharm El Shekh…but maybe, she’s not that hot, to look at. I’m sorry, but Egypt does have nude beaches. This Ash creature picked one place and attacked and stereotyped the country. We don’t propose with camels…we have diamonds ok! We have KFC. We have Chilis. We have NUDE BEACHES! Yes…we do.

          • Lol ya Sara, eddeelo foo2 demagho :), if this guy is a blogger or so traveler, this is no way to criticize a country if he experienced bad situations u can never judge a country u visited by visiting it once n I don’t know for how long u stayed. ps: am Egyptian who lived half of my life abroad and even after all what’s going on in egypt now I always say its still the safest. Mind the typo as am driving to work while reading this, n I have to say its pretty entertaining being here on a morning Cairo traffic. Keep it going Sara :).

          • I think it’s you that’s crazy and a donkey. So glad I’m married to a lovely Egyptian man; otherwise, I might come to the unfortunate conclusion that all of you are morons … if I were to judge by the unadulterated idiocy you’ve spewed on this blog.

          • Sarah – YOU are the problem with Egypt. The women who fail to protect other women and in many cases are worse than the men. Time to start thinking for yourselves instead of thinking that baby girls have to be mutilated to prevent them wanting sex when they are older…

        • Mir Emme,

          yet another short-sighted, general judgement. this is not a debate between western mentality and Eastern mentality.

          • Eastern vs. Western mentality? Huh? My message is that a person making moronic comments on a damning blog about people of her nationality is making matters worse. It was actually the fool herself who made it about East vs. West. Oh, I guess you were referring to Sarah T.’s short-sighted, general judgements.

          • Someone tell me…did that Egyptian guy marry the blonde??? And is that why Ash is pissed? It’s gotta be more to this story. Maybe she cheated on him with the Egyptian guy. That’s my guess…..

      • I’m not defending the guy, but I’m CERTAIN he got NOTHING against Egypt nor its people! actually he is being sensitive to the F… culture that is over there! I have lived in several countries in the Middle East n been living in the US for the past 24 years. Yes there r some losers in the US, but no MotherF … Would dare touching or grabbing a woman or even say something if he sees a Muslim person wearing their traditional clothes while in the Muslim world it would be more than ok to insult a Christian or a jewish person in the US you have rights and if or when someone insults you, there are serious consequences n today in the news in Washington is the best example of what happens to people who abuse their power!Here is the problem in Egypt and the countries that have ignorant people like you saying that the guy is jealous of Egypt. Tell me what is he or his girlfriend are jealous of. Is it the camels that they are offered! Or the stinky smell that come from many people that haven’t even heard of deodorants. May be he’s jealous of the beautiful ninjas that walk in the streets of Cairo wearing garbage bags and acting so holly, But inside they do everything that’s against Gods will. Or may be the guy is jealous of the poverty in Egypt n he wants to have a piece of it. May be the education or may be watching the Muslim brotherhood promise the poor people things then not delivering!! Or is it the traffic jams and the pollution in in Egypt in general and Cairo in particular. Good luck moving ahead in life when the mentality is 10000000000 years old!!

        • Absolutelty. Its quite easy to see that he had high hopes for egypt after his travels to other parts of the middle east.

        • are you joking… no one in the US dares touch a woman… go check out the rape figures in the US… no, the wouldn’t dare say profanities, but they will give her date rape drugs

      • The best thing about blind remarks from the ignorantly defensive such as Sarah is that it takes no time at all to watch them dig their own grave… keep talking Sarah…

        • Rania, I’m from a high class family in Egypt…and no family member ever attacks Egypt. I don’t know about you. Furthermore, I’m ignorant??? LMAO….we don’t propose with camels, moron.

          • Sarah.. please don’t bother arguing any more if the others will not respect your opinions and have decency while taking

          • nobody from a high class family ever says “I’m from a high class family” .. you’re a moron, probably 16-18 judging from your comments based entirely on your own selfish experience of the 3 months you spend in Egypt every year sheltered in your (probably nouveau riche) family home and on supervised trips. Whoever agrees with your underdeveloped and extremely sexist comments on this blog post is also a moron seeking to validate their own stunted views on the matter. You people collectively are the reason that Egypt will never move forward because you refuse to see the fucked up shit happening right there, preferring to see your world through rose-tinted glasses and rage against anyone who admits the obvious. Enti homara 3ashan these two people who came to visit the country, dressed appropriately w kol 7aga matestahbelesh she was posing for a picture inside mesh barra ya 3′abeya, had a horrible time and if you TRULY gave a shit about your country and it’s future, you would say SORRY YOU WERE TREATED THIS WAY.

          • Completely agree Zainab.

            In response to Sarah T:
            I love how you keep saying “our” as though you live here. You openly describe your hate for the US, refuse to call yourself American and yet there are so many Coptics that are trying to do whatever they can to immigrate into another country including the US. So why don’t you give up your citizenship, since clearly you don’t need it and live in Egypt so maybe someone else may have it? You also claim that women love the attention and if a woman complains then you might listen – what threads have you been reading? Women, both foreign and Egyptian, have voiced their problems and concerns in response to this blog. Just because YOU like the attention, doesn’t mean everyone does.

            And how dare you say anyone deserves this? You like to throw how Coptic you are around on these comments (referring to the Coptic guy that used the f word as the language not being conducive to your beliefs), but that mentality certainly isn’t Christianlike. You should be ashamed of yourself.

            I also have to question the US educational system because the school that let a product like you into society should be permanently closed. Here, with an ‘e’, describes a place while her without an ‘e’ describes a female.
            LeAnne recently posted..Letters from Egypt: Forget Your SurroundingsMy Profile

          • Lol Zainab, your name says it all…LOL! But, um yeh…..get help. no blonde is complaining just Ash. I bet that blonde has an Egyptian boyfriend now. And why is Zainab ghayrana? Looool. Magibtihash 7amra leee ya Zainab? LOOOL!

      • I am Egyptian and have always lived in Egypt, and I love my country with all its contrasts.
        But………..after the hijacked revolution of 2011, things have changed big time.
        It is as if a sewage pit has opened and strange creatures have come out of it.
        Crime, murder and aggression are on the rise. Harassment to women is an everyday feature.
        The scams at the pyramids is something i experienced first hand.
        We have to be more realistic defending our country. We love it, but have to see and accept the negative points. It might be better than many places on earth, and could be among the top places if it wasn’t for the rampant ignorance and illiteracy of the great majority of its people.
        I am jealous for my country and sorry for what is happening to it, but it is on a free fall now, and nobody is doing anything to stop this fall, everybody is watching!
        We cannot hide our heads in the sand, and refuse criticism.

      • I lived in Egypt for 6 years. I hate it with all my heart. It’s the most dangerous and unwelcoming place I have ever had a misfortune to live in. The people there are of limited knowledge but with inflated self-esteem. Eastern hospitality and nobility is a myth. If an Egyptian does something for you, it means he wants something – of course, he would never admit it. I fled this country in disgust. Truly – Fuck Egypt!

          • Sarah, every time you open your mouth, your wildly inflated – somewhat bragadocious – claims about the class your family, fall by the way side. High-class, indeed!

            It is better be silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and prove it so, would you not agree?

            Stop talking , already. There are people on this thread who actually have something intelligent to say. I don’t claim to be one of them, however, I am enjoying the discourse, that is, until your foolishness interrupts it, once again.

          • Sarah – please, stop now. You’re making a fool of yourself, exposing a bigoted attitude, an ignorance of real life in post-revolution Egypt, living in complete denial of facts, I don’t care that you say you’re Coptic – your mentality is that of a tent wearing salafi. Your attitude has more potential of keeping people away from Egypt (and Egyptians!) than the article above. You’re not just embarrassing yourself here, you’re embarrassing every Egyptian following this discussion!

          • Bigoted attitude? Lol! You’re complaining and the blonde is currently riding a camel with her ‘new,’ Egyptian boyfriend that she dumped Ash for. Stick a fork in it.

        • Diving_bride
          please don’t bother coming back..but isn’t it strange that you lived in such a disgusting place for whole six years..if i where you i would have left long before that.

          • She was waiting for an Egyptian guy to marry her, but now looks like they go for their own women, now. They got smarter, lol.

      • He’s jealous of Egypt? You’re such a fucking retard its actually quite sad. It’s short sighted self deprecating idiots like you who are the problem with this country. Blondes are not pretty? Who said anything about being pretty? This is written based on a touristic experience in the country, you wouldn’t know what actually happened because you’re not a tourist, you are rather a fucking demented Egyptian. I invite you to go fuck yourself along with every other Egyptian I know. And I’m 100% Egyptian by the way, so don’t even go there. Stupid fuck.

          • Go On Sarah :) I love ur attitude in defending Egypt all over this discussion..
            Truely there are many negative things in our beloved Egypt, but I never expect outsider to understand it or give a solution to it..
            He/She simply give negative feed back for all bad things happened to him, and totally forgetting anything good!!!

            Like his intact wallet, as an example ;)

            In near past, Egypt gave Europe as well as Gulf so much..
            And with all of the invades that Egypt passed. We still survived.

      • You’re an idiot, the sooner you leave the US and go back to Egypt, the better off all of us will be! As a supposed Copt, you should be ashamed of yourself; want to go live in Egypt/the Middle East as “dhimmi”; good luck to you; while your people are being literally wiped out across the entire ME, you’re trying to convince people that Egypt is “better” than the US…good luck with that! Hey, there’s no walls around the US keeping you here; go back, and enjoy! By the way, I lived in Egypt for five years, watched all my female relatives & friends get sexually harassed in the streets on an almost daily basis; including my 70′s+ Aunt groped; girls I was in University with masturbated on while riding the train from Maadi, my 50′s something mother petted like an animal and breasts groped; Egyptian girls not wearing a hijab molested and abused and groped in the streets; and even good looking western men & boys sexually assaulted, if the chance were given. Its the whole “ghilman” culture don’t ya know, but you’ll have to Google that, as you’re so delusional to not even know. A girl from my University class murdered by her father & brother because she accepted a ride how from work by her boss; since it was an “honor” killing, the Police said it wasn’t “murder”; that’s how all the ME countries escape responsibility for their Murders & rapes and kidnappings, which happen with great frequency than here, but are not reported nor investigated nor documented due to incompetence, stupidity, corruption, religious bias, lack of humanity; the ONLY crimes that are reported and solved, are the ones that involve people with enough financial & political resources to MAKE the security apparatus do their job; otherwise, you’re just plain screwed! So don’t come and comment here with some holier than thou attitude about the author who is telling the EXACT truth about the shithole culture that you call home! No one is forcing you to live here, GO HOME, and enjoy!

        • All of what you said happens everywhere in the world. Currently watching the Jodi Arias, verdict…wanna join me? Oh, and the kidnappings. And the and the…wake up, ok. And hand the popcorn as a commentator said above.

          • Haven’t you had enough abuse you thick skinned twerp.
            Not only have you made a fool and an ass of yourself, you’ve turned this into a “screw Sarah and see if she comes back for more competition”

      • “Blondes are not even that pretty”, “I also feel sorry for the guy who even attempted to make contact with a blonde.” “He probably just thought that sex is something easily given, which is NOT far from the reality,”

        Wow Sarah, just wow. What the hell are you talking about. You sound like a frustrated brat. What does your pathetic dislike for blonds and perception that they are an easy fuck got to do with this. What an apologist. If you were pulled down by your hair, striped and grouped and maybe even raped, you might understand what these women go through on a daily basis on the streets of Egypt, not only tourists, but Egyptians as well, and not only blonds, but brunettes, veiled and monaqabat., young and old, beautiful and ugly, skinny or fat.

        We’re not talking about robbery, murder or other acts of violence that are not exclusive to Egypt, we’re talking about sexual harassment, that is becoming an epidemic, which by the way has nothing to do with sexual gratification, but a result of the patriarchal culture that is typical to Egyptian society, the result of misogynism. Harassing women is an act of establishing authority and putting women down.

        We all love Egypt, and hate to see it receive bad publicity, but hiding our heads in our asses is not the answer. Sexual harassment is becoming a real issue in Egypt, that it’s becoming one of the worst places in the world. This needs to be exposed for what it is and dealt with. I’m surprised that you being a woman is not the first to condemn this. If you live outside Egypt then you have no idea how bad it has become, if you live in Egypt, then you must be living in a bubble.

      • Well Said (Y).
        @Ash: Simply without defensing every country is having good and bad people. You Simply had a bad experience so Stop Crying .

        Regarding Scams and Racism for blondes.
        Why don’t you go any European City?
        lets say Paris and see the amount of scams happening for tourists beside Eiffel Tower or Dortmund,New Gersey how many Black ones were called Nigger and being treated like shit just because he was born like that or how many Muslim were treated badly and being insulted from extremist Christians.
        I haven’t experiences these situations but many people did and they didn’t cry like you because this is simply life “Good & Evil”

      • Love your response, made me laugh. I love Egypt too, and all i can say to people who dont like it when they come is so dont come again! If you knew history you would know that Europeans have been drooling over egypt since the Greeks and the Romans and have never stopped wanting it. We go to your countries and admire them enjoy them but we respect that they are yours. You, no. You want it all. What egypt is today is largely the product of imperialism, neo-imperialism and globalization. Agency? of course, but oh how seductive your available women and your superfluous wealth can be to the weak and the hungry… I agree with my compatriot…

      • Well said Sarah!
        At least we don’t have gangs walking around with guns shooting for nothing..

        People talking about the “social problems” in Egypt should check the amount of “Single moms” they have, then we can talk about who’s having a serious social problems

      • Im surprised as Sarah who claims she live in US but an egyptian is suprised, im egyptian who work in hospitality and sadly its true, we are daily handling sad stories from iur guests, last week a 13 yrs girl was harrsed and badly touched in Luxor and when i took the father to file a police report he dropped it as we found that the boy harresed the girl is surronding police station with his freinds, that egypt now after the collapse of securitey the youth dont feel amy fear plus what make it worse when muslim brother use to pay to thugs to sexualy haresed the activisits that egypt dear

      • So Sarah, are you American or Egyptian? You must be super ugly if you have not had a healthy heaping of sexual harassment in that FUCKED UP PLACE CALLED EGYPT. I have traveld the world extensively, and have never had a worse experience than that retarded place. I wish the Americans would come in and take the ancient pyramids back home, so regular non shitty people could go see them. Fuck you and your flies. And if you still live in the States, get the fuck out!!

        • Oh ignorant one! I’ve had many comments said to me, because I’m too hot to trot. Yes…indeed. But a pretty girl, welcomes such attention. And that’s why I am not complaining, you fool! Now…only Ash is complaining. Where’s the blonde? Lol. Blonde women die to get an Egyptian man in Egypt. Every blonde girl that goes there tells me she wanted to marry an Egyptian. Stick a fork in it and bring me the blonde to complain. Not an Ash that’s jealous of our real Egyptian man. I was born in America, but I ONLY go for Egyptian guys. Just in case you care.

      • Sarah T. Or whatever you call yourself. So, are you an AMERICAN? or an egyptian? Seems that you want to live in the USA with all the benefits, but also want to defend your so called homeland. Egypt is the worst place I’ve ever had the displeasure of serving. The old timers there are cool, but getting rare. What a fucked up rat-hole.

      • If Egypt is so great, why did your parents leave it and go to California where you were born..? I think if you miss Egypt so much and think that America sucks, then you must head back for Egypt without delay and enjoy a long, happy, and safer life there..!

      • With all due respect, the only person who seems to be racist is you. The color of your hair doesn’t define your personality, character and certainly doesn’t allow other people to treat you like a trash. I am a blonde myself and I’ve been living in Egypt for over 2 years right now and sadly I have to confirm that every single word in this post is true. And maybe according to you I deserve to be insulted because of the color of my hair, obviously being blonde has its disadvantages, but what about redheads, brunettes? They hear the same insulting stuff as me every single day. So what is it? Is it really a hair color? Or maybe it’s the color of our skin? or maybe because it’s socially accepted here to be disrespectful to people from other cultures and with different backgrounds? I love this country dearly but it doesn’t mean I am blind to what’s happening in here. Let me tell you a short story, just yesterday I was walking down the street, respectfully dressed, no make up, tied hair, just my every day average look, when a group of around 12 years old boys started yelling “fuck your mother”. This is the most disrespectful thing that I’ve ever heard in my life. Never, in any country in the world, anybody said anything so hurtful as that to me. And imagine, those were only children. Of course, people around me didn’t react, as if what those children were saying was totally fine. So explain it to me, do you really think that the color of somebodys hair makes it ok to insult them, their families? Because that kind of thinking is backward to me. And even though I love this country a lot, just like you do, you can’t pretend that those things don’t happen, because they do and they do on a daily basis. As for killings, shootings and rapes – they happen all over the world. But here people don’t talk about it. Victims don’t receive any help, they have to hide the truth, beacuse they’re just to scared to become social outcasts. And please don’t tell me, that rapes happen only because girls don’t dress appropriately, because they do even happen to mohaggabat. Another thing is I’ve spent a lot of time in different Arabic countries (like: Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, UAE) and I’ve never had to put up with that kind of behaviour. So maybe it’s time to stop and think, that there is some truth to Ash’s words. Maybe, you didn’t experience this because you’re not an outsider. But to tell you the truth, Egyptians make foreigners very unwelcomed here, even though I believe, that’s not what they mean. And I don’t want to generalize here, because I’ve met some great people here, but they’re just like small rays of sunshine in this community, which still has a long way ahead of itself to understand that you should respect a person no matter what’s his/hers religion, skin color, hair color, nationality. And lastly, I just have a question to you: why do you judge and make inappropriate comments about the girl from this post? You don’t know her, but maybe you should give her the benefit of the doubt. And maybe instead of talking about your religion, you should start following it’s dictates. That’s what I do. And we share the same religion.

        • I’m sorry for the horrible experience Monica. And please don’t take what that retard said personally. I was shocked when I first read her comment, but reading the rest of the thread, I realized that she is a frustrated twerp, who thinks KFC is a sign for modernity. Probably 15 yrs tops. I don’t care if she made a fool of herself, because she is, but she managed to invite some very obnoxious and hurtful comments about Egypt.

      • it seems that u haven’t been in Egypt long ago.. egypt isn’t safer anymore and i porn in cairo and i live in cairo and i’m telling you he said the truth and u should follow up what’s going on in Egypt these days, Egypt now is awful believe me am afraid to talk in the streets from the harassment..i wish i can leave here to any where else :)

      • The real ignorance is calling our revolution a little funky revolution, I’m sorry for Annie as for you, FUCK YOU very very much
        Greetings from Egypt !!
        Thank u

      • Hahah. Egypt is way safer. Right. Safe for disgusting excuses of men to sexually harass and assault women because nothing will be done about it.
        I do understand your point of view, but the bad will always easily overshadow the good. And you probably feel its safer because you are uglier than the camel they wouldn’t trade for you.

      • I’m sorry, I’m an Egyptian citizen, Egypt is just a shithole of a country, I do not recommend anyone at all to come here for tourism, run away for your lives !

      • Ash is not a good guy because he had bad experiences and wrote about them? To say that we (U.S.) have “daily” school shootings is to admit that you are talking a lot of nonsense. You don’t know the facts. Look up the per capita rates of the crimes you’re talking about and you’ll find Egypt is vastly more dangerous. Stop thinking that TV represents the U.S. And we’re not talking about whether you think blondes are pretty, we’re talking about the fact that blondes in Egypt are sure to be targeted for sexual crimes – like being fondled or worse as they walk down the street. You know that an unaccompanied blonde woman is certainly going to be victimized in Egypt while she faces a tiny such chance in the U.S. And no one’s trying to change your view, Ash was stating the facts as he observed them. As to Egyptian beauty vs. blonde, I prefer women without mustaches.

      • Sarah, despite your clear problem with blonde girls, I am an Egyptian, who lived and travelled in many Arab and European countries. I see Egypt is a very beautiful country but most of Egyptian men are very rude, lazy and stupid. When it comes to Egyptian women, I will not comment on that but I would recommend to anyone to read your post to get a taste of Egyptian women mentality and attitude.

      • Hats off for you, very proud of your comment . As a son of an Egyptian diplomat that lived many years in America and Europe, i can’t agree more with you.

      • You have just justified the article, and shown us more of the real Egyptian character. Thank you for adding to the point.

      • Although you are proud of your country, your comment is really low level. I just can support the opinion of Ash. In all countries people exist with a simple education and no manners, but not as cumulated as in Egypt, especially after the revolution. Hypocrisy is the best word to describe on the one hand religious passion on the other a behaviour that cannot be accepted and has nothing to do with a religious performance, no guidance, no setting an example by the ruling persons, who betrayed the own people. What a pity, another lost chance to develop to the better!

      • I was born in 1950 and raised in Alexandria, Egypt but have had the luck to have lived in Canada for the last 35 years.
        I was sexually harassed from age 11 until 27, when I left Egypt. Sara you have have your opinions, but did does not change the bitter reality of things. By in large, men have been glorified by their mothers ever since they are kids and they truly believe that they are magnificent creature; they allow themselves to grab and grope women in the streets, place their hands on women’s genitals, squeeze their breasts and talk dirty trash to them….that has been a sick attitude that has not changed much. Today it is even worst, because many (70%) believe a woman should be circumcised (genital mutilation) when she reaches puberty so she is only a means to have babies for their husbands. These same men like to sex with intact women while they believe that they are sluts.
        You are either very young and naive or narrow minded and very shallow.
        My dear Sara, instead of mouthing off from the USA go live in Egypt , walk in the streets, work with them and then let us know. I go there every year to see family members, even at my age, I still get sexually harassed and let me tell you girl, I dress properly and act properly as well.

        As for the issue of sex and sexual freedom in the West; as consenting adults, we are free to choose and act accordingly.

        Egyptian will try to make a buck or two from tourists by being dishonest and overcharging them, they do justify these actions by believing since the tourists have more money than they do, they can try to swindle them…that is not honest, but a fact. Now since there are more than 91 million people of which about 70% still live in mud hits with no roof over their heads, no running water and electricity and certainly little no education, they have not evolved and do not comprehend our world as we cannot possibly imagine theirs, they share on room with dirt flooring, along with the donkey and a few chickens, children and all. They sleep eat and live in that room…these people deserve better but corruption and greed by the ones who have ruled Egypt has not allowed the poor to better their lives. WHile there are many who are kind, good people, many men still think and act with the wrong head. That is a fact and I concur with Ash that in other neighbouring countries, their is more respect fro women in the street and less aggression towards them, many of these men who roam the street of Egypt are sexually frustrated and they act out their feeling in an ugly and totally disrespectful way.

        In every country, there is sexual harassment, mental and physical abuse and crime, but we are not out comparing all of that. I know that when I go out walking in the streets where I live (Canada), I feel safe and know that no one will touch, grab or grope me. Naturally in large cities there are junkies, drunks, addicts and unstable people, but when caught they go to jail, while in Egypt if a woman complained to a law enforcer (if she finds one) he will tell her that if she was sexually harassed, it is her fault…and that alone my dear girl is wrong.

          • Reading this article reminds me of the 12 months I spent in South America. It’s as if these sorts of men believe they have the right to abuse and fondle women, as if it is their birthright.
            Admittedly, in arab and muslim countries it is much worse because the culture is such that they can get away with their cowardly actions, women of course being second class and to be used as the men see fit, once married.
            Women prior to marriage are of course verboten, which is why these cowards harass and sexually abuse Western women so much. They know even more so that Western women are viewed as sluts, slags, whores, words demeaning to them, and as such are fair game.
            Just like in Australia a few years back when muslim youths went on a bit of a rape spree, raping young girls, Western girls only, because of that attitude that Western women are just playthings for these heroic, manly, swarthy types, they are there just to swoon as these males, machismo to the core, give them exactly what they have been craving all their lives. Lives which were nothing until meeting such amazing men. I only use the word men because they are males.
            Oh such wonderful munifience on the part of these amazing men, such joy and bliss they impart to the lucky girls in their company. And all other girls are unhappy that these other girls have beaten them to the holy grail of all mankind.
            But, getting back to my point of South America. The men over there have the same attitudes, being also so machismo and manly and utterly undeniably so attractive to the womenfolk, that they can yell out to women just how lucky they would be feeling their huge beefsteak inside them.
            I have seen it with my own eyes, countless times, and I have also seen many 8 or 10 year old boys make comments as girls and women walk by, all the while fondling their crotches.
            All men like this are pigs. So come on mums, raise them right. But thankfully some of the countries in South America are civilised and if anything too untoward happens then punishment ensues. Not so much for the cowardly and piggish words that these blokes use, for after all, they are only words, but being groped and fondled, in a civilised country, would see you maybe in gaol, but in uncivilised countries like Egypt, and I used the word uncivilised only in the fact that men think their shit don’t stink and women are just vessels to receive their wonderful, manly sperm to help propogate that manliness.
            And Ash has done the right thing here. In countries like that, if he had done more than just spit at this pig (something I actually find abhorrent, spitting at someone, but that is neither here nor there), maybe taking a swing, he would have been in more shit than Batman.
            He probably would have had the shit kicked out of him by other Egyptian men who would of course defend their pig of a countryman. Twenty on one, no problem for these cowards.
            No matter ifs one of them spoke English and he explained why he did it. Stiff shit. It’s them against the others, and no matter what the Egyptian bloke does it doesn’t matter.
            So to all you pigs out there, treat women with respect, treat everybody with respect, the way you want to be treated. Of course these pigs would want to be groped because that is probably the only way they might get some. Just a bunch of gutless, little dicked cowards, trying to act the tough man in front of their mates. Truly pathetic.
            And now, I am off to swim some laps in the pool of my $8 a night hotel room, my room having all the mod cons I need, free wi-fi, fridge, TV, large bed, aircon, fan, a huge room, drawers and dresser space, cupboards, a drawer that you can lock, tables and chairs, a balcony with same, and of course the pool. $8 a night.

      • Sara, because you were born in America, you don’t know anything about Egypt. No can ever be jealous of this horrible place!
        I was born and raised and still living in Egypt, the horror females encounter everyday in this part of the planet can’t be described in words. I read daily reports about sexual harassment in Egypt and they are all beyond your wildest nightmares!
        So, please, come live in Egypt, try to be brave facing the harassment before calling anyone jealous!

        • One more thing. Sarah T, one truly fucked up woman, is not Egyptian. She is American of Egyptian ethnicity. And definitely not an Egyptian-American.
          Why it purports to be Egyptian, who knows, who cares, but one would think that at home it is very Egyptian.
          Just love those people who leave countries to live elsewhere, probably due to their country being a hellhole (not that I think that of Egypt, loving the country on my 3 visits there), but they yearn to go back and visit but not stay and live, and hate their host country.
          And that is probably due to their arrogance and attitude that Americans are inferior, as in infidels, like all Westerners, and probably all other peoples that aren’t Egyptian.
          Now I am off for my laps.

      • At the end of the day, the West don’t need Egypt, but Egypt needs Western tourism revenue, Western Aid money, and money sent home by Egyptians working in the West. It gets by on what has been called iqtiSaad al-bakshiish. If this is the way Egypt is experienced by visitors and more broadly perceived in the West, Egypt has a problem. Your comments don’t help matters and in the end only make you and your parents’ home country seem pathetic.

      • Sarah T,
        As an American who has chosen to live in Egypt because I consider it a safe environment for my kids, Ash is largely correct. Blondes are the Hollywood fed fantasy of Egyptian guys. Egyptian are in the streets fighting against the same practices Ash mentions and you are defending. These brave Egyptians are not ignoring the issue and insulting the western countries like you. Instead they are putting their safety on the line and fighting for those that women like you obviously are ignoring.
        Egypt is safe and full of good people but these same good people are either outnumbered or intimidated by the perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment in the streets daily.
        I am here because I feel it’s a safe environment for children! When my daughter grows older however I plan to leave. Its amazing how the only negative comment is from a woman! Egypt is better than you. The country is not the problem it’s the sick citizens with perverted minds who are the Problem. Lash out at them and respect Ash’s experiences and opinion.
        By the way, I abhor blondes and find Egyptians with their dark skin and hair attractive but your men on the other hand dream of Jessica Simpson and daydream of Pamela Anderson.

        Get over yourself Chica and defend your fellow women in Egypt.

      • “This guy is just jealous of Egypt.” Now that IS a laugh.
        I bet Egypt would be empty if the people had the chance to move to Ash’s home country of Australia.
        Remember Sarah: It’s not Racist if it’s True. I’ve been to Egypt, the men were assholes then (1985) and I’m sure they are even worse now.

      • Wow!!! This has to be one of the most racist ignorant comments I have ever read. Furthermore I cannot believe that this is coming from a woman. I am not sure where you “lived” in America but I can assure you that acts towards women such as the ones described in the article are NOT common place out here. Out here if I or the majority of men see another guy harass a woman we defend her. Chivalry is obviously not as common among men in Egypt. As far as safe goes all I can say is violence does occur in all parts of the world America and Egypt alike, but here the crimes you speak of DO NOT happen daily, you also seem to forget the size of America and the differences in population (America is 4 times as populated). When we protest women are not raped in the middle of the streets, when we have an issue with someone we don’t persecute everyone else who share the same beliefs. You should be ashamed of yourself for defending such actions. You speak of this guy being a racist yet your entire article is full of racist comments. Sorry to burst your bubble but beauty is found in all races and Egyptian women are no more beautiful than the rest. If you haven’t been harassed I would imagine that you need to look in the mirror because in my book that means you must not be that attractive…sorry:( You sound like a lil spoiled racist that thinks she is better than the rest. Defend your country all you want but you seem to be the definition of all that is wrong with your country, be careful because ignorance is a bitch!

    • As an Egyptian female I would like to add that you shouldn’t have come in the first place :) You’r lovely blond friend who lives in dubai, can go to hell as well! And seriously if you hadn’t realized that there is a harassment problem here and that we are going through a very challenging time in our history then you are an ignorant motherfu**er! Will you go to Syria next and complain that its too loud from the bombings and you can’t sleep???? Or better yet decide to visit Jerusalem and be very surprised that there are Arabs there…. I can’t stand Western idiots.

      • Sarah
        these guys are so strange ..they sell their household items to come to our region..then complain..if they hate Eastern or Arabs or Middle Eastern as they call us..why bother coming..haven’t they prepared themselves for this horrible experience..I have been working in tourism for 22 years and know this type of “so called ” tourists trying. if the man ” Mr. Expert” believes a sales man at a tourist place, who cracks a joke about trading a wife or a friend against 100 camels, then he is ignorant..and trying to make a living by writing such fancy stories about trading women against camels in a country like Egypt.. no decent and educated tourist would buy this crap.

        • Yeh I know. They don’t realize that all my family are doctors there and hate America. I love America. But, I also LOVE EGYPT. My family loves it. They are so happy here. Even happier there, than in America. My uncle is an orthopedic surgeon there that would never come here to America. I feel bad these people in Egypt haven’t seen the light there, and not everyone is rich and successful. But for those that are, well I’m here to say Egypt is wonderful for them. There are a lot of people that complain about America too…the poor and uneducated ones. They have no right to attack a whole country based on their own misery. I feel bad for those of you who hate Egypt, but my family does not. So..there you go.

    • i am not going to say what you have seen it is not true … no it is true but if you travel to your own country you will not be satisfied otherwise you won´t leave it and work somewhere else. being USA one of the largest country in the world and comparing it with mine … it will be not fair at all. But i wanna share with you and others what happened to me in Taxes when i went to visit one of my workmate … I have heard in the street really bad words may be not as you heard belong to pussy and fucking … it was more worse man .. it is about racist, the true is that the America still has racial hangups (even though they act if as they don’t). do you know how you feel when you hear such words … I do not underestimate the way how you felt especially I understood among your lines that you were in the stage of new admire of Annie. the second situation which made me decided to leave Texas is when I was in restaurant with my friend who is a quit pretty girl … suddenly an old guy with his wife start to talk loudly with unacceptable tone toward me say “Hey You ccolored despicable scum What do you do here. Go where you come from.Your not welcome here and what do you have with this girl?. after this situation, I did not like to stay longer over there and travelled to the Big Apple city … man what I found over there is awesome huge building, full civilized life but just on the surf, where ever you go on the side street full of homeless people and comparing this with Egypt, oh come on … USA the richest country then I read i found among 3 person normal in USA you find a homeless one … anyway it is not my problem but it is bothering when you are a tourist asking for one $ for one Beer. I travelled so much so many where … the first thing that i learnt, i must adopt, 2nd each country has good stuff and bad stuff and to enjoy it should not look for the bad things ;)

    • Although most of what he said might be true, most of the European countries are not far off. In fact, I felt extremely unsafe in my visit to Germany and France, especially after 10pm, when the roads start to get full of drunk racist gangs. Additionally, when I walk in ” posh or white cities” in the UK the treatment you get is far form humane, just because of my skin colour.

    • Ash was just Jealous + protective of his newly found travel companion, Of course, Haggling and groping is not confined to Egypt, which is despite to all the mess following the revolution is still far safer than any western country , If this is not what you are experiencing , then get out of it . White skin adores Traveling/living in a country and put its local down, No matter where they are+ even among themselves ! If you needed medication to lower your blood pressure after hearing the F word which you have used yourself several times , then you certainly in need for a shrink .Love you Egypt , Darling

    • Fuck u Assh.
      I know Egypt is not the best country but it is nit the worst either. Egypt is a great tourism destination lot to see , hood food and u get mote for ur dollar. In NY U will get harassed and stiffed even more than in Egypt.I’m not going to make it like Assh as if it is a civilization clash.there are harassment,baggers and crocks in Egypt but u will also find ppl who will loose their lives to save urs.

    • Now I kinda wish I had read Nabil’s comment first, because he pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say.

      Well said.

  2. Oy vey those are some very strong words there, Ash.

    I have a few places like that in my experiences. I’m in the process of writing about them too. I feel bad for your friend. As a woman, I would have jet much sooner.

    I wonder what being short, brown, and brunette will be like being there.
    Erica recently posted..Glimpses of the Real GuatemalaMy Profile

  3. Wow man. Crazy experience eh? Im actually looking forward to visiting Egypt sometime in my life. I had no idea it would this bad. Sucks you had to deal with that but I know how it is to travel with a girl. When we were in Malaysia it was probably the worst in terms of unwanted attention from the locals that received out of all the countries we visited but your experience was by far worse. I was hoping the little guy would have gotten out of his car and got a taste of your fist!
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  4. I’m really sorry that your friend was sexually harassed but I just want to say that Egypt has a high population of illiterate people who don’t understand the real world and are not open minded especially when coming across something new such as seeing a blonde lady this does t excuse that horrible man for what he said but you should not judge Egypt because of that because its truly a beautiful country and there are some beautiful amazing kind people and I can tell u everywhere u go you’ll find good and bad people

    • It has nothing to do with illiteracy. Think about it… many of the illiterate Egyptians are at least God-fearing folks. It’s those who have obviously limited social skills and are expecting some kind of immediate gratification that are the problem.

  5. Great read, man. Receptions like that in other countries really can take their toll on your appreciation of being there. People always take up more space in our travels than places, and while it’s easy to write about how connecting with local people was more inspiring than tourist attractions, it’s hard sometimes to acknowledge that it swings the other way and an abusive welcome can sully even the pyramids. Well done!

  6. Yup, harsh piece but I tell you it can be a harsh life for a woman in a male environment. The problem is not necessarily Egypt but men and dare I say in particular, Muslim men.

    I live in France, in a largely Algerian neighbourhood. I have learned to keep my head and eyes down, for the minute I look up in the street, I am harassed. On a daily basis. No joke. It sucks.
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    • Yes, the issue is Islamic Fundamentalism. I’m Coptic and I love Egypt. I was born in the USA, but the people are amazing. We just need to get rid of the Islamic radical invasion. That is what is destroying Egypt. Nothing else!

      • Sarah T. I never saw your age revealed but your rants leave me to believe you are young. After 40 years of traveling to Egypt and 10 of actually living there I feel I “know” Egypt. Unfortunately, you have not experienced nor know of the country of your grandparents nor parents (if they even lived there growing up).
        I can tell you as an older, slightly disabled person who needed to get into every nook and cranny of every tomb, temple, burial site and monument that I often needed the assistance of strangers. It was always given with politeness and encouragement. Not one person ever asked to be paid nor did I have any sense that they wanted anything from me. I was often alone or with my small then adult children.
        I do not find a sense of kindness or charity in your tone only a rage that one day might surprise you by turning inwards. Do you see other people who often need assistance but will not ask? Do you wait for them or push them aside? Do you open doors or rush to be first? Could you bear to work in a burn unit or a pediatric cancer ward or for that matter with the dying? Make room for compassion.
        Regarding Egypt, even in 1982, a foreigner was viewed as a customer but the rules of civility just demanded more polite approaches to seal the deal. Today there is gross poverty and unemployment, despair is thick in the air and child abandonment is common in the city which leads to a huge number of now feral, sexually abused children in Cairo. The schools will never catch up to educate the teaming population, the elderly will often die alone, abandoned and starving. The hospitals are bursting with patients but no personnel, equipment or medicines. I can hear you say, “whatever”. Whatever is the correct answer but it is phrased,” whatever are YOU going to do about it”. You have not right to be vicious because your parentage is Egyptian. That was the luck of the draw but because you are Egyptian you have a right to try to understand the country and figure out a way to help.
        Yes, tourists are harassed but the blunt of offenses are against Egyptian women of all ages. It is constant and always threatening, vicious and nasty. No longer does age matter. My friend who is 79 years old was assaulted on a minibus and by a taxi driver. Egypt is now a failed sociological, economical and political state with no future. Who is to blame? Who will fix it?

        • Brilliant post.

          Sarah, I’m a Muslim Egyptian woman and unfortunately so, everything in this blog post is not only true but very revealing of the struggles that Egyptian women – whether veiled or not, rich or poor, walking in a nice neighborhood or in slums – face on a daily basis. You’re not even living here for you to be able to confidently make the claims you’re posting. I wish you would stop it with these lies and blind convictions that are based on nothing more than your love for Egypt. If you truly love Egypt, get rid of this mentality that, (if anything, belongs to the Mubarak regime), says you shouldn’t air out your dirty laundry. Let’s not talk about human rights abuses, including Copts being persecuted in Egypt, because it’ll shame us. Get over this notion that Egypt must have a dirt-free image to everyone. We’re a country struck with poverty, ignorance, sectarian tension, high unemployment, and a phenomenon of sexual harassment, and it’s all glaringly obvious to everyone. Ignoring or even worse denying the existence of these blatant problems won’t make them go away. And shame on you that as an Egyptian, you care more about the image of your country than to speak the truth and defend the rights of fellow Egyptians who are continually facing sexual harassment.

        • Respect, sir, so sad that the youth of this world have no such values, no such appreciation and no such ability to understand, or willingness to try. I was also born of egyptian parents, and choose to return here to help 16 years ago… i chose to raise my family here, and teach here, and sometimes i ask myself if there is any hope, but at least i know that i have tried and that i continue to do my bit.

        • Mr. E.L.F.,

          What a great and profound comment on this thread. We need to listen to the experienced and wise, like you. Thank you. Brim

        • Well..imagine, being BORN in America I feel all that here in America. So please, and I didn’t waste my time reading your essay. Because, quiet frankly, even as an American here, I was never treated like a blonde. But, I never wrote F America as this guy did. Save your energy.

          • totally right, don’t bother reading something insightful and beautiful – walahi 3′abeya 3′ba2 el TENEEN. I almost want to tackle you, dye your hair blonde by force and throw you in Tahrir Square on a Friday.

      • Dear Sarah,I am egyptian too,muslim as well ,and I feel sorry that after our glorious revolution I had to lose so many of my coptic brothers who migratted.I know for sure that they love Egypt more than life itself and have a strong sense of patriotism ,but I am sure that the day will come when the revolution accomplishes it’s goals and then it would be safe to return back and re-unite .however I donot think that by attacking the author is going to solve any of our problems,we witness these events on daily basis but we are used to looking the other way,just like the abuse of our coptic brothers and sisters,first by mubark’s regime then by islamist,this needs to be addressed directly and not ignored

        • Good point! Thanks! I agree…we need to make Egypt a place for Muslims and Christians! A wonderful place it is. I love Egyptian people. I do!

        • oh my God.. this taking us all to “no where”
          so, Egypt is now the dirtiest, ugliest, most disgusting, poorest place on Earth..and in your countries “all posters” it is the paradise of Eden? yes we have problems, but who doesn’t have them..please have some sense and mean there is nothing good at all in Egypt?,,and those “unfortunately ” Egyptians who posted things just to condemn their own country.. shame on you.. it is not just about being Muslim or Christian ..generalization is ignorance..

        • أماني، الله يحرقك =D

          ضحكتي دين أمي …

          ٍسارة، كفاية انك مصرية و بتحبي بلدك … الباقي مش لازم يحبوها زينا.

        • I read Arabic, dork. Inteee kifaya ma3andikeesh asl, ti khalee agnabee yishtim baladik. I’m ashamed of you!

    • Egypt has been going through a lot of crap, this is by no means an excuse. I am a 24-year-old Egyptian woman living in Cairo and it has been hell for me, for all my friends and my female family members. And what pisses me off most is that when we (women) try to start a fight or to respond back we are either labeled as “inappropriate” or “trouble-makers”. So often, have we been called names just because we are trying to defend our bodies, and our dignity. And the “don’t make a big deal out of it” line drives me insane.
      But, with all due respect this is not a tourist issue – we did not have a “funky” revolution sir. We had a bloody revolution that I ask you out of humanity to talk about with a little bit more respect.
      Having said this – thank you for visiting our country. Do not come back soon. Do not advise your friends to come back soon, because under the Muslim Brotherhood regime – Egypt deserves no tourists.
      One last thing about the piece of advice you have given us towards the end of your post: we don’t want our men to get better and turn into human beings instead of pigs for tourists with all due respect to them – they are not our concern. At this point, the Egyptian people could not care less about tourism – or toursists such as yourself sir.
      Sorry for the bad experience, tell your friend I know how she feels and that I as an Egyptian am sorry.
      But just so you know: we are not silent, and we are not passive – we are trying our best. And our friends and us are getting raped, harrassed and threatened. So please do not generalize the approach of a whole nation just because you have been vexed by horny men.
      You are better than that. At least your writing style is.

  7. It’s really too bad you had these kind of experiences. We have been to Egypt 5 times between the 2 of us and we will continue to go back.

    We have had problems but then again these sort of problems happen in a lot of countries we go to. The scams are a part of travelling. The only problem we have with Egypt is the constant “Baksheesh” for every single thing. You ask directions “Baksheesh” Someone opens the door “Baksheesh” Hahaha Being both heavily tattooed people wanted photos of us and then I started asking for “Baksheesh” :)
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  8. I haven’t been to Egypt yet, but I travelled during six months in India, last year. I was with my girlfriend and another woman, a very close friend of us. I had the same problems that you said: men said terrible things, some even touched the girls. I cant say how many fights I have against local guys because of incidents of sexual harassment. Thats really sad.

  9. Wow, you weren’t kidding when you primed us for this post last night. First off, I’m sorry for your friend and what she had to go through. I remember reading similar accounts recently on Giulia’s post. That’s a total shame! I don’t feel like your reaction was wrong or misdirected at all. It was a perfectly reasonable response by someone reacting to their friend being publicly humiliated and degraded. I’m actually stoked you didn’t take the chicken way out of it. I think I read another report of someone being groped and assaulted and her travel partners being nowhere in sight to be found. Anyhow, I know you’ll find the silver lining in all of this, and move on to bigger better experiences!
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  10. I’m sorry you had to go through this, there’s nothing I could do or say that can undo what has been doing, except speaking out maybe.

    I have been thinking about this phenomenon recently, trying to point out a reason for it, but I’ll let you know that
    sexual harassment, commercial fraud/cheating and phony religious appearance is the daily life for every Egyptian: There’s no single Egyptian who hasn’t been a victim of fraud at least once in his life, all the women I know who vary in clothing style (veiled or not, Egyptians or foreigners, married or single) have admitted going through sexual harassment (both verbal and physical) on a regular basis.
    and I don’t need to remind you how much the politics and economy both are currently suffering the negative influence of the hypocrite Muslims in power.

    it’s still far from a solution, as long as this country remains a wild west, with no respect to the law as a result of absent enforcement. All but a bright future is waiting for this country if no one decides to do anything about it.

  11. Ash, this is a very well written, with much passion, even if out of anger, humiliation and disgust.

    It’s terrible that this happened to you and your travel partner in crime. I’ve had bad experiences in my travels, but none that lead me to such a distaste for a country. I travelled to Egypt solo 14 years ago, and had some great experiences staying with local families – granted there were riots at the time… and I’m not a pretty girl (heck, I’m not really a pretty boy either).

    I hope you’re able to find a way to hold all your resentment to those unfortunate individuals, as opposed to a nation. It’s still sucks pretty bad that you had to endure that, mate. Hope your next leg is more enjoyable (sounds like that won’t be too hard).
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  12. Egypt was the first real trip I took somewhat on my own back when I was in college. It was a group tour and we were all students. I was shielded from most of this ugliness, but not all of it. Much of what you wrote reminded me of India, but this seems worse. Anyway, great post.
    Adam Pervez recently posted..Bagan – Land Of 13,000 TemplesMy Profile

  13. I’m an Egyptian woman and I have to tell you that everything you witnessed happens to us on daily basis. Those disgusting beings are actually lacking part of their brains (due to abuse as children). I hate Egyptian males and I hope 99% of them die a slow and painful death. Don’t go back there- and that’s a friendly advice, really. And I’m sorry.

    • The Egyptian men I know all show symptoms of child abuse. They are not able to have a respectful and loving partnership due to personality disorders. It is very sad. Alf salam

  14. It’s harsh, but it’s your opinion and your totally entitled to it. I still haven’t been to the Egypt, but I’ve been warned often to wear my thickest skin to handle comments and reactions from that can be common from men there. I don’t think it’s fair to stereotype, but when you hear the same warning over and over again… I always try to visit a place with a completely open mind to the country and culture. Not everywhere is going to be what I’m used to, but at what point do the things that happen go from cultural differences to just plain rude and obnoxious. Travel should be challenging and enlightening, but it should still be fun. I’m glad you shared your opinion, because I’m going to say I’ve felt like going on the same rant a few times myself while traveling.
    Bobbi Lee Hitchon recently posted..The ‘Great Gatsby’ world tourMy Profile

  15. No judgement from me at all for your reaction to that insensitive prick’s comments. He’d have been lucky to get off without being dragged from his car and beaten by me if he said the same to my girlfriend.

    I applaud you restraining yourself and only spitting.

    I’ve heard as much about Egypt before, but never so many incidences happening to one person (or persons, in this case) so often. I’m sorry you and Annie had to deal with that. I’d sour on a place like that too.

    Thanks for being brave enough to share your experience and not sugar coat it.
    Chris recently posted..7 Cities in Europe I’m Dying to VisitMy Profile

  16. Who told you we’re “sitting by watching and doing nothing about it”? We actually struggle to fight sexual harassment on the streets everyday.. It’s not an easy job!

  17. I’m really sorry to hear you & your friend had such a terrible experience. I studied in egypt for 4 years & can honestly tell you I was harrassed/groped/assaulted/stalked and/or chased every single day for that duration. At first it was scary but then I learnt that if I stopped, confronted & made a show out of it passerby would stop & do something to help you even just give you a pat on the back. It saddens me to see what this once great country has come to but even as a tourist you should not be reluctant to stand up and say ‘no’ or ‘fuck off’. I think it’s perfectly legitimate & would actually help combat the situation.
    What your friend was wearing or how beautiful she is is irrelevant. It happens to every single woman out there.

  18. We were in Egypt in 2011 just five months after the Revolution, and while it was an amazing trip, our experience with certain men was not very different from yours. People were crude and harassed us in markets. When my sister and I walked around with my husband, they said all kinds of awful things about him and his “two wives.” We assumed it was worse than normal because of the lack of tourism, desperation, etc., but we were wrong — our female tour guide would not go to markets with us because of the horrible things the merchants would say to her, particularly if she didn’t take us to their stalls. At one point, she was near tears telling us about it, but we had certainly seen enough for ourselves to know.

    Thanks for your brutally honest assessment.
    Laura recently posted..The Family Jewels and Vienna’s Hofburg PalaceMy Profile

  19. You’re a pussy. Learn some Arabic, stop being so sensitive and suck it up. I wish more ass-clowns like you were in less places around the world. Your writing sucks by the way.

  20. Hi Ash
    I’m really sorry you had to go through that terrible experience. No words can mitigate or reduce your suffering.

    I work at HarassMap, ( which is a social initiative in Egypt aiming to end the social acceptability of sexual harassment in Egypt. We do that by raising awareness; talking to people on the street and through social media. We also receive reports of sexual harassment on our website and through facebook/twitter.

    Many Egyptians, like my self, are joining the new initiatives that aim at eradicating sexual harassment in Egypt. There are in fact many groups (other than harassMap) although we are considerably one of the pioneer groups, starting back in 2010.

    • Continued-

      I completely understand that your previous visit left a negative impact on your traveling experience in Egypt.

      Harassment is at the very least annoying and can be sometimes traumatizing and violent, and truthfully, you probably will experience it to some degree as we all do.

      However, the majority of the cases of harassment are not physically threatening. And the rates for violent attack, murder, theft and stranger rape in Egypt are far below the rates in most of the world.

      Plus, Egypt is a lovely place and worth the visit! Perhaps you could even pass by and visit our team when you come.
      Mohamed ElKhateeb recently posted..تابعناMy Profile

  21. Your post is spot on!! I have been to Egypt twice and will never go back. It is a beautiful country but I am not a piece of meat for sale or to be touched or treated like garbage and that is EXACTLY how I felt each time in Egypt.

    It is such a shame that woman have to be treated like that in any country for any reason but it happens on a minute to minute basis in most of Egypt. The tourism dollars being lost are very significant but no one seems to care at all. Many of the men, not all by far, treat woman like animals or crap under their feet and that is very sad.

  22. I am Egyptian and I am so ashamed of what you wrote. I can not deny it is correct though. But it does not only happen to blond women ,,,even local ordinary women get harassed on daily basis. Ignorance and poverty are the main reason I think. I can not feel safe any more in my own country and I feel so sad for Egypt.

  23. pls forgive Egypt for what was done by her sons. I know what i’m writing seems crazy. I’m Egyptian and feel terrible to what you and Annie had endured. Unfortunately and due to corrupted extremism of government, it let out the dogs and rats of the society go out from the grounds. When leadership is corrupted to that terrible extent, laws disappears and savages become free. I assure you sir that most of the Egyptians are good, and the few are bad, but unfortunately they rule. please accept our apologies and send it to Annie. If it happens the government changes, to the better i hope, pls give us another chance then.

    • That is right. All the criminals were released from the prisons and have made everything worse.

  24. hey pal .. what was u thinking when u decided to go visit Egypt !!! ha.. u thought u’r going to the heaven man in this time there’s a revolution there tin head .. u got ur gurl touched or whatever sexual harassment she been through . that shit happens man ., scams wtf .. scams are everywhere . your timing was absolutely BAD .. however u didnt tell us if u heve ever been treated well by any king of people there .. u havent tell us that u didnt get killed while walking down the street after the midnite . oh sure u still here . lucky me to read this crappy shit of yours ,,

    they have nice ppl and places there guys . dont give him a fuck

    i am wasting my time here ..

    aaah . was gonna forget this


  25. The sad truth about Egypt is that it has no Education, or more like our Education system is fixed to suit the needs of our corrupt system. See, it doesn’t matter where you are from, what colour is your hair and skin, even if you are veiled you will be sexually harassed in Egypt, it’s just a matter of how frequent and what to do when it happens. I usually take the “euu” and grossed out look, it disappoints the men to see the women disgusted. There are multiple other ways, a favorite of mine is to just yell the same words back, until they look confused, or just bring up how his mother or God must be disappointed in him.
    Regardless I’m sorry Annie and you had a horrible time in Egypt, as much as I hate this place, I can tell you that you’ve missed out on some actual fun experiences here, there is a lot more to see than your average touristic guide of Pyramids, Luxor and Aswan trip, one day, far, if they ever fix the “system” in Egypt, you guys should come back for a visit, and hopefully next time your stay will be better.

  26. What’s the best thing about Egypt? The people.
    What’s the worst thing about Egypt? The people.

    Most Egyptians and expats who call Egypt their home would answer the two aforementioned questions the same way.

  27. I am Egyptian and I totally understand the horrible experience you have had as a tourist in Egypt.. You can only imagine how is it like for a woman to be Egyptian living in Egypt.
    Although I was deeply hurt but your words especially the (F#$% Egypt) sentences but I really undrestand ,,, currently we are a great nation gone wrong .. Lots of education and enlightenment are much needed to start fixing. Of course the US government support to extremists to come in power is not making anybody’s mission any easier

    My practical advice to you and to any of my foreign friends want to visit Egypt .. get a local guide you can trust, a friend, or a recommended guide ,, only a local you know and trust can save you from the hellish experience as a foreign tourist in Egypt and I hope this might drive you to do more wherever you live to help Egypt to get in a better shape by promoting real freedoms, human rights, and rule of law and to end the rule of extremists for ever
    Marianne recently posted..Samira Ibrahim saga .. the crisis of Egyptians collective mindsetMy Profile

  28. i am Egyptian. i was married to a french. i used to work as a tour guide during 25 years (1983- 2008). i agree 100% on what you say. i traveled in Europe and Far east. Egypt is the worst country from the point of view you mentioned.

  29. This idiot, clearly has no clue about sexual harrassment in America, lol. Rape in America. Kidnapping in America. Honestly, F him (forgive, lol) because Egypt is always gonna be the greatest country, ever. Yeh, we have some issues, but there never as big as the issues that America is facing. Egyptians….make me proud. Clean up your country and if you wanna compete, make Egypt the best place ever. Muslims, love Christians. And Egyptians, don’t apologize to this loser. Does America apologize to you, when they treat you like a second class entity, based on your color? I rest my case

    • That’s funny; Egypt compete with America? Thanks for the laugh. Let the tourism dry up. Let them die in their desert.

      • Lol…you’re right…America lets Islamic Terrorists blow up their planes and bomb their marathons. You’re right…why on earth did I compare the two. Egypt is intelligent.

        • And guns. In fact, America waged war with Iraq. Don’t get me wrong, I love America. As long as nothing bad happens to me or my family, I’m fine here. Great freedom and all the sorts. But I tell ya, going to school here is probably one of the most dangerous things you can do. School shooting and crazy gun rampages, are the norm. I never saw such a thing, in Egypt. Just saying it, as it is.

          • As an American married to an Egyptian and living here for a decade, Sarah T. I think you better re examine the place you love so much, because clearly your time in the states has blurred your vision of what Egypt really is. We all know the grass is always greener, so I think you better come back and decide which pasture is better, because I can tell you with certainty, that the US has its issues, but they are not nearly as complicated as those in Egypt. And furthermore, the nastiness that proliferates in America, is no secret, but here in Egypt, there is not enough media to write about all the egregious acts that take place in the countryside, poor areas (which are the majority) and little villages, like ‘honor killings’, child marriage, and rape. Why? because these are legal as per mandates from your government, so I suggest you get back here and start investigating before going on a rampage, because if you can’t admit that what happened to these travelers isn’t a problem (for a country that gets 60% of its GDP from service industry) then you are as bad as Morsi or Mubarak and his rose colored glasses. So make all the cases you want between America (where this traveller is not even from) and Egypt, but you are not looking at the truth.

          • ((((HELLOOOO))))) I have family there who love it. They are very rich and well off. And actually would never live in America. They are all doctors and educated. And when I visit, I love it too. I know what I’m talking about. I’m sorry the less fortunate people wanna complain, but my family doesn’t. Egypt is amazing. Gorgeous. I love it and you can’t stop me from that. I do, however, feel bad that you are not living that kinda life there, that my family does.

        • Sarah, if things in Egypt are that fantastic, why don’t you move back there? If you have this much positive energy towards “your” country, why are you in the US, a country that you clearly dislike?

          Egypt needs young and bright minds for the future who believe in the country, so if it is as you say and your family loves it there so much, move back and put your “positive energy” to better use than being an armchair expert on a blog and speaking down to everyone who criticizes a country that you don’t even live in.

          As a woman who HAS lived in Egypt, I can fully agree with what Ash has been saying here. I don’t walk down the streets in DC, or London, or LA and worry that someone is going to grab my fanny. I have never been groped and grabbed as much as I have in Egypt. I was mobbed in the Friday market, and guess what, I’m not blond, but a brunette.

          Egypt has a gross sexual harassment problem, and rather than sit and berate anyone who has experienced it – because believe you me we already feel DIRTY enough for the poor decisions and lack of education that the men who HAVE attacked women feel – put your energy to some better use and MOVE BACK to the country you claim to love so much, and effect some positive change.

          • Hey there friend (Egypt Unbound), was wondering if you saw this post and was going to FB it to you :) I completely agree everything you said about Sarah, but you know the drill – she comes here for three months out of the year, spends most of her time in a bubble (probably on the North Coast like someone else pointed out) and thinks she knows Egypt because she’s able to reference the KFC in Alexandria. So Sarah, when is the last time you’ve been to Bulaa, Ismalaya, Hadayek el Maadi, Manshet Nasr and the list could go on… I guarantee you haven’t given your ill conceived assessments.

            Give up your US passport del wa2ty. Ta3ly henna for longer than three months, let me take you out. Oh and btw, I am a natural blonde but I don’t discriminate. I’d love to show you Egypt and in with me showing you the real Egypt, you’ll see some amazing things – but you’ll also open your eyes up to the problem that is harassment. And it isn’t just in touristic areas. Women, foreign AND Egyptian, are commenting on this blog in trying to tell people just like you that it exists and it is a problem (please refer to the response by “Mom” who wears a niqab for more reference).

            But most of all, get out of my country and let’s see how many rights you have in your beloved homeland to which you know absolutely nothing about!
            LeAnne recently posted..Letters from Egypt: Forget Your SurroundingsMy Profile

    • You have no case to rest. Your points are irrelevant, overly general, incoherent emotional rants. You are arguing against point that can’t be argued against—that his experience in Egypt was a bad one. Period. It was, and this is his honest review about it. You have no right to be here eschewing rationality your touting your delinquency as some kind of trophy to be proud of. Suck it up—he hated his time there. SUCK. IT. UP.
      Nate P recently posted..Springboard LogoMy Profile

  30. Really sorry to hear what you both had to go through Ash – as you say, it’s totally tainted your view of your time there and you can easily say it’s the worst place you’ve visited which is sad. Ultimately, (and ironically) it’s going to be these a**holes looking for tourists that will stop the tourists coming full stop.

    I actually had a lot of harassment in Japan surprisingly (mostly from expats but also some young Japanese wanting a ‘Western bride’) – by the end of my time there I didn’t want to be English, curvy or blonde because I stood out like a sore thumb and therefore, unfortunately, my memories are tinged with negativity of the place. It’s a real shame so I can understand where you’re coming from!

    GREAT post!!
    Toni recently posted..Dear Women, what the hell is wrong with you??My Profile

  31. honestly man you can go fuck yourself.. You can’t jude a whole country by the actions of 1 person or a few people you had met.. Grow up dude..

  32. As an Egyptian, I’m very sorry for what happened to you and your friend.
    However, as you possibly also witnessed, not all Egyptians are like that.
    The problem is that most Egyptians who interact with foreigners, whether in an hotel, a transportation or anything, are shitholes.
    You need to find a decent Egyptian friend who is able to show you Egypt, other than the one you saw.
    But please, don’t say Fuck Egypt. Say fuck Egyptian assholes (not all Egyptians plz, as there are some good one, lol)

  33. Well sir,
    I am sorry for your bad experience in Egypt. Egypt has some problems and the sexual harassment is one of the biggest issue in it right now after the revolution. However, we as Egyptian are taking it seriously at the current time whereby if you are professional enough you would done your homework before visiting the country alone. Also, after you have encounter some problems, you would have made some research before publishing your opinion. We all know that opinion is based on a combination of factors one of them is what you have seen and you only used this in your article. I like to travel and I travelled a lot and based on this could you name me one country that is pure and doesn’t have problem in, just name one?
    My advice to you that you change your passion or just get more educated from a more professional person as what I see in your article name is a reflection of your soul and feeling and it is not related to a certain opinion. I am sorry to judge you like this but you left no will to further explore your work.

  34. 1st of all I’ m sorry for what happened for you and your friend Annie.
    Egypt is an incredible place and I think you can easily recognize this if you eliminated what happened with you and Annie. It has its own glory that I think you would never find it the same at any other country, but just like any other country it has the good and bad side. For example a situation that happened with my sister in Germany from a man in the supermarket who went to my sister and her friends just because they are wearing veil with a piece of bread and through it on the floor and told them take this to your family ****, does this made us think that all the German people are racist like this man? absolutely not, but every culture has its good and bad side just like in Egypt. The Egyptians are one of the kindest people you might meet but just when you meet the right persons not those idiots. To be honest with you every single day my sister goes out to her work I get worried on her and we are the people of this country and knows exactly what to do when something like that happen to us, also the Egyptian society doesn’t accept these acts at all because its totally new to our culture and it were not that explicit before. We make communities to stop this kind of acts, FB groups, movies to reveal the ugly face of the truth to make the community helps us to avoid these acts and so many other things, even the parliament is discussing a law to treat this as a felony, even the police now sends an escort car with every touristic group to stop these kinds of acts. I’m Egyptian and proud, and I believe in my country that it will come back the way it was before and even better but it takes time to fix the wrong things that happened through years of corruption. and I invite you and Annie to visit Egypt again and I can guide you through our beautiful country Egypt just like what I do with my colleagues from other countries that come in a business trip to my company and I’m sure you will change your point of view. Apologies for you and for Annie :)

    • I am pretty sure it would get better too,and I think we should collect money from one another to pay for his trip this time !! LOL !!

    • Mahmoud,
      Its nice to read your kind words and sad to hear about your experience with family members in Germany.
      Unfortunately I think what Ash is trying to say that his outburst was after days and weeks of constant abuse by Egyptian men. Not some random experience of 1 person in a supermarket. But day after day abuse and harassment.

      You cant argue that Egypt has beautiful heritage and history that is unmatched anywhere in the world. But if a couple of westerners went there and left hating the place, you dont have much hope until that is resolved.

    • Don’t worry Stephen, hope you enjoy your staying in our beloved country and if you need to ask anything before your visit please don’t hesitate =)

  35. by writing this kind of grim article u exposed yourself as a raunchy piece of shit. yes part of this article is credible but obviously not all of it. u sounded like a frequent traveler so u should know that things like this is common in most of third world countries, gosh how dumb u are how come u didn’t mention anything good about egypt! are u blind or something!!

  36. This article hits the nail on the head. I’m glad to see most of the Egyptians commenting aren’t trying to deny it because we have a tendency to try to hide our dirty laundry. I’m an Egyptian who was brought up in Europe and had to return to Egypt at the age of 13 and I can safely say I have been emotionally scarred by living there for the last 30 odd years. I wonder at non Egyptians who actually choose to live there. Luckily I was able to get out and will never go back there.

  37. I can see you’re getting flamed but this is the exact same shit that I hear from every single woman (and many men) I know who has visited Egypt. Your post was your opinion, balanced well. Some people can’t admit their country has a problem.

    • Of course, and America is perfect. Funding Boston Bombers…..US hijakers. Cry me a river. America is funding this issue. Egypt is fine if the USA gets the hell out.

  38. dear Ash
    thanks for your effort to expose what happen in egypt, i am deeply sorry for you and your friend, i have been in this for 30 years and i moved to Saudi Arabia the most oppressive country as its more safe there and more humane.
    i visited Turkey,Bali,Singapore,Jordan,Dubai,Syria and i believe Egypt is the worst country in the world.
    as you said it is exceptional that you are under continuous harassment ,Rape rate has quadrupled since the revolution of the fossilised MB
    fantastic article

  39. I was wondering what you thought of the pollution? My friend just returned from Egypt and he said the littering was disgusting; trash EVERYWHERE.
    Did you see anything like that?

    • Yeh, we have places like that in the USA too…..dirty places with roaches, but not everyone goes there. Egypt also has nude beaches that are pristine. Ever travel?

  40. For the most part, I would say you were spot on. One thing I didn’t get though; you want us (Egyptians, that is!) to “implement a social dialog which stamps out this attitude and culture towards its tourists”??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? We treat ourselves like shit! We treat our people horribly! Why should we even care about tourists if we’re meanest towards each other? Oh, and your friend, I’d totally get it on with her. She’s HAWT ;)

    Those who don’t have morals should have law. Those who don’t have either should rot in hell, and, rest assured, we will.

    On a different note, did you try mulukhiyah with rabbit meat? DELISH!

    Stay positive!

  41. Sorry to hear about your bad experience in Egypt, you have a point, these kind of things do happen in Egypt. I know of many friends who loved travelling to Egypt and others who have had bad experiences just as yourself, I have personally experienced sexual harassment in Egypt and I am not even blonde! I am originally from Egypt and certainly do not recommend for tourists to travel to Egypt without a guided tour likewise to Tunisia where I personally had very bad experiences, Paris where I was sexually harassed by some Algerian man at a Café, Denmark where I was travelling with a friend and finally Ottawa where I lived for a few years, who would’ve thought that I would be sexually harassed in such civilized countries just as bad as in Egypt!
    Bottom line, I agree, it is a bit extreme in Egypt but may happen anywhere.

  42. Hello,
    I’m an Egyptian, I’ve read your article, I know all of it is true, and I know alot of people forigners and none forigners has been through this and more in Egypt, and to be 100% sure that I wont leave you wondering what I mean, No matter what is wrong with Egypt right now. You insulted my country, FUCK YOU.
    We’ll deal with our problems just keep your nose out of it

      • So Sarah, ash uses bad language and your horrified, but if someone uses it and you agree with it its AMEN!
        Your special.

          • Every man has the right to defend his country. That doesn’t always mean physically against an invading army. Sometimes on a blog on the internet is your way of defending your country from an attack. This article is insulting because it’s not a fair representation.

            If this guys is such an awesome traveller and well trained writer, he wouldn’t have titled his article Fuck Egypt.

            That simply proves the point. The point which is this guy knows nothing about cultural sensitivity and is in fact a racist prick.

            When she says fuck you back she’s simply insulting him. He disrespected and insulted an entire nation. That means Egypt and everything else that’s associated with it. The different religions, the people, the places, the history, all of it. That includes Sarah, Osama and me.

            Retaliation by saying fuck you is hardly inappropriate or hypocritical.

        • its simple and short, if you invite me to your home, and I even precieve you differently, How would you feel if I went out and said fuck you John your house sucks ?

    • You’re a typical Egyptian asshole, just like the rest of you Egyptians; fucking bastards assholes!

  43. I’m sorry you and Annie experienced that… As an Egyptian I’m ashamed that you both went through that. The problem with Egyptian society is and educational problem. People there don’t really know their religion, and the public education system needs serious reform. Many of my friends have visited Egypt and have had great experiences. But you definitely need to know trustworthy people before going there. Unfortunately, you can’t just travel to Egypt and figure it out.

  44. It is a shame your experience ended up as it did. However, I totally understand where you are coming from. I am an american married to an Egyptian man. While our social life and family life is unlike anything in America, my daily life is a mess, rife with difficulties and harassment. What is the worst part about this country (that I really do love btw) is the constant disappointment. I have a theory. Egypt has been well equipped with so many wonderful benefits (history, the nile, beaches, location, etc), that people here have never had to try hard to make anything better. People just keep coming here, for whatever reason, business, politics, tourism. The experience is never great, but its ever bad either. And this country just plods along with no system and no rules, People are nice and warm, because nobody is accountable for anyone or anything, not even the government, and they all just get by together. We all do. And we keep hoping that things will get better with out doing anything and unsurprisingly they never do (get better). I think the experience you had probably wasn’t horrible, except that you just thought it could be so much better. The amazing opportunities of this country are so visible, and yet marred by the everyday awfulness of begging, racism, injustice, neglect, and lack of accountability (for anything) that the difficult experience is topped by sheer and utter disappointment from what this country could be.

  45. I’m an American who lived in Cairo for 13 years, and loved every minute of it. Friends would come to visit, and inevitably ask “how the hell are you able to live here?”. The touristic experience is different that the daily life experience.

    The irony is that Egypt survives on its tourism, and yet the culture allows the tourists to be relentlessly harassed and abused. Do not allow anybody on this page to try to convince you that sexual harassment is worse in the USA or Europe than it is in Egypt, because it’s not. Not by a long shot. Even women who take care to dress discreetly and behave with sensitivity to the culture are groped and targeted with vulgarities.

    Even as a male, I intensely avoided the tourist sites of Egypt. As I got to know the locals and lived more of a “normal” life, away from the tourist tracks, Egypt became a wonderful place. Many times I said to people “it’s easier to live here than to be a tourist here”, but it takes a good long while to learn the survival strategies. I greatly sympathize with the author. He makes a very valid point.

  46. Honestly I don’t know what to say .. I’m Egyptian .. I completely agree with you. This Era of the Egyptian History might be – by all means- the worst. We’ve been fighting Sexual harassment using uncountable ways. There’s nothing can be said more that “sorry”. Egyptians will never live with that. no matter how long did it last

  47. Its amazing and sad at all the Egyptians in this comment thread claiming its just the way you describe. Especially the poor women in there.

  48. In 1981 I visited Egypt and while I was received very graciously by one family of some friends from France, my other experiences included a relentless request for money by most of the remaining people whom I met. I also rescued a Japanese woman who was traveling by herself from a very dark scam that I had been in and was lucky to escape. I fully understand the article.

  49. I am a foreign female who has lived in Egypt for the past 4 years and I must say it is somewhat of a love-hate relationship. I was here before the revolution, stayed through the revolution and have been here through these rough last couple of years. I have come to love the Egyptian people and have been privileged to learn from their hospitality and faith in God. While I agree that the tourist scene is vastly different from that of the expatriate’s, I would have to say that to believe that this type of harassment doesn’t occur frequently in the realm of the latter is naive at best and, quite possibly, even arrogant. I do not know an female expatriate who has lived here for the greater part of a year and has not been groped and verbally threatened. Furthermore, I personally know many Egyptian women who have been harassed or sexually assaulted. There are also various news accounts and video footage of veiled women being sexually assaulted in Tahrir. My Egyptian friends see women in Niqab ( the full face veil) being grabbed by young men at the Metro. I am told by these same women that if this happens to you, then you must deserve it. You must have looked the wrong way or dressed too provocatively. And this is where the indifference that such attacks are met with by passersby on the street becomes justifiable. I have experienced it, being subjected to a drive-by groping and men and women a like ignoring it; a friend being groped on the metro and people laughing and others chiding not to make a scene… there are some beautiful parts to this culture, but there are also ugly undertones (as there are in any culture). It is a sad truth, but though I have met some great men here in Egypt, the experience of dealing with the many cowards on the streets has left me with a bitter taste as well. I need breaks from the country. I can’t walk down certain streets around my home, without a sense of anxiety, without a mask of intolerance. And worse than the personal hatred bred from fear is the thought that Egyptians, Christian and Muslim alike, must live by a set of rules that use their sexual purity as an indicator their self worth. I must suffer the symptoms of the greater lie, but they must live in a society that judges them, females exclusively, against that lie. There is no other judgment. There is no outside world to run to. This is reality and it quite honestly turns my stomach.

    • Beautifully said, JHB. I have lived there for 7 years now and would agree with all that you say. The matriarchal society is coming again, no matter how hard they try to suppress the women. We are strong, and they are afraid…

  50. Man… rough experience! I’ve been living in Egypt for four months and I grew up in the Middle East and I am also blonde so I cannot deny or defend the sexual harassment you saw here… It sucks. (I wrote a post about it on my blog not too long ago if you care to check it out).
    But I do think it’s worth standing up for those obnoxious tourist vendors just slightly. Don’t get me wrong– they can totally ruin an awesome site! And the calls of “welcome to Egypt!” can drive me crazy sometimes… But I recently did this same trip to Luxor and I had some really good conversations with a variety of people whose lives revolve around the tourist industry… And the fact of the matter is, most of them are pretty desperate. The drop in tourism because of the revolution has hit them SO hard. Now that doesn’t justify them lying or cheating or being obnoxious… but maybe it explains it just a bit? Each conversation started out with one of them trying to give me the typical tourist hassle, but all it took was a smile and a “salam aleikum, ismik ey?” to remind each other that we were both human. I reckon that’s part of it too… I can’t imagine it’s pleasant for them either to be shoved aside, ordered around and looked down on by us.
    In any case, I’m so sorry you had such a terrible experience. I’m sorry for you– and I’m sorry for Egypt. Because what Egypt needs more than anything right now is for people to believe in her, and if this is the sort of story people are telling these days, it doesn’t bode well for my new tourist salesmen friends…
    I’m not going to try and pretend it’s glamorous here… and your description is unfortunately accurate on most accounts. But there is so much more to Egypt if you’re willing to cut through the hasslers to see the humans just beneath the surface; humans with big hearts, calloused hands, families to provide for, women they hope to marry, fears of the future, and cultural ideologies that might be completely foreign to you.

  51. My experience in Egypt was the same — starting from day #1 in Cairo when an 8 year old boy yelled “Nice pussy!” at me.

    Rampant sexual harassment and scams aside, it has some magnificent sights. That said, now that I’ve seen them, I have no desire to ever go back.

      • Ashamed that she cant walk down the street without an 8yr old boy talking to her like that? What is she ashamed off again?

      • Hopefully Sarah gets raped on her next trip to the “homeland”. Seems like she needs a little perspective.

        • No matter what you think of Sarah feegypt you should never wish that upon a woman. What if that was your sister, mother, daughter?

          • Lol…his name fegypt and his wish….makes you wonder why Egyptians are unwelcoming. His own wish will come upon a girl in his family. I do believe that if we wish bad on others it comes to the target. I feel bad for him…whoever that is. Sad…come back and tell me my words were right, though. I’m never wrong.

  52. I’m sorry for your recent experience. I traveled to Morocco with a girl friend recently, and became more aware of these troubles that many women face abroad. I couldnt help but think of a similar situation in a different form. When my mother travels back to the USA she gets called names, has her scarf pulled back, and was even punched in the stomach in a public mall. Similar to your situation, the police are not of much help when these things happen. These verbal and physical crimes continue, and in different forms and degrees in different American cities. I wonder if your/your friend experience is unique to the western (female) traveler going to MENA as much as say my mothers/a MENA woman is to the West? If so, does that mean that these forms of harassment are not necessarily rooted in a particular society, but in any society, and that most people do not see such crimes in their communities because they are not the victims of those crimes? Its similar to many things I guess. It seems things only become completely intolerable when we are attacked or when things are directly in our face because then it becomes our problem. Since I know these problems exist in US as much as they do in Morocco (and from your experiences in Egypt) in different forms its important to note the role everyone needs to play in their own communities (that DO have these forms of violence), to help the visitors that pass by. All that said, my mother continues to visit USA, does not hate Americans, and recognizes that these crimes do not represent what the country is about. If you get the chance, I hope you go back to Egypt and give it another chance, but it might help to change the title of your blog. Frankly it says more about you as a traveler than about what you experienced in Egypt.

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  54. I had a similar experience in Morocco. I am a woman and was traveling alone (not for long though, I felt so threatened I joined up with guys I didn’t even like very much as often as possible). I was surprised because I had heard about the famous hospitality of Moroccan people. Well, that hospitality is reserved for men. Foreign women without a man by their side are constantly harrassed and threatened. The local women fare no better and mostly stay home unless they are with a male relative. This is supposed to be a more liberal Muslim country? When half the population is subjected to slave like treatment? I am all for cultural pluralism, but this is frankly a human rights issue. Last time I checked women are humans too!

  55. Dude that’s it…enough waste of attention on this stupid article. What he’s writing about can happen anywhere. To judge a whole country on one man’s actions, is just stupid. Egypt is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s beautiful. He’s obviously alive and well enough to be cussing out Egypt. In other countries, he may have been killed. He should be thankful he went there and returned safely. Instead, he came back and bashed the country. I hope he never returns. Egypt is too beautiful to welcome people like this. Ma3 alf salama…!

  56. Thank you for telling the truth. I was in Egypt less than a year ago, and men would follow me and my boyfriend down the street yelling and swearing at us — for no reason — unless maybe because we didn’t want to ride their camel or buy anything from their shop. We didn’t know what to do, so we just ignored it as much as possible, but it made for a horrible experience. This happened on numerous occasions.

    I don’t understand those people who defend the Egyptian men, saying they treat Egyptian women even worse. This isn’t a case of tourist women versus local women. ALL women should be respected by ALL men. It’s not a “cultural thing.” It’s a human right. All women deserve respect.

    • Problem is those are the poor uneducated people who practically live in the streets and they harass Egyptian women and may rob people walking on the streets in night and the paradox is they are the same people who would help you if they saw you in trouble or in need for help, but would be better to get rid of them anyway

  57. To dear writer of the article and the vieweres its my duty as an Egyptian to tell everyone who generalises situations like this in Egypt to not come back again and if you wanted to see me Egyptian king or queen or a temple just google it, we still have tourists anyway and losing you might kill us but we’ll live with the pain. And btw was the girl who got harassed hot?

  58. Melanie, don’t generalize, because Egyptian men, in my eyes, are the best men. I wouldn’t marry anyone, but one. And, I was born in America. FYI: Women must earn respect, first, by the way. And Raffat, her pictures are above. No…she wasn’t even hot, at least in my opinion, lol! I don’t get the big deal of all this. Ok some guy yelled out some profanity. What a shock? It happens everyday all over the world. Get over it…and write about something more entertaining, please.

  59. Plus…women love that attention…..I don’t see her If she didn’t she woulda wore a veil an tried to blend in. Just sayin…….or went to a nude beach in Egypt. If you gonna walk into a village that’s poor, well then…you should try to blend in….

    • So, let me get this straight…you either cover up or you go nude??? Nothing in between???

  60. Raffat, of course I’m hot, I’m Egyptian! Lol….bass no mo3aksaaa, walla il shibshib fo’ rasak, ana iskandaraniya. lol…this article made me so mad….but honestly….I’m over it. I love Egypt. I do. With my heart. I have a whole page dedicated to trying to help us keep our identity in America, it’s been so hard. There’s so many things that are wrong. The whole camel thing. The whole approach this guy had. If he said it in a better way, I wouldn’t have been so defensive.

    • I’m from Alexandria too actually and perhaps a small factor in why we both got so aggravated by this. You know what they say about Alex people (Our blood runs warm apparently).

      At any rate, bedsides the point. It’s the way he went about it all. As if this has got to be the highlight of his experience in Egypt. I’m positive this guy had plenty of absolutely hilarious, unforgettable nights here full of magic and wonder. No wonder he took so many pictures. This guy was drawn to the beauty of even the simplest people on the streets.

      Hey Ash! I bet you had great romantic nights on a folooka (little wooden boat) down the nile with your friend (Who of course you’re not romantically involved with at all). Come on man, the least you could’ve done is been objective about the whole experience.

  61. This is mostly a comment for Sarah since she is apparently the comment moderator:

    I love when people freak out when someone actually has an opinion. I’d rather read 20 of these types of blog posts than 20 blog posts about how awesome of a time someone had on a fully sponsored press trip. This is Ash’s blog, he can write about whatever he wants and share his opinions about whatever he wants. I highly doubt that he wrote this in an effort to get everyone to rally together against Egypt — it’s his personal experience and he raised issues that he wanted to discuss. And, looking at the comments, it seems like he was pretty successful in doing so.
    Jackie D recently posted..Jackie Does (or will do, at some point) Los AngelesMy Profile

  62. Oh I have more than a thing or two to say about this. I wish I had actually started my blog so I can respond properly to this unfair grotesque representation of Egypt. This is gonna be a long reply so don’t read it if you’re not interested.

    First off, congratulations genius !! You single-handedly discovered Egypt has a sexual harassment problem. I’m calling the guys down at the Nobel Prize committee to prepare your detective of the year award for you. Big Deal?! We know Egypt had this issue for the past decade at least. There are entire organizations dedicated for it. There have been countless street marches against it, videos and documentaries created, movements within and outside political parties to try and counter this issue. People are aware and their experiences are far worse than your friend having to hear what she heard. And I am sorry for her, but come on don’t make it sound like you’re about to get a heart attack from how hard your jaws hit the ground. It’s not that shocking and it’s not news and your friendly is hardly traumatized by the experience. If anything, I feel like you are. Blood-Pressure medicine my ass.

    Secondly, it had nothing to do with your friend being blonde or attractive (Not that I testify to that matter. Beauty is a subjective thing). Egyptian girls are harassed everyday, mostly in fact ones who are fully veiled and show no skin whatsoever. Arguably, girls who are far less attractive than your friend. So the fact that she’s white and possibly you too is irrelevant to these “experiences”.

    Also proposals via camels? Come on! I don’t buy it for a second. You pushed it too far. I get you wanna make your blog sexy and cool by telling your awesome adventures in the Middle East but you spiced up your version of this a bit more “creatively” than the Disney writers who wrote Arabian nights for Aladdin and the 40 thieves. Whoever that genius was. No one proposed to your friend with a camel and if they did that was probably a joke. Egyptian men are sexually repressed, sure! But they’re not living in the stone age (technologically speaking).

    Third of all and I should’ve perhaps started with this. That “funky revolution” you talked about, was built on the blood of martyrs. People died buddy so be a little respectful that’s all.

    As for why all this is happening, you touched upon a few facts. Egyptians weren’t always like this. This is not what they default too. Look at pictures from Egypt in the 50’s and 60’s and you’ll literally get the pictures. Kings and queens, princes and princesses all of them on the street even the janitors. They had such a class to them. It wasn’t because of money or education. It wasn’t because of openness to the rest of the world or not. It’s the culture. It’s who they are.

    People didn’t need to be thugs or assholes because they got what was rightfully theirs. If someone tried to take away your rights, there was a government getting it back for you. So everyone was respectful. But when you’re oppressed for 30 and 40 years, you start learning (the poor before the rich) that the only way you’re gonna get what’s yours, is by being a bully. In the beginning they started dong it because their kids were gonna die. There’s no money to buy food or medicine. So they start stealing and bullying and being dishonest with tourists and what not.

    Now there’s a whole generation of Egyptian who only knew this life. They don’t any other way. It’s not their fault. They’re the aftermath, the result, the mutilated child of an unjust regime that pushed their parents over the edge.

    All of this of course is not the fault of a tourist so here’s all what I will say to you. Thousands every year come to Egypt and have amazing experiences of complete strangers coming up to you, helping you our and asking for absolutely nothing in return. The good is out there. You were either extremely unlucky (considering you stayed for a month) or you just chose to highlight the bad.

    Next time come with an Egyptian friend. I’ll personally take you and prove to you how amazing the people here can be.

  63. I Love egypt too. I love it so much that I wish the USA would completely leave it alone and by that I mean quit giving it my TAX dollars. Dont fuck egypt because they are rude crude fucking animals Fuck them because they can live in their own fucking country withou a fucking hand out from the rest of the world. They fucking smell bad too so I agree with the Author “Fuck Egypt” Fuck those stinky bastards too.

  64. You know someone is Egyptian when they got a sense of humor. We’re funny……honestly when I said Amen to that comment, I meant I was happy that someone was talking to Ash in a language he understands.

  65. Wait….this is all about some guy that was…what’s the word? I don’t get the point of this…someone take me back to the issue…some guy said some provocative comments to a girl, and now the whole country is bad? Help me people! Nabil….where you at?

  66. well sexual harassment is Egypt’s main tourist obstacle at the recent time.. but you can avoid it by just knowing the culture your visiting if your coming to Egypt you should know by default your dealing with men that see’s women mostly covered so don’t look odd and cover yourself like them so you don’t provoke them and you wont see a problem and i don’t mean by covering yourself is that you wear a veil ,no but you get little bit loose with your clothes and that doesn’t go everywhere but in Cairo you need to get covered a little bit and respect the culture your coming to other wise don’t come at all and if you want to even wear bikini its your right and there is places to go to and wear what you want like sharm elsheikh for example which is in egypt aswell.. and if ann got harassed its because you didn’t give yourself few mins and Google places your going to visit and know the nature of it and what can she wear or not so don’t blame except yourself for considering everywhere is like where you come from .. im not saying if you come to Cairo you need to totally cover up but if your going to an area with a majority of covered women then just do like them for few hours not a big deal and if your going to a club then you can just wear what you like.. its all about travel mentality mate and some research which i see you didn’t even bother to do for few seconds to know the nature of the places your visiting . and if Egypt was terribly bad to that limit why did you stay for a whole month? im not writing this coz i want you back dick head, i’m just making a point ..

    and ash you can go fuck yourself for swearing at a country which forsure most of the people welcomed you your nothing but a douch bag .

    next time if you want to make a point just be little bit civilized and make it in a decent way not by swearing at others coz swearing is the easiest anyone can do.

  67. just do some research on places your gonna visit and know what can your friend can wear and whats inappropriate to wear in the culture your visiting… and nothing will happen.

    and fuck you ash

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  69. Honestly, we’re above this Egyptians. No need to f anyone out in language. Let’s forgive Ash.

  70. This is truly an ‘opinionated’ article. I think Ash was harsh, but I am afraid i agree with much of it.

    I am an Egyptian, Moslem male in my early 50′s. I live in Cairo and I don’t like a single bit… I deeply, deeply sympathize with Egyptian Christians and women living in through these tough times. GOD bless and be with them.

    Egyptians are not a bunch of villains, but they certainly have much to learn in the way of courtesy, accepting the other and behaving in a civilized manner.

    • I live in Egypt, unlike some of your critics here.

      While your article was a bit strong, it is more or less a fair representation of what goes. (Ironic that Nabil tries to dismiss your article and then goes on to mention all the actions being taken in reaction to the sexual harassment problem.)

      I study Arabic in Alexandria and the few non Muslim women who venture down here generally start to wear hijab after a small while in order to stop being harassed.

      It’s important to note that the harassment fades into the background after a while, as unbelievable as that might seem. I have two female friends who have been here for years, absolutely love it, and who do not wear hijab.. They both say you just learn to block the insults out and they don’t notice them anymore. Probably this is what happens in the case of Sarah T.

      Another thing to note is that what strikes us as insults is often the (somewhat undeveloped) Egyptian idea of good natured bantering.

  71. Sara you live in a fantasy world…I’m Egyptian and after living in a zoo, because this is what Egypt became since a couple of years I had to leave, women have a shit life on a daily basis, no matter where you live or what you wear, it is undeniable…only a fool would defend Egypt regardless the facts reported daily.. we all love Egypt but we should be lucid enough to recognize when someone speaks the truth and rightly criticizes Egypt, I wish I cold say something to defend it but honestly there’s very little left of our beloved country…p.s. on a personal level I find you f irritating, you defend EGYPTIAN MEN (lol..seriously?) and Egypt regardless the obvious truth, it’s like loving a raping father..and that’s what makes a REAL Egyptian, and you are grand at it!

    • Egypt has changed since than and not for the good. And guided tours are a completely different than being on your own. come and experience the changes, but better don|t come and keep your good memories ….
      Magdalena Kallenberger recently posted..Media ReviewsMy Profile

  72. I regularly take school and university students to Egypt and they universally return enamoured with the place. Yes, the women/girls do comment on the attention they receive but we have only had one attempt at groping in six years, and the hassle doesn’t spoil their trip.

    The secret is simple. Keep away from tourist places. Go where no tourist has been before. Explore the backstreets and leave the carcrazed roads. Visit the oases, sit down with sufis, go to the turkish baths, sit down at local coffee shops, explore Imbaba, walk in the countryside, have tea with farmers, learn Arabic…..etc.

    Whenever we do go to Khan El-Khalili we get massively hassled. So we avoid it and meet the real Egyptians. A wonderful people in a beautiful country. Enjoy it!

  73. looks like Sarah T has devoted her life to spamming your article!
    I’m an Egyptian and i’ve lived in cairo for 18 years now (i’m 30) 2 years ago i did a bicycle trip around the country, that lasted 3months (89 days to be exact). It started just before the revolution and after 25 days the revolution started.

    I cannot deny what you just said about then men, about the harrassments, about the scams, the hustlers. There is no reason to defend that. I have seen it with my own eyes. I met a cyclist along the road we cycled together for 10 days, and i had to go through hard time when we went to eat, or buy something. They see a foreigner they see money, they want to charge more, and they think this is they way it should be.
    The government itself does it. Egyptians pay 2 pounds to go to a temple or a museum, foreigners pay 40-50 EGPs!

    It has probably gone even worse now with the low flow of tourists.. which i hope will be a good lesson. I’ve been to Khan El-Khalili a few months ago, and i can see how much the shop owners are defeated and broken.

    Still you only showed it from a pure touristic angle… I’d always say avoid the tourist attractions (they aren’t attractive anymore)
    I hope one day the fuckos would admit we are badly fucked up ;-)

  74. Wow, the things you guys experienced in Egypt definitely makes me think about my anticipation of going there in June. I’m not afraid to find out myself though and still looking forward to my trip. But some peoples comments here really throw me off…
    Nina recently posted..My week in pictures #70My Profile

  75. A great article Ash. It seems you have somehow been able to bring out the best and worst Egypt has to offer in your comments. The calibre of some of the comments is quite ordinary. Plenty of attacks on your integrity, telling you your wrong, then in the same breath asking if your friend is hot?

    You should go to Egypt one day with this Sarah T person. I would pay to see that blog post. Sarah has to die her hair though.

  76. Hey Ash;
    I am an Egyptian who lives in Egypt.
    I understand you had a horrible time in Egypt but believe me I would say it is mostly bad luck.
    I used to live abroad and came to Egypt 10 years ago and you had more bad experiences than I.
    Going through the comments you got; I disagree with many, I LOVE my country but I am not blind to the wrong things going on it.
    We, or at least I; blame the corrupted and failure of a government it had these years and down fall of education and culture all around Egypt.
    I do not have to be veiled, or to wear decently (which many can argue at what point is decent and at what point you cross the line into my rights) or to even covering your whole face. This does not matter, women and people have been quiet about this harassment issue for so long, that it is getting out of hand.
    Men would actually harass, if just by words; women whom are totally covered up in black, not even their eyes are visible to the public. (I witnessed that myself)
    All what I am trying to say; your reaction to the taxi driver was great, I wish more people would react and condemn such actions. However; I believe you were just unlucky and maybe were in need of friends with previous experience whom visited Egypt or from people whom actually live there.
    Give Egypt a chance; there is good in it. A lot of good. And like you said do not let the dark calluses on the forehead trick you, outside appearance are just a facade.

  77. Hi Ash,
    I am an Egyptian and I live in Egypt. I have so many foreigner friends living in Egypt too so I will keep it short.

    First I would like to apologize for any inconvenience you and your friend had. It happens.

    Second as I commented earlier. There is sexual harassments all over the world. In Egypt there are because of Ignorance and poverty.

    They would lead the individual to scam or hustle you into buying things. This is because as you know 40% are living under one dollar per day.

    This is not a reason. There is no reason for scamming and harassments. I am telling you where this come from.

    Now, I can’t accept that you say Fuck Egypt based on your sole Experience. Well I have been to Europe and some ran after me with a gun. But this never led me to say that all Europeans are bad. This is not subjective.

    I understand your frustrations but that was very wrong from your part.

    Second thing. Camels for marriage???!!! Either you are making it up or the Egyptian who said it. Did as a joke : )

    We Egyptians joke a lot, we call it “Alsh” So it would go like “Hello, marry me and I will give you 30 camels”
    Saying that is wrong too, a level of harassment indeed but it doesn’t mean that he is proposing a marriage or he will pay with camels. This is just a big downfall from your part that I can’t believe that a travel blogger like yourself fall for it.

    Finally. Again I apologize. Hopefully you would come back soon. And Hopefully things would be better then.

    Be well,

  78. before i actually read your account I couldnt imagine why anyone would go to an Egypt run by the muslim brotherhood? some sort of charity work perhaps? someone that has connections to specific people there or the land? but then i saw the answer on the upper right hand corner of your page. “Social Justice” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant. if you actually believe in that bullshit, then you are a fucking moron!!!! you got what you deserved, according to your vile philosophy, because you are a white oppressor who comes from a developed country who has raped the earth and exploited less developed countries. Oh. does that not apply to you? that only applies to everyone else? under your vile philosophy the individual has no value beyond the group that your progressive (read: commie) politicians group you into for political expedience. oh i know. bronco bama is a nice guy and he supports the muslim brotherhood and told us that his revolution was for the good of the people. yes. lots of nice guys support terrorist groups that send out rape squads to silence women and continually promote jew hatred throughout the land. you have no right to complain cracker.

    • I really dont want to correct you as you seem to be on a roll. I enjoyed your rant. Especially calling Ash a cracker.

      White people are not the only ones doing oppressing.
      Pretty sure Egyptians oppressed, raped, pillaged and plundered many a people back in their day, as has any empire.

      Please dont let facts get in the way of a good story, of all the rants on this page, yours is by far the best. Love it!

      • Dan.
        You are obviously an imperialist Reich winger. for purposes of social justice, we ignore the history arabs, africans, moors in the slave trade. 3 wasps got off a boat from geogia and enslaved a continent. in fact USA invented slavery. they were the only country to ever have slavery. we ignore all the whites that died to free the slaves and the effects that had on their families for generations.

        So lets review social justice: You are a nazi, whites are oppressors/exploiters, and jews are the cause of all wars.

        • I think I love you JAY!

          USA invented slavery? No other country ever used slaves? Pyramids built themselves right? Oh the workers were volunteers. Your right I remember that part from school….

          This “Reich wing nazi” wishes to learn more from you!

          • Pyramids built by Slavery!!
            That’s what they told you in school?!
            Oh and I bet they also said that – according to the Old Testament in Exodus – the Jews were the one who built it under a slavery regime in ancient Egypt!!

            By the time my ancestors had built the pyramids, yours were still discovering fire or were shepherds!!
            or even better we used them – in Slavery – to build our civilization including the Pyramids and invading Israel at the time.

            You see my pride is in question now because luckily you were born in 19xx … Anyways, as Pharaohs we now how to deal with our slaves with respect.

      • I am sorry I do not understand your point. Because Egypt had an empire 7,000 years ago and may have oppressed people, then oppression is inevitable? Or Because non- White people oppress then it is ok for White people to Oppress as well. Jay is obviously a tosser but your reply really has to make me wonder exactly what your point is?

  79. Hey Sarah T.
    You foaming at the mouth ungrateful racist bigot. Take your hate and your crap and go back to your “oh-so-cool” Muslim Brotherhood cesspool Egypt and defend it there. We don’t want people like yourself here who hate this great country. Shame how you use the protection and free speech that the US gave you as a right to attack it. Loser

  80. Ash… mate. I’m also young twenties from Sydney, Australia and have been living in Egypt for the past 3 months and you make me feel embarrassed to be Australian. Do yourself a favour and go and re-read Hunter S Thompson, or Jack Kerouac or whatever other writer you probably froth over (and if those names don’t ring a bell, then you got some homework). There is a delicate balance between hollow statements (read: Lack of experience) with excessive use of bad language, and then bad language used precisely and wittily. I probably would have found this article somewhat hilarious given that the subject is interesting, but when you use a heading like “Travel in Egypt: Go fuck yourself” that fails on every level to be witty, experienced and ultimately shows me that you haven’t lived here long enough. Unfortunately your article has invoked a response from me. usually i don’t care. But put a bit more effort into it would you? Don’t glaze the surface and make bold negative statements. It’s not cool.

    • …and in his spare time, you can find the self righteous JW offering his sage like advice to travel writers and bloggers around the globe. He tries painfully hard to appear acute and often tells people to ‘do themselves a favor’ but not in a patronizing way. It’s just that he cares so deeply about the world and literature and travel and wit and the contextual use of coarse language and doing his homework and the ‘delicate balance’ of it all that he just can’t help himself. In other words, he is a massive fucking fuck-tard and doesn’t have a fucking life and needs to do himself a fucking favor and read some fucking poetry and stop offering his two cents worth of wanker opinion to people who could give a flying fuck about what he thinks is a witty use the fucking F word for crying down the motherfucking sink.
      Nate P recently posted..Springboard LogoMy Profile

      • lol. Fortunately my name isn’t Nate P and I don’t take life seriously enough to waste time writing a response like that. Seriously. Did you even listen to what you wrote? Hilarious. Man I’m sorry you care so much. Really. For a start, whatever you say is disqualified because you’re probably writing that from the comfort of your mum and dads house on your high speed Internet that you don’t pay for…and have never even lived in the Middle East and think that by searching egypt on Wikipedia for the first time suddenly makes you able to contribute to this discussion. And you still didn’t write wittingly…seriously. Throwing lots of fuck words doesn’t make you cool. That’s my point. Did you even read my comment?

        • Fuck this pretentious fucking JW guy. Nothing like armchair criticism, gets called on it, then comes back with even more criticism. I would love to view the world through such simple eyes. It must be FUCKING AWESOME to be JW in JW’s world! Where is your blog so I can learn to be so good like you.

        • Yes. You wouldn’t waste time writing a response…but then again….you just fucking did you stupid twat. And it was shit. And everyone else here hates you and your fucking armchair. And your disqualifications, and your ‘seriously’ ‘wittingly’ serious demeanor. And the F words I used were ironic. I’m being a fucking smart arse and you don’t even fucking realize it. I’m overusing the F word and that’s my fucking point. My point is FUCK YOU. And I’m not commenting on the middle east…I’m commenting on you to fucking fuck-tard. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. COMMENT ON THAT YOU FUCK.
          Nate P recently posted..Springboard LogoMy Profile

  81. What I noticed, and even for my own blog, whenever someone gives their experience that shows Egypt in a negative way – people instantly begin making excuses as to why this doesn’t really happen, the author exaggerated, the woman wasn’t dressed adequately, worse things happen in the US (population is 229 billion more than Egypt) etc.

    Do none of you feel any shame for trying to justify the behavior in your country basically saying – but they’re worse? You would need to take in to account population, the isolated areas of high risk, etc, but that’s not the issue – the issue is that this is damaging because the areas within Egypt where this is happening are major tourist areas (well, used to be anyway) and many of you are choosing to ignore it by giving your puny excuses (“…it was just bad luck”, “…my sister lives there and is fine,” and Sarah, you really need to come walk a mile in my shoes and step out of your Coptic bubble). Of course, there are a few of you commenting on this blog entry that do recognize the growing problem (keyword: GROWING).

    In my five years living in Cairo, harassment has increased. I love Egypt or else I wouldn’t have been here as long as I have, but I don’t deny my anger and frustration at the harassment. However, probably the most frustrating is the refusal by many to recognize this problem.

    The national statistic from a local women’s organization (not a US NGO or other western power) that 98% of foreign women and 86% of Egyptian females are harassed in Egypt. Obviously more than 14% of women are veiled, so even that doesn’t prevent the harassment. I understand not being pleased that your country is presented in such a manner, I am also patriotic; however, you can’t ignore the obvious.
    LeAnne recently posted..Letters from Egypt: Forget Your SurroundingsMy Profile

    • I think many people think for any successful change it has to come within and negative comments from outside people are not always welcome. Expats in Egypt always have the option to go home. Egyptians do not. So perhaps the feeling is we should be left to analyze the country ourselves an have the right to be defensive.
      Not to mention that we have experienced a long long history of colonialism.

      • Amira, while I understand I can always leave Egypt, it doesn’t make the problems I face any less problematic. Less than 1% of Egyptians can even say they were children when the British ruled. Talk to older Egyptian women who can describe going out in Egypt a few decades ago, not worrying about harassment. Talk to Ms. Hoda in my apartment building – she’ll even tell you how things were much better in the 70s than now. She describes Cairo back then like Little Paris – yet everyone just instantly blames colonialism when a problem is highlighted. Oh and by the way, less women were veiled back in the 70s and 80s as well (in fact, the commonplace of the veil is really a more recent turn of events which is proven via old Egyptian cinema). And the blame game continues, but the harassment was something that came after colonialism – not as a result.

        I will be one of the first to stand up for Egypt. And I will be one of the first to recognize problems within my own country – voiced from an outside or an insider.

        However, you make a very great point that I’m always saying: Egypt cannot change until its people change. But that includes recognizing the problems within. Now there are several Egyptians who are trying to change this, I also want to highlight that. And it’s going to take awhile, but honestly, the harassment is getting worse by the minute.

        A Nigerian female employee came into the office one day and was clearly frustrated. The other females (two Egyptian, one Palestinian married to an Egyptian) asked her what was wrong, and she began to tell how she was just harassed on the microbus by a group of Egyptians. Instead of comforting her, being supportive – do you know what the girls said? “They weren’t Egyptian, Egyptian men don’t do that. They were from the Gulf.” Let me ask you how many KSA nationals, Emiratis, etc. do you know taking the microbus? Many Egyptians refuse to admit the problem. However, when I am harassed, the girls say that it is my fault because I’m foreign. It’s the justification of the behavior that baffles me.
        LeAnne recently posted..Letters from Egypt: Forget Your SurroundingsMy Profile

        • LeAnne your comment is one of my favourite in this thread. It is so immensely frustrating just reading the discussion boards surrounding the issue of sexual harassment. I am Canadian and have lived in Egypt, and will live in Egypt again soon working for a women’s rights organization in Cairo (Run by Egyptian Women). However simply identifying the fact that I am Canadian will now “justify” to some why I experienced harassment in Egypt. I am foreign, I look foreign. I have travelled a great deal and have never experienced the kind of harassment I experienced in Egypt. In addition I have never seen this kind of denial and avoidance of a serious social issue before. Its as if there is always an excuse as to why the victim is to blame, or a shift of focus as to why it is worse in other countries. Why would it be so hard to say “there is a problem lets try to find ways to fix it”? I should also mention that this is not just the experience of tourists. My female Egyptian friends encounter this treatment everyday and are equally disgusted, but they are actually working to do something about it. They are brave enough to face the problem and try to solve it. And they do so with with exceptional, equally frustrated Egyptian men who are also sick of the problem and want to address it.
          The more this discussion revolves around ridiculous questions like “Was she veiled or unveiled? What she a tourist? What she modest? What she alone? What she protesting in Tahrir?” the more we get away from addressing the REAL ISSUES which would make a world of difference. Egypt could be an example of a Country that stood up and DID something about this issue instead of constantly brushing it off as the imaginings of morally compromised women.

  82. I’ve lived and travelling in Egypt for the past two years and this article isn’t really reflective of my experience of being in Egypt although I had some bad experiences.

    The main thing Ash overlooks is what mass tourism in the context of severe economic inequality does to interaction between people. What happens to your attitude when thousands of wealthy but cheap foreigners keep barging into your country demanding the best service and lowest prices? It completely dehumanises human interaction. If you don’t like that then stay away from mass-tourist sites, poor countries or stay in your safe and wealthy island continent Australia.

    I wonder what happens if masses of rich Egyptians would visit poor parts of Australia? Something that under current visa rules is unimaginable, as only white people are allowed to travel to poor countries and not the other ways around (i’m one of them myself free to go wherever I want)

    Ash seems to be completely unaware of his privilege to just go anywhere in the world where he, and his hot blond girlfriend he picked up along the way, will be welcomed like a king and queen. And cries like an upset spoiled child when he isn’t. Well welcome to the real world, which is a bit different from Aussie land. There are about 6 billion people with real problems in the world, many of them live in Egypt, why don’t you write about them instead of your petty luxury problems of privileged white people travelling across the third world and having a bad day.

  83. thanks Ahs for pointing out the reality I am living in in Egypt. I am living in Cairo since three years and have to face all your points on a daily bases ( and it doesn|t matter what I wear or dont wear). I would be happy if more people would see this reality instead of defending the “beloved country”. And if I cant walk on the streets for 10 meteres without getting stared, commented in fact harrassed, than this is not a generalisation. This is a fact not comparable to any individual incidents happening in other countries. And thanks for pointing out the fiscal exploitation – I experience that on a daily bases and wherever I go. They abuse tourists as money machines without giving anything back. After three years, I just cannot take it anymore and I am ready to leave. …. And I have to add I work in the field of education here and it is quite hopeless. If people dont change their attitude and stop defenting these things, nothing will ever change.

  84. I am Egyptian and i say FUCK Egypt and am FULLY PROUD to say it you know why?? coz most of you ignorant fucks dont say the truth about this country keep on been proud over some historical shit that you didnt even do FUCK EGYPT STRAIGHT UP!

  85. Little miss classy pants, Sarah T, looking a little tired. I’m going to put that down to all the intellectual debate she partakes in!

    (btw, I’m not exposing anyone here, she already encouraged others to follow her vitriolic nonsense on her FB page earlier in the thread)

    That cleavage you see, makes some of her earlier points even more ridiculous and hypocritical.

    We get it, Sarah, you look like you’re from Jersey Shore, so you spend time arguing the toss on posts like this–trying to look smart. What was that you said about your mega rich family, again ?

    The writer of this post may have said some pretty inflammatory things, using some provocative language – a midst a few seemingly blanket statements. But, this is not The NYT, or Rolling Stone magazine. This is not The Spectator, or some other high-brow publication calling for all sides of the debate to be covered before it can be discussed.

    This is one persons personal experience of their time in a country, It was what it was, and he felt how he felt.

    Whilst I don’t 100% agree with the way he has articulated some of his opinions, I applaud him for having one (an opinion, that is), and, more importantly, for having the courage to stand up voice it.

    I wonder how many people have thought the things he has put into words – about Egypt, or any other place they have experienced as less than welcoming place?

    F*ck India,
    F*ck England
    F*ck Thailand
    F*ck….( insert your country of choice here)

    At one time or another, all of the above places have done my head in. And I’ve thought, exactly that.

    I for one, am glad to hear this story. Would it stop me from venturing to Egypt to have my own personal experience? Absolutely not. Especially, if most of the countries bourgie idiots – like Sarah – (every countries got ‘em), have found pastures more sanitized and democratic in the USA.

    Thank you, Ash, for telling us your story.

    BTW…headline is a flame thrower, yes…but by goodness does it do the job!

    PS: to any grammarian who will no doubt find at least 25 errors in my words – you have my apologies in advance if my typo’s offend you.

    • I have no problem with the blonde trying to get attention, or showing cleavage. Is she complaining? No she’s not. Ash is. I bet she loved that attention. Pretty girls, tend to. When she starts complaining, then, I’ll understand your point. Ash attacked our men. Honestly, most of the Egyptian guys I know, do not like blonde women. He makes it look like Egypt is about these poor village men that die when they see blondes and need to propose with camels. Why didn’t Ash take his blonde to our nude beach in Sharm? That’s the point.

      • So, basically Sarah, what you’re saying is, as Ash was just a bystander he had no right to be offended and disgusted by the behaviour he witnessed and experienced? And by the mere fact that it’s Ash writing this post and not Annie, – she must have in fact enjoyed this abuse, as all women enjoy all and ANY kind of male attention.

        Sarah, you really should stop judging all women, by your own ridiculously low standards.

        Sarah, you late 30′s, very single, lonely, untouched, sexually frustrated, desperate woman. Sexual frustration is often masked my irrational anger – you are a prime example of this. They sell toys for this…if you need a link…

        Your bitter at the fact the you are a good coptic, and kept your trembling legs shut – that now, when you child bearing year are nearly over, you remain single, lonely, childless and sexless, yes? Poor baby.

        Seriously, working that cock-teasing, passive-aggressive, kinda slutty, but oh so demure demeanor look you favour, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a man willing to blow away your cobwebs. Try hitting up Compton, I hear they have thuggish, disrespectful sexually aggressive men there, which is just the way you like them, right.

        You need to return to Egypt – and make it happen. The overflow of sexually repressed men just dying to shack up with a middle aged, jersey shore reject will blow your – really rather dumb – mind.

        I admire faith, any faith..there are many paths to God in my humble opinion. You however, my dear, should not be the spokes person for any religion.

        Some Christians really are the worst advertisement for Christianity there is. As for all Egyptian women being ‘the real beauty’..and you being hot just by default of your amercianized Egyptian genes. Sarah, suck it up –your best days are long gone…and the fact that you are still on the shelf says you probably weren’t that hot in your hey day…otherwise I’m sure there would have been no shortage of self righteous coptic men, wanting the same for a wife, queuing up at your fathers door asking for your hand in marriage, right.

        What happened, were none of your suitors good enough?

        Go to egypt, meet your husband ( finally), have some babies, and shut the hell up.

        Your not just embarrassing your faith, and all other Egyptians. You’re embarrassing women, period.

        Did I ever tell you the story about that time I was in India and had my vagina groped by a dirty old man as I tried to get off an over night bus?

        “Yeah, man..I love that attention…got on the next bus just so it could happen again”

        Your idiocy is on a whole new level. You make snooki look smart!

      • You’re completely full of shit. Egyptians and other arab males do nothing but supplicate to white people while viciously hating on each other. Blonde women are targeted by 95% of Egyptian males between 10 and 70.

        Egyptians are xenophobic bastards who are just primitive and savage enough to consistently try and make others feel bad because it’s the ONLY way they can attempt to make themselves look good.

        Arabs are incapable of self governance, that is the foundation of any civilized society, and Egypt is the most fucking disgusting place I have ever lived in in my entire life.

        Egyptians are rude, histrionic savages for whom deception is a sport, their culture encourages it and nothing makes an Egyptian prouder than when they are able to deceive someone.

        Egyptians have a disgusting obsession with sex, as is evidenced by your constant referral to “nude beaches in Egypt” – Shut the fuck up, YOU and your ilk are the very reason Egypt is circling the drain in terms of every aspect of life.

        Honestly, your incessant bullshit and intentional distortion of facts is typical of the majority of Egyptians, which is why this country will NEVER be anything, it will implode on itself and ultimately be cannibalized out of existence by it’s own people, for want of a better word.

  86. Though the title is obviously antagonistic and unnecessarily so, I do not recommend women travel alone in Egypt anymore. I have hosted visitors from around the world and the last time I had a female traveling alone I insisted she go to Luxor on a cruise tour. They are absolutely fantastic by the way. For backpacking adventures maybe it is too tame but it is a great way to see the country.
    The “funky” revolution to try to liberate ourselves has made the situation worse, which is obvious by the news and should have been expected by an experienced and knowledgeable traveller. It is disappointing that one takes for granted the rights in their country to dismiss the struggle so casually.
    However, Sexual Harassment and the treatment of foreigners in general remains and will continue to remain a huge problem. I heard from a tourism seminar in Beruit even before the revolution that tourists who come to Egypt generally come once, return home and recommend that their peers not travel here compared to Spain where a tourist will return 5 times and every time bring 5 new people with them.

  87. I am from Egypt, and I totally agree, tourists shouldn’t come. I am in Egypt and I wanna leave. There are no denying there are good ppl, but social/moral values is going further down. That’s not Islam and this is not Egypt I rose into. I am sad to see stuff like that. But Don’t come, tourists get raped, killed, used as a card to force authorities to make them do what they want. I love you Egypt but it’s sad to see the way you are now.

  88. Hi.
    First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of Egyptians for the way she was treated. It is unacceptable and humiliating. However, there are a few points I would like to clarify:

    1- No, you (the OP) were not being “racist” or anything when you reacted to what happened. I am not proud I live in the same country as that man, but you cannot generalize. It is true that harassment is not subtle around here, especially around tourists, but you cannot blame 90 million people (that’s how many Egyptians are there) for the acts of one man – or even ten. It’s your choice not to come back because of that, and it’s others’ choice as well, based on your article/experience and I respect that but generalization and stereotyping is just wrong, under any circumstances.

    2- As a reply to a lot of comments: the problem isn’t with “Muslim men”. It has nothing to do with Islam. The fact that the majority of Egyptians are Muslims and sexual harassment is present does not mean that it’s the fault of what they supposedly believe in. I’m Muslim, and Islam teaches us to respect women (some of you may disagree, but you probably haven’t studied the Qur’an and Muhammad’s teachings) no matter how they look or what they believe in. It especially emphasizes on not checking them out with your eyes. Muslims are *obligated* to “lower their gaze” – men and women. So, please, if you’re going to criticize a certain disgusting behavior please do not associate it with Islam. It is awful enough it is associated with a whole country.

    3- She is not to blame for what happened. It’s unacceptable even if she’s a blonde (which is rare around here, if you noticed) or white or dresses in a certain way that is unusual around here. In situations like this, please take legal action. Report the incident to the police and they’ll be more than helpful (they are, always, to tourists. We don’t bother reporting every incident because we, as Egyptian women, know it probably isn’t worth all the routine and follow-ups, but foreigners do get help when they reach out for it). Write down the license plate number or something.

    Again, I apologize for the shameful behavior you had to experience in our country. I do hope that, in the future, you would consider going back, but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.

    • islam respects women!!! What a fucking joke. Tell that to the girls who have had their clits and labial lips snipped (oh, that’s right, it’s just culture isn’t it?, not religious in any way), honour killings, girls being married off at 12 or younger, women having to wear the disgusting black tarp, only eyes showing, and sometimes not even that, the oppression of women.
      And these arseholes are trying to bring in sharia law to Australia and other countries. I have travelled to quite a few muslim countries, and I have no worries with it, in those countries, but keep it the fuck away from civilised countries that have emerged from the 7th century.
      And of course I must have read everything I have read on islam (not from that tome) out of context and being a silly infidel what would I know? Spare me.

  89. First I would like to apologies to you and your friend for such bad experience you had in Egypt, but as an Egyptian who lives in Egypt I have to tell you that your post was really offensive as a title and as a content, I do admit that we have a serious problem with sexual harassment in Egypt, as you read in other posts violence in Egypt is not more than any other country and again I’m not denying the fact but also due to the work I do I have met so many foreigners from all over the world that include backpacker travelers like yourself and also celebrities who have traveled almost everywhere on this planet, and it’s all about how you see and how you choose to understand your surroundings and how far you are willing to see the beauty around you, again Egypt is not that bad even with all the negative things we are going through, Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on this planet, hopefully we will be able to get rid of all the negatives in the near future.

  90. In reply to Mr. Clark, I am an Egyptian and living in Egypt. I was so hurt reading your post. The reason is not your words but what other fellow Egyptians have done to your friend and you leading you to write such hurting notes about my country. However, I do apologize for the deeds of my fellow Egyptians. But whose fault is this? The people or the regime? I say you have chosen to visit a country at a time where law is not observed at all because of this ” funky little revolution” which is changing the history of the whole region yet you seem astonished it had attracted the attention of the world! Yes. Egyptians are being punished for participating in this revolution. Many things are happening to us among which is that Egyptian women themselves are facing sexual harassment. However, they are not leaving Egypt because it is their country; whereas you are not obliged to come back here again because it is not your country. They are enduring all pain because they are fighting for a better place to live in whereas you are not obliged to fight. You can easily choose another place to have fun in. If what you saw in Egypt is only harassment and scamming then you are not to be blamed if you chose to write about them forgetting about other good points you may have seen but passed by unnoticed nor felt… and mentioning this let me thank you for being honest to mention this man who returned to give you your wallet in a country full of scamming! I am writing this to say: yes there is harassment and scamming.. but we have many other good points too. It may be out of your hands to choose to be affected by the bad things in Egypt. I am sure there were other bad things you have seen in Jordon or any other country, but this harassment issue (not denying how awful it is) has so strongly affected you that it eliminated any good experience in any other country or in Egypt. I agree with Mr. Mohammad Anan up there.. your writing is subjective and lacks objectiveness. And I cant blame you hence of doing injustice to all of Egypt and Egyptians by merely saying that in Egypt there is only harassment and scamming. I also urge you to keep following Egypt’s news in the next 10 years. I am sure you will find it safe to come back and visit us for we ARE determined to change this country and restore peace and law.

  91. I have just left Egypt after living and working there for 6 years. Your story sums up my 6 years. And I had good Arabic to be able to swear back at them. Frustrating and wrong.

  92. Sarah T. you seriously, seriously need to get laid.
    and i am an Egyptian who lived all my life in Egypt and grew up in a lower middle class family and know more about Egypt than you ever will, and i am sick and tired of the likes of you who think they own the country and are always giving the rest of us a bad name by being some pieces of ignorant, low-life, insecure shits like yourself.

    • I’m a virgin, and proud of it. But your comment, as a woman ‘I need to get laid,’ shows your class. I love Egypt and always will…glad you hate me for it. :)

  93. Hello Everyone ! I’m a Muslim Egyptian , i live in Giza ..
    First of all i read most of the comments , the author didn’t lie and he didn’t fake anything , cause i see this shit everywhere , The daily sexual harrassment , to make everything double or ever triple for foreigners on food & transportation and the ugly skin mark on the forehead to fake goodness while stealing or swearing or annoying you .. those are facts and i won’t defend my country or my people through this , and yeah i love Egypt and it’s in my blood and soul , the thing is that i’m a middle common class , i live in Giza in The Pyramids street and i take the underground , the minibuses and the microbuses .. i know how is it like , so where all this came from? the answer is very simple it came from slavery , Egyptians lived their whole historical life in slavery , since the pharaoh who slaved everyone for water and food and claimed him/her self as “God” till the modern history with all the Rulers from The Ottoman Empire’s side and their Mamluks culture which deeply got in The pure Egyptian life and totally ruined it , and think about it guys , till this moment anyone ruled this country was just another pharaoh who trade the Egyptians’ humanity by water and food as “God” , all the modern presidents after Couping on the throne in the 23 th of july 1952 .. till now , all of them not just the rulers , add the Administrative apparatus of the country , no education , no jobs , no marriage , no money ( NO LIFE) for poor and common people , and of course the Rich people Hardly feel that all , they see it from the outside through Their Jeep , mini cooper , mercedes Benz cars , they don’t feel it as common people and it’s a truth , i’m not talking about rich people which high educated who decided to be activists to serve this country ( i totally respect those people ) , i’m talking about the bold mark of the class who decided to live in compounds around the borders of every and each city who doesn’t feel the daily shit ..
    After All , what is the solution? Before putting any solutions we need to understand the Social History this country and we need to understand the Psychological and social structure for people ! Thanks

  94. Dear Sara.T
    Would you please do your country ,Egypt ,a favor and shut up.
    Instead of admitting the problem(sexual harassment),you have been trying to win a discussion ,and in the course of doing that ,you made many foreigners hate Egypt and its people ,admitting the mistake is not wrong ,it is the first step to correct it .If you really like Egypt ,not only words ,come and live here like the rest of us and do something to make your country better ,instead of intimidating people that you currently live in their safe haven .

    • When the blondie writes this article, I’ll shut up! Chances are, she loved the attention. I don’t see her complaining. Maybe Ash was no match (note the rhyme) for an Egyptian catch. LOL>!

      • “the blondie”… you really are a bitch aren’t you. May you have a long and lonely life. I don’t think you could fine even an Egyptian man that would want to be around you for very long. I watched a few of your facebook videos… good god you are a freak.

        • “John B” is really “Sarah T” everyone.
          Hiding behind another name. Sarah you really are a creepy human being. Look at the conversations your having with yourself.

          Calling out other people for language, then coming here under a fake name and doing the exact same yourself.

          Gotta love that.

      • Sarah T,
        Just checked out your Facebook pictures, and you are one very attractive woman. I nearly fell for those beautiful limpid, dark pools, but your eyes belie the fact that you are truly fucked in the head.
        Yes, I can use the word fucked because I am not some religious nutter, or religious in any way actually. I loathe them all, almost equally, but yours much much more.

  95. I think everyone who has responded so far saying the guy is “jealous” of Egypt of “if you don’t like it don’t visit” are simply delusional, or they’re just romanticising the idea of Egypt rather than addressing and accepting it’s current reality, which is that it’s become a horrible place for foreigners to visit.

    I’ve lived my entire life in Egypt, mainly in Cairo and I can say that without a single doubt that everything the article mentions is spot on. The fact that tour operators now advise people willing to visit Egypt to visit somewhere like Turkey instead is a clear sign that visiting anywhere in Egypt has become a burden to anyone willing to spend the many and get a couple of days/weeks off. Travelling to Egypt isn’t a vacation; it’s probably much more stressful than your normal day to day life. The first responses I get anywhere when I say that I’m Egyptian is either that girls got harassed on a daily basis and guys got ripped off, they get no return on whatever money they’ve spent to travel to Egypt.

    It’s not just that, it’s the fact that most Egyptians are so daft that they don’t realise that the fact that their country’s ailing economy depends primarily on tourism, to waste that source of income, just because they can’t shut their mouths and act as decent human beings for six seconds is just appalling. To be very honest, I’m glad that this blog has a pretty decent readership and the guy opted to tell the truth rather than stick to political correctness and otherwise delude prospective travellers to Egypt from how awful it’s become. I hate to say this, but it’s the truth and I hope that people would try to work to improve the situation for tourists rather than attack the author, because he’s simply telling it as it is and that demands respect.

  96. and the world continues to turn.
    i have been privileged to have walked the length of Egypt. yes walked. and did that in shorts. a while ago now as part of the Trans Africa Walk for Peace Expedition 1979.
    from reading some of the comments here, it again begs the question “can we learn?”. “we” being as a “people, community, society”.
    as a seasoned overland traveller even before setting out to walk Africa, “sexual harassment” has always been there in one form or another. (try traveling overland across an Muslim cultured country in shorts ).
    i am glad i have experienced the “spontaneous hospitality from a local to a visitor”, something we overland travellers call “the essense”, “something one cannot explain but can only experience”.
    as it is this that out weights and over rides all negative or sad experiences. (except maybe dealing with bureaucracy, but thats another story).
    yes , the world keeps turning. but are we developing “respect for all?” , this story says not.

    we are still visitors in their country. and there are some tricks to help minimise or reduce the hassles.
    but remember the magic, those unique encounters, those memorable memories.

    for me, “sleeping on top of the great Pyramid of Giza, and the ghosts of the Pharaohs rose that night”, but thats another story.

  97. sorry for what happened to you … i am egyptian and i don’t like what happened to you but really u shouldn’t insult the whole country because what happened to you may be fuck those guys but not fuck egypt

  98. VERY, very spot on! I lived in Egypt for 3 years myself and I can def confirm all that. Foreigners are safe in their traveling only if accompanied by locals.

    I made sure to have at least one Egyptian man with us when I visited Luxor and the rest of south Egypt.

    So sorry for Egypt tho ..

  99. I do not deny sexual harassment in Egypt but I do think that the writer overreact after the first accident which simply came from psycho Person “the man in the car in Luxor” I am avoiding those accident by not going around in certain places . Although I am not blonde, some of those accidents happen to me… last time was in a big mall when I was crossing the street, a driver whisper bad words in my ears. Well, I screamed and started hitting the car to let the the police few meters far come and see what happen. if there was no police I would just keep going :(. beleive or not when I was in US few weeks ago, I met a lot of psycho men like those although they were hacking on me using nicer words “one of them was my banker!!!”.. the summary people will misbehave whenever they are sure they wont get punished!!!.

  100. i am Egyptian and i can tell you that Egypt have turned to be the worst place on this planet after Somalia, and that’s because of the religious fanatics who are increasing every day all around the country.

    people who respect their humanity and freedom always tend to leave this country, yes this is a fact and anybody tells otherwise is A BIG LIAR.

    hopefully one day the regime will change to a better one and when this happen Egypt will return to be the best place to live like until 40 years ago

      • Sherif…’s true when Egyptian get mad, il kalam il ‘bad,’ bit zeed. I’m guilty at times too. Eh el magnoon tha? Howa ghayran lian el blonde habet el masree loooool.

      • This is why I learned to read Arabic! Ya lahwee…lol. I will agree, and then confess. I’m so heated…you’re a true Egyptian, btw. Waw! Like my uncles, la mo’akhzaa…..but they don’t put up with that ish, either. They defend Egypt with their blood.

  101. i have read your article, but not all the comments on here, but sadly you are true, there is some A**HOLES here in Egypt, but they exist everywhere maybe more in egypt but the reason behind that is as Mohamed Anan said in his comment “Poverty and lack of proper Education” and as other said in their comments if you went for non touristic places you will see the true kind Egyptian people, but i would advise you to have an Egyptian companion with you to guide you through the city and give you tips and help

    and i am sorry that this happened to you and Annie

  102. To Ash and Annie, I am very sorry you had a trip that was so unpleasant.

    Okay, I’m not really sure why people are bashing the poster of the blog (Wait a second, that’s only one person), it is his own opinion and unfortunately I have to agree with him, even though I disagree with his writing style, it could have been more subtle, but it looks like anger has overwhelmed him (I’d use a lot of profanity too if I wrote about this).

    Now I am Egyptian born and raised, I’ve lived there all my life, And I am very sad to say that he was mostly right, I see those things happen all the time, it is very shameful.

    As for the scamming, I am very sorry to say that it once happened with two foreigners who asked me about the fare to some place (they were two strangers who stopped me at the train station to ask, very similar to the poster and his lady friend), and then the taxi driver told them a triple price. It is always the same, if you don’t have a local with you, chances are you will get scammed in one thing or another…

    And as for the sexual harassment, I don’t believe that some people’s argument is that it happens everywhere, it may happen everywhere but that DOESN’T make it okay. I get harassed all the time because I look like a foreigner, and I caused many weird situations when people find out I’m a local. And don’t think that local girls who don’t look foreigner have it easier, it’s the same (even all covered up women like previous posters said).

    And for the people who think that Egypt is (safer, better, etc…) than the other countries, why don’t they come try it for themselves? Instead of assuming things form far away.

  103. sherif
    08/05/2013 at 4:39 am
    Stop apologizing to this idiot! I’m Egyptian and I work in tourism field all I met from tourists love Egypt and appreciate….even worse things happen in Australia and America. This guy is just jealous of Egypt go fuck yourself Ash Clark,the travel writer and photographer and have no Civilization

  104. Sarah T.

    The insult you’re complaining about is merely a figure of speech. It’s adult talk. Fuckin grow up and move on.

    We have sexual harassment in Egypt
    We have scams
    We have crime on the rise

    I’m not sure on which grounds you’re denying those issues because I have personally witnessed and I continue to witness/experience the first on a daily basis. But if you haven’t lived in Egypt for at least the past five years then you’re in no position to form an opinion. Period

    By a Muslim non veiled egyptian woman who lived her whole life in Cairo – and still there

    • Salma, you grow up! That’s not the point. The point is this stuff happens everywhere ok! Do you read? Not just Egypt. And by the way, my family in Egypt is very rich and happy. So speak for yourself. I love the country, the people, and everything about Egypt. Yes, nothing is perfect, but this guy is acting like Egyptian propose with camels. Do you read English? Did you read what he wrote, or are you just arguing for no reason? Lol.

  105. Ash, harrasment is wrong and a crime but if you were a real man you’d have done something instead of whining while Annie was talked to like that. The guy said lots of stuff to her as you said and you just listened just like her and all you did was elevating your blood pressure.
    In that situation you were Misty not Ash.

    • …although I think it could have been written better. And I guess on second thoughts it wasn’t really like throwing a lit match into a barrel of gasoline. I’ve never been to Egypt so I guess I wouldn’t really know to be honest. But fuck yeh, fuck fuck. Man, I gotta get a life and stop writing posts here inbetween jerking off to the Internet.

  106. I live in Egypt, and I keep wondering why do people come to visit, this junkyard we sadly call homeland.
    Is it for beaches? A friend of mine held his honeymoon in Turkey that costed him way less than what he would pay in any 5-star hotel in Egypt, visit Spain or Turkey or any country in south east asia, they have better beaches.
    Is it for monuments and the pharaoh’s heritage? Well, if people cross seas just to see a pile of stone, you might as well do it well, there are better maintained monuments in Greece or Mexico, not the same culture of course.
    People here are either rude, or thugs, Egypt has far gone to hell and back and back again to hell, I’m looking forward to the day I can immigrate off here.
    A sincere advice from an Egyptian, don’t visit Egypt, it’s a shit hole.

  107. Egypt > you.
    Egypt doesn’t need your opinion, your country has no civilization that’s why you feel sad.

    fuck you and fuck your country, baby :) ..

  108. Well, I know that we Egyptians might curse our country everyday but get very offended when it’s criticized by others. I can comfortably say that Egypt became one of the worst places on Earth. The country has deteriorated, and what this guy is reporting is common. I have personally witnessed three guys bullying a man with a girl walking by him (who wears Hijab), saying loudly: “Hey b***…we are sure that this gay can’t f*** you), and many other similar situations. This happens to Egyptians so its more likely to occur to foreigners. I’m sorry to offend Sara and the others, but Egypt became unbearable. I threatened my own life many times during the revolution hoping for a real change, but things became worse. I’m sincerely remorseful to see a country with this history falling into such a situation. I hope things change, but I don’t think change will come soon.

  109. Sorry about your shitty experience, Ash. At least you’re lucky enough you don’t have to call Egypt “home”. Which I, quite unfortunately, do.

  110. I think that point about camel proposal alone makes me skeptical about the honesty of the writer or the credibility of what’s written, simply because this generally never happens let alone happen occasionally for more than one time.
    at least the credibility because the writer wouldn’t gain anything from lying.
    “Camels – an essential part of Egyptian proposals”

  111. So a guy decides to go backpacking in a region plagued with civil and international conflict- that has been going on for years and will likely get worse before it gets better. He gets lucky with a girl in Amman, and they continue to travel together through the rest of Jordan and on to Egypt.

    Some dude hits on his girl, he got upset, turned his head and spat. But right before that, he made eye contact with another dude. The other dude got upset and returned the favor with a few ‘f*ck yous’. SO WHAT??? Now the little baby has to go look for meds to lower his blood pressure?? If you censor the country, no one would even know where this happened… a couple of guys pushed his buttons and now he’s retaliating at the country.. isn’t that the definition of “insensitive/racist/ignorant”?

    There’s no denying Egypt is in a shite state, I would personally not go there, and I have lived and traveled through some pretty primitive places. He was asking for an adventure and he got it!! Now he and his ‘friend’ have something to share for a long time to come.

    Couple of really ridiculous remarks in the article:
    “experience of living and working in Dubai taught her how to dress and act appropriately for social standards in the region” .. have you been to any bar or club in Dubai!? Barasti for example will have girls struggling to walk straight starting 9PM with their skirts pulled up, or down.. *this remark is quite ignorant* Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran NOT the same thing!

    “..hagglers jump on you faster than flies to a fresh cow shit”.. assuming he meant “..than flies on shit” .. been to Phuket? anywhere Tanzania? Tamarindo? Cancun? Bali? Casablanca? Bocas? any place that heavily relies on tourism will have hagglers .. it’s common sense to check for safety related issues before you visit somewhere.

    Now what really irks me about this post is, the bigot ties his unfortunate experience with religion which has absolutely nothing to do with anything; what religion were the KKK? IRA? Adolf Hitler? David Berkowitz? Ted Bundy?
    Religion, culture, socioeconomics, politics, are all different, and while there can sometimes be links, that is not normally the case.. most of the time, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

    1. The author should have taken those meds before writing this post
    2. Don’t travel with a girl.. especially if you can’t handle it
    3. Stick to countries and cities you can handle, and do a bit of research.. and if you deliberately are going to violent and conflict-ridden places.. then don’t cry when you get a little slap across the face
    4. Look-up social justice, and what happens when it doesn’t exist. Empathize and don’t be judgmental….else change your “hypocritical” about section

    • I think your comment was one of the few that really makes sense. As an Egyptian woman who gets harassed all the time even when I’m with my husband, this article still somewhat offended me. Yes sure we have a lot of issues, especially how sexual harassment had been on the rise the last decade.

      And I agree with you with on how he related religion with harassment, there’s no relation whatsoever, a lot of Christians here harass women as well. He probably doesn’t even know that in Islam if a man harasses a woman he gets publically punished and if he rapes a woman he gets put to death (too bad we don’t apply that here).

      Now the camel thing I won’t even comment on that because it’s plain ridiculous.

      Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but still, it was harsh and not all of it was true.

  112. I think everyone’s kind of missing the point. Egypt is a beautiful country but it has been destroyed by years of oppressive regimes (as Ash pointed out), poverty, and poor education. These people he encountered on his trip are nothing more than the result of these three factors combined and unfortunately they are what is widespread in the country – not the educated higher classes. So this problem will continue and increase unless there is real and tangible reform and social order, not a police force who will jail/torture them to keep them off the streets, because the result is everything that Ash experienced and more.

    • Yeah kind of sucks that everyone got off track and turned this into a hate-war. Or Egyptians saying they cant to immigrate out of the country. I don’t think he wanted to say he hated the country, just the experience. I’m an Egyptian, though having lived abroad most of my life and now moved back here, I am disgusted by what happens in the streets. Many people feel that way too, and there are many campaigns running to bring more awareness. What I’m trying to say is, don’t read too far between the lines people.

      • I agree with you 100 percent. I’m egyptian and I’ve lived in Egypt for my entire life. I don’t regard the views of egyptians living abroad as accurate and I also don’t like Egyptian citizens who live in their own bubble and think they’re not part of the problem.

  113. Sad really because I have never experienced that. My memories of all my visits to Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor) are only nice ones. I never felt threatened by anyone when I walk in the streets, either alone or with friends.

  114. It’s not racist to criticize such prevalent behavior- no one can argue about its prevalence!- it’s more racist to give excuses in the cover of cultural specificity or poverty or ignorance (poor and ignorant people can have ethics too!) and to prefer political correctness over the natural fuck you reaction!

    I am sorry Annie went through what all women in Egypt go through every day. I live in Egypt and I have traveled quite a bit in Iran, and nothing rivals the religious hypocrisy and double standard of Egyptian patriarchs!

    Regarding the fiscal scams, the tourist business is full of it. It’s always a good idea to get away from it and have an Egyptian companion who could be in charge of saying the fuck-yous in straight non-compromising Arabic. But it’s not your fault that you landed in it… the lovely historical sites are becoming inapproachable because of the fucking idiots who would not leave you alone… but if you go to the less touristic places I am sure you will have nice encounters, as you would in any other country in the world… ma3lesh

    It’s pathetic the amount of chauvinism and racism in the arguments made by people who are defending “Egypt” here!

  115. 1) I live in Dubai and i can tell you that there is as much sexual harassment there than in Egypt and about dressing appropriately, not so sure.

    2) Have you seen the scams going on in Paris(the main destination for tourists). I guess not cus i can write three pages about the scams going on at the Eiffel tower alone.

    I’m sorry about your experience in Egypt but you make it seem like this doesn’t go anywhere else, if not in in every country. Hopefully, you’ll have a better experience next time :)

  116. ok u hv a bad experinces becoz yr gf was attackd
    then u startd 2 insultd the whole cuntry with its ppl
    yr behaviour just like the facists
    and i wana add sumthin its nt a way 2 turn the plames frm those guys its just u must knw it
    meny girls who comes for tourists came alone and even they r marid they who starts a sexual harassment thats the true
    one day a girl came 2 me asked sleep with me
    thats a fact
    many girls and women cum egypt for sex
    so thats y evry guy here once he see a girl he think she cum for sex and he think he must do or say sumthin 2 her 2 show himself ready and agree for that
    finaly u r such a faciest mother fucker and thats a true 2

    • I strongly doubt you will find 1 girl on the planet that travels to egypt for sex. This happened never.

  117. I hate lies and liars
    everytime you walk they pull your WHAT ?
    you make is sound like egypt is 100% a society of perverts with zero law and police to even provide minimal security and safety
    this whole article is based on a pissed rude guy experience
    seriously you are all liars and fakes and lying for some purpose or some one or even some parties
    you are just trying to hit tourism at egypt
    egypt is MUCH safer and has best society values when it comes to kindness , fairness , hospitality and helping people
    as sarah said , and i quote “I was born in America….even worse things happen in Australia and America.” “Egypt is WAY safer than so many countries in the world. I’ve lived around the world and the most violent people in the world are in the United States. Daily school shootings, rapes, killings…and people still come live here”
    also the kind sir Nabil
    I quote “Also proposals via camels? Come on! I don’t buy it for a second. You pushed it too far. I get you wanna make your blog sexy and cool by telling your awesome adventures in the Middle East but you spiced up your version of this a bit more “creatively” than the Disney writers who wrote Arabian nights for Aladdin and the 40 thieves. Whoever that genius was. No one proposed to your friend with a camel and if they did that was probably a joke. Egyptian men are sexually repressed, sure! But they’re not living in the stone age (technologically speaking).”
    I could go on and on for days
    lots of liers here …

  118. I am sorry for you and your friend , I am actually very embarrassed to read what you have written and i know it’s 100% true.
    Well , i know it won’t change anything but you should know that major of Egyptians don’t have college education and some of them who have it still need a seminar about sexual harassment , maybe it’s because of the veil they see every day in the street maybe because of the sayings that state women must stay in home and cover all her body,
    But i am very sorry again for you and a tip if you decide to change your mind and enjoy Egypt go with some one you know maybe a tour guide or some college students who can help you to improve Egypt picture in your mind =)

  119. You’re very brave to show how you had been FUCKED !! Pity !! But you life goes on even with fucked up person like you !

  120. well well well.. how can we solve this problem??????
    how about u take ur blondie who is spending a good time in dubai plus wandering the middle east to AUSTRALIA next time ?or maybe your blessed australian government should ban tourism in Egypt this way ur beautiful women could stay at home safe and sound in the lovely land of australia where there are plenty of blondies who get sexually assualted at work,school,streets,pubs and God knows where by all kind of men “fathers,relatives,neighbours,strangers….etc” .
    just to refresh ur memory incase u’ve forgotten “if ur house is made of glass don’t throw stones on others”

    • u have every right to complain . This is a serious situation affecting the lives of egyptian families everyday and on daily basis not only for 1 month like in ur case for example but u showed disrespect by demeaning every egyptian on this earth and in this case u don’t deserve to be respected . allow me to say that u have low standards and no manners which makes u a self absrobed low life savage

  121. Ouch dude:) very ouch ( Austin powers style )

    A) I m sorry you feel this way about your travel in Egypt

    B) yes you are correct, the consistency by which these little nucances happen in Egypt is mind boggling , and can easily drive anyone insain…Egyptians includes, let alone some dude traveling from far away lands with an attractive blond, and for a whole month…

    C) I m very intrigued about Annie s own account of the trip…does she feel as hopelessly negative as you? Or is it possibly that you feeling powerless to protect her ( which I understand, and I would certainly feel the same way ) made the experience all that much more gloomy to you???

    D) there are no excuses to having to having to go through some of the things you described, so I won’t even attempt to make any…but would it help you any to know that all the countries you may have visited in the Middle East combined, do not amount to half the population of Egypt?? Does that at least make the consistency of the nucances and thier sheer no more understandable ( if not acceptable at all )

    E) I invite you ( in earnest ) to come back and stay in my house , and revisit some of your experiences with an egyptian by your side… It’s not like any of these practices would cease to exist ( not at all ) , but you won’t have to deal with it:) and trust me, that makes for a radically different experience ….

    F) hope you made it home ok…and god bless…

  122. Hey guys
    I’m an egyptian man who lived all his life in Egypt
    i can’t deny that we have a problem with sexual harasment in Egypt but actually this problem only accures in a certian society level which is the most poor and uneducated level and if you thought right we can’t blame them that much
    they have suffered a lot and believe me when i say A LOT
    i feel sorry for the writer he had such a bad experience in Egypt but i don’t excuse him for fucking the whole country for it…..he can just say ” don’t come to egypt guys it sucks ”
    I am not even going to post a comment for that ” muslims and arabs are pigs ” guy , he doesn’t even deserve a comment
    one more thing i wanted to tell you guys over here and let you realize what i mean
    do you know that rape in the US is 12 times more than it is in Egypt…..I guess you got the point.
    don’t even try to read what’s coming next as it is for the egyptians and you won’t have a clue of what i will say
    ya gama3a ento tawelto awii m3a el nas dih w kol wa7ed feeko b ra2y w a3deen bet7′abato fe b3d l7ad ma el mawdoo3 ebtada ye2leb 7′ena2a been el masryeen w homa byetfarago bas bsara7a sarah ayma bel wageb w ziada :)

    • Having been born in America, I cannot even tell you the amount of racism and sexism I experienced. It was beyond belief. I learned to not even call myself an American, from the utter hate America showed me. But, I live her. I survive her. And to see it once again, from all these people here. Claiming that camels are part of proposals that blondes get more love. That stupid walk like an Egyptian song by the bangles, was also making fun of my country. I have had enough. And, I will no longer let these non Egyptians make fun of my country. I have seen enough, since childhood. America is one of the most racists countries in the world, but it’s my home. I never wrote an article bashing it. I have learned to look at the good and bad in it. Because I live here and it’s home. For many people Egypt is home. To attack their home, is to attack their pride. STOP IT! You can share your experience, but don’t curse a whole country. Have some respect.

    • While I understand your point here this is not an excuse, and very little has been done to address the problem regardless of the background and experience of the individuals responsible. Respect towards your fellow human being (regardless of gender) is not something only accessible to those with a University Education and steady paycheque, this is common knowledge. There is a much much bigger problem here.

  123. Honestly, I agree with everything Sarah said. Egypt is a wonderful country. Ash is just pissed off that some guy was flirting with his gf. Out of everyone, Sarah is the only one that makes any sense. Unlike all of you, taking this too personal. She has a point which is to say stop going off on a country, because of one incident. This post is so offensive. Any Egyptian complaining about Egypt is perhaps, poor and uneducated. I have visited with very rich families that welcomed me and treated me like royalty. And none of these girls are getting proposals with camels. There is no point to even argue with some of you idiots. You are missing the whole point. Sarah tried to tell you politely that this incident is way out of context and should not be taken as a whole judgement of the country. And Peter, if you are Coptic, using F words, honestly, makes you an embarassement on the community. Lots of you people are making fund of each other and missing the point. This piece was nonsense. Girls get harassed everywhere, not just in Egypt. Next time this whatever guy decides to write an article, maybe he should think about the fact that cursing a country, in no way will be tolerated by true Egyptians. Now all of you making this a personal battle, please grow up and do something with your lives.

  124. I randomly came across this blog and started reading the responses and couldn’t help myself from responding. I’ll start off by saying that I have never been to Egypt nor am I going to speak about what goes on there or anywhere else that I have not lived or traveled to.
    What I will comment on is the complete ridiculousness of most of the comments. The fact of the matter is that the author was simply stating his experience in Egypt and displeasure with the events that transpired.
    For people to respond and call him a liar or try and defend the truly disgusting behavior that was allegedly displayed shows the true ignorance of some people.
    Also, showing another person respect is not about poverty or quality higher education, it is a social issue and for the most part usually stems from religion and unreasonable national pride. I know this will start a debate on its own but it’s true. I’ll speak to these two topics separately.

    Religious beliefs: Most conflict in the world boils down to ridiculous religious beliefs. The fact that people need to believe in a book of fictional stories in order to treat each other with love and respect is silly because these same people inevitably end up believing that their story book is truer than everyone else’s story book and therefore everyone else is wrong and unfortunately worse.
    If you have been raised properly and have the mental strength, you do not require religion to cope with every issue that occurs in your life (ie. relationships, death, work matters, money, etc.). We are no different than any other creature on the other, aside from the fact that we have the intelligence and ego to think we are and therefore cannot deal with the fact that our lifetime on this earth is all we have so we need to make up stories to ease our minds. So people end up becoming so devout to their religions that they are willing to defend it with their lives because any argument against it (ie. another religion) means their beliefs could possibly be wrong and thus shattering their life long belief (intelligence & ego). It is more difficult to instill good morals and beliefs in yourself without having to depend on a book to explain everything and tell you what to do. Not everything in live has an answer, it’s only the human ego that requires it. All religions have very good messages in them but many people take the belief in the message too far and end up doing the complete opposite.

    National pride: I have no problem loving the country you are from, as I do (Canada), but when you believe that the dirt you were born on is better than the dirt I was born on is somehow better dirt is when problems arise. The fact is, we are all humans and none of us are better than one another and we should treat each other with mutual respect. This tribal attitude that people still display is no longer relevant and the internet has made us a global community that is capable of so much good yet we still grasp on to our primitive mindset.

    I could go on but that’s all the time I have.

    • Rob,
      That is a very fairytale and sweet comment. However it is total naive bullshit. Religion was not a factor in this thread at all. If the scum in Egypt really believed in their “storybook” then this type of behavior would NEVER present itself upon innocent women and children. So get out of polite Canada, and travel to these sandy places. Oh, and bring a cherished woman with you. If you are gay, bring your Mother or whatevs. THEN report back on your brilliant insight on this topic. And what is your “storybook”? Is it “An idiots guide to being nothing”

      • Hilarious! Religion is the underlying reason things like this happen. “Polite” Canada happens to be one of, if not the most, multi-cultural in the world and that is why it is a great country, because it is made up of people from around the world.
        I have traveled pretty extensively, just not to Egypt, and I can almost guarantee more than you based on your ignorance. I’m actually writing this whilst traveling to another country.
        I don’t need to believe in a story in order to be a good person. You were obviously offended and thus felt the need to insult me. The point is that so many “religious” people are Hippocrates because they do things that contradict their so called beliefs.
        “An idiots guide to being nothing” made me laugh. Thanks

        ps. I’m happily married.

        • Uh ya, Canada is fine. It is our 51st state and doesn’t cause much trouble. It is somewhat diverse in BC but that’s about it. You speak of “religious fanaticism” and it’s ramifications. That is true in many cases. But not in the molestation of women and boys. I challenge you on your “travels” to to leave the safe harbors of the commonwealth that you call adventure and go to this part of the world with your partner whatever the gender is, and face these mobs, tell them that the Koran is a “fairy tale” and see what happens. Report back to me if you survive this. I do know that you won’t. But if you manned up which I also doubt, and did it, you’d be screaming for the U.S. Marines to save you. Brim out.

          • Regardless of religious belief, the point is that people should be treating each other as equals, whether male or female.
            I’m from Toronto which is far more diverse than whichever state you’re from. If we were the 51st state all Americans would be moving here because we have free health care and don’t walk around with guns.
            I wouldn’t travel to a country just to insult their culture nor was I insulting their culture in any previous comments, just stating a difference in belief regarding all religions. Meanwhile, molestation of boys has been a very common occurrence among catholic priest so I think you’re wrong here as well.

            Keep wishing we would become your 51st state, it’s not gonna happen.

            btw. I’m writing this while in Maryland. I was in NYC last week and Boston the week before. I can bet you have never left North America. Loser.

  125. “Funky little revolution”, you know miss little tourist who just cares for see the sand and pyramids riding some camels that while you were spending your money to get rid of your misery life and feel that world is a beautiful place like 800 people spent their life to just get better life and a decent wage so they can feed their families, people were asking for freedom, asking for secular society were religious symbols are not exist inside, women were in Tahrir square chanting, clashing, sitting side-by-side with men asking for equality, people’s blood were covering streets while your denial system drove you just to have fun fucking don’t care for there misery and the only thing you care for is tourism?! A7A !

    • I lived and worked in Egypt for over a year and a half. As a woman I had my fair share of harassment and and physicality. But I learned to fight for my respect and I learned to to joke around to the point the natives were sticking up for me. I was adopted wherever I went. As long as I acted like a gracious guest, I was accepted. And I lived and traveled alone. An American female in her early 20′s alone.

      When men would open up such sexual conversations I would extend dialogue to them. I would ask them questions. Would you talk to your sister that way? Would you treat Muhamed’s wife with the same disrespect? Or, if they were not open for a conversation to be schooled in manners, I would either cat call back mockingly or publicly shame them. Those hecklers are doing it not because their horomones are in overdrive, but for your reaction..for the control. The first thing I was taught to do in Egypt is show your pride, demand respect, and you learn to publicly shame them in English or in Arabic. Call them perverts, call them dirty, call them un-Muslim, but stand your ground. Don’t threaten, don’t spit, don’t use hand suggestions…you’re asking for an altercation. Instead, shame them so badly they can’t go back to that neighborhood anymore…Treat them like you would if a sleazy guy in Western culture did the same thing to you. Learn when to wear a head dress as well.

      On another note: I love the previous post by Ezz. When I lived in Tahrir in 2007 I knew something big was on its way. You could see the cultural tensions bubbling up. The country is still healing itself, its still figuring out who it is….and in a violent way. There are groups fighting for change, for all different human rights. Its hard to walk into this and hope to have a vacation…even an exploration when you intrude on their battlefield. People are still fighting and dying for their rights.

      I know things have changed since I lived there. My friend who set up a job for me there a year ago asked me not to return for fear of my safety at the moment. I understand it has changed. Also I haven’t read much of your other blogs, so I’m note sure if you travel more like a tourist, but Egypt is a beautiful country with a beautiful culture that is worth understanding. I know, I would love to live there again. Wherever I went I met amazing people and were adopted into some interesting families. I saw beautiful things and some very ugly/violent images. But don’t be so quick to judge it until you get to really experience the culture at its roots. Stay away from the touristy locations (I hated visiting the pyramids) and go for the lesser knowns. Research your destinations beforehand so you know how to circumvent the “touristy” obstacles such as overcharging, severe haggling, and learn quickly how to spot bullshit. They appreciate honesty as much as you do, show them a pure genuine side, and they respond back much nicer.

      Be strong. Stay safe traveling. And good luck. Hopefully we will all be able to return to Egypt soon after the voices of Egypt’s people have been heard.

      PS I heard the camel and cow joke for marriage a million times. I’ve never know it once to be serious.

  126. I am a “Citizen” of this country “Egypt”! & I live there too!

    If any person on the planet complain about the UGLY/Disgusting VERBAL, PHYSICAL & SEXUAL Harassment that it GOING ON in EGYPT 24/7, There is no NORMAL PERSON on earth can “blame’ him!

    One of the horrible things in my life that I Loved this country soooo much! it is or supposed to be my “Home”!!!

    But Guess what! because of those stinky actions that are on ALL the time & in every place & for every age & wear style!

    Because of the Harassment, I stopped working, because I am a Broadcast Journalist, or a Reporter, who supposed to engage a lot with “live” events, most of them in the streets that are full of those filthy harassers!

    And because of them too, I cannot do the only sport I like & I can have time for: Just WALKING! Just WALKING in the open AIR in the CITY! in MY “Beloved” CITY! so, damn them I gained a lot of weight too!

    The one above who said that her family is happy living in this “shit” why doesn’t she come & join them in the hell!

    The guy who had these memories from dear EGYPT he has all rights to express himself & take it out of his chest, because HARASSMENT IN EGYPT IS REAL & IT IS A HUGE ISSUE & BECAME VERY DISGUSTING.


  127. Ash,

    It’s been about 5 years since I last traveled in Egypt and apart from the odd minor comment I really don’t recall being harassed. I had a brilliant time and the Egyptian people were a major part of that.

    Yes, there were the tourist touts and the scams and some of them were very persistent – but no worse than some other countries I have been to.

    Your comment
    “During our time together in Jordan, I could tell that Annie’s experience of living and working in Dubai had taught her how to dress and act ‘appropriately’ for the social standards of this region, so I gave little thought to worrying too much about travelling with her in Egypt.”

    appears to be very naive – the social standards in Dubai are nothing like Egypt and your “team picture” says to me that Annie has no idea what is appropriate to wear.

    The people of Egypt would probably prefer it if you didn’t return and insult them with your thoughtless Western attitudes and actions. If you can’t accept cultural differences then don’t travel in countries that are different.

    • You speak for “the people of egypt” now?
      read the comments from the people of egypt who acknowledge the matter is worse not better than what ash experienced. Good job high horse.

      • Please look up the meaning of “probably” – it was used intentionally to indicate that this was my opinion and that I was not claiming to speak for the people of Egypt.

  128. I have video on this. it’s time to lift up Egypt. Each place, has issues. But Andrea is a perfect example of a beautiful woman who enjoyed Egypt. We’re all jumping to conclusions without listening to the blonde girl, who is the source of this. How do we really know the truth? Well, at least I leave you with a real voice on the issue. I am not debating his experience, I am upset that he used one guy to attack a whole country. A country that open its doors to me. Land of my grandparents. Here are my thoughts…

  129. My sister and I visited Egypt about 10 years ago and had a similar experience. I am blonde, she has brownish red hair. Our tour guide (a very nice Egyptian gentleman… but not the wisest) took us on a train/subway! (I think that’s what they are called in Cairo). We didn’t know any better but, boy, we learned QUICKLY! We were smooshed in there like sardines. My sister had a man put his hand up her shirt and she looked at me with these wide, scared eyes (it was awful). Then I had a man pinch my crotch. I did NOT THINK… I reacted. I hauled off and punched “someone” in the chest. I don’t think it was the offender because he looked at me with a startled expression. LOL! Poor guy… probably wondered “why is this blonde chic punching me?!”

    An extremely sweet Egyptian lady was sitting by a window and saw our faces and motioned for us to come over. She comforted us in her language (it was so sweet… though we didn’t understand her words, we knew what she meant).

    My sister and I came home with the same attitude that you seem to have toward the entire country. I realized how unfortunate it was that it tainted our chance-of-a-lifetime trip. There IS a lot of beauty in Egypt. There absolutely is.

    It’s just too bad that the “bad apples” can “spoil the whole bunch.” Someone in one of the early comments (before it became a big thread of bickering) mentioned that it could happen in America too. That is very true. And it does. I think one of the main differences between U.S. and Egypt is that we already have so many skin tones, hair colors, fashion styles here that it’s not as necessary to stare (which is nice… that did get VERY old… at one point, I yelled “stop staring at us!”) :)

    • Sarah T. LOL LOL LoL
      Ya LOL that LOL verdict LOL is LOL SO LOL important LOL isn’t it? LOL. LOL seems to be your go-to phrase so from me LOL you retard. I saw your pics from the FB posting. You are really a gross little troll, aren’t you? Not one photo has a friend with you? Well that is no LOL surprise LOL. I have so many vitriolic things to say to you and your fellow scum, but I’m just not going to spend more time on this since I cannot pick on retarded people like you. Hope you enjoyed you American asylum, because let’s face it, that is why you and your family is here, right? Instead of your beloved homeland. The land of camel-raping faggots and their ugly wives and their 10-year-old boy lovers. So enjoy your deluded life in sunny So. Cal. and then get the fuck out. And please do not procreate or get raped by an egyptian before you leave. Otherwise we are stuck with more skanks and their spawn like you.
      Over and out, Col. Brim. USMC (ret)
      p.s. i understand that you are a kardashian loving slut, but guess what? They are not middle eastern as you attested that all women women want to emulate. They are sex video sluts from ARMENIA. Which is not middle eastern. And please just shut up you brown child.

  130. I’m definitely not going back to that piece of shit, People would harass my wife in public touching her and pulling her clothes down and no body helps!! Even the police!
    What a fuckin country does that to tourists?

  131. by the way the problem of the sexual harassment in egypt and the most of the world is caused by the sexualized media that US produce.
    that media which make the people see the women like a piece of meat.
    we never looked to women in that filthy way before we got our eyes opened on that filth of the US media.

  132. There is a thing about tourist and tourism. If we’re going to spend our hard-earned money we would like to feel appreciated and safe. When a country takes tourists for granted, they get in trouble. I have no desire to visit the marvels of Egypt, and until the general public understands that they are affecting one of their biggest industries, nothing is going to change. Why should anyone tolerate abuse, harassment, denigration, insolence, prejudice and general bad behavior just to visit a foreign country? There are plenty countries on Earth full of beauty, consideration, joy and a sense of well being that comes from civility and manners. I’ll stick with Europe, thank you.

  133. Egypt 101

    I’ve been on this page for almost 2 hours reading all this “classy” comments about my beloved Egypt.

    First of all; Ash … my condolences for what happened to your dignity here in Egypt. now that’s said lets move one.

    you seem to have a horrible experience with sexual harassment , the women of course know this experience and it might become a phobia for them from the extreme occurrence of this phenomenal actions. but for men – or at least for me and my circles of communications – i guess its far more worse than that, one day my sister came and told me she was harassed by some random guys passing by in a car while she was walking and it was a physical one, I was boiling and I stormed out to the streets to try to do whatever I can do – knowing that I can do nothing cause they already left – I stayed out for almost 6 hours walking the streets trying to find any “professional harasser” – Egyptians will relate – to at least kill him for the day and then continue searching for those guys. so why its much more worse for men than women ? I think because instinctively we are built in a way to protect women, so when you see your sister, mother, wife, girlfriend or even a total stranger in danger you should Defend her. – you can argue this with psychiatric – and when you couldn’t, OOHHH that feeling … literally kills you. so the point from this story is that i understand your feelings toward what happened to you here.

    it’s going to be a long comment so bear with me – it’s been 2 hours reading all those comments :)

    lets return to Egypt the place where you should and am quoting “Go Fuck Yourself”:

    1- You are welcome to do so – according to your sexual preferences, no one will stop you

    2- There is something called travel card, i don’t know if you are familiar with it or not. we use it in the mining field when traveling from country to another, it gives you a brief info about what you should and shouldn’t do – which will not stop harassment, scams and smelly people of course – and will give an insight to what to be aware off. and of course there is

    3- Is what you’re saying is true? yes but to some level of extent, we’ve got sexual harassment “oooohhhh”, and we’ve got scams and people try to sell you nothing for what you worth “no way”, and there are bad people whom will do their best to enlighten your world to the definition of HELL “eeewww”. And believe it or not there are some good decent people too “you must be kidding me!” yea i assure you that. but the question is ” WHERE THE HELL IS UTOPIA?” – check this link for more clarification “”

    4- Of course you have the total right to hate this place according to what you experienced and am not writing all this to try to make you change your mind or something like that, all am saying is that you saw only the bad side. am not going to say man up or be smart to stop the scams, or that you are laying, no what you’ve said is 100 % true, but then again check the previous point.

    5- We’ve got all these problems but we are so proud of admitting them, you know when you remember a good memory, and you don’t want to open your eyes cause you’ll know immediately that its already gone. We stuck there, that’s almost what happened in Egypt.

    6- Some one here said that if you asked any one about what is the best/worst thing in Egypt you’ll get the same answer; THE PEOPLE. I totally agree with him but it goes all around the world. if you went to any country and met bad people this would be the worst and vice verse. and for what happened to you here i think some how you are involved in the problem – don’t get me wrong about killing the victim to make my conscience clear about my country – what i mean by is i can’t go now to Syria or Iraq or North Korea and accuse people of being rude or not welcoming enough – i think you get my point now.

    7- I would like to tell you a lot about Egypt, but I’ll tell you one thing places them self are not good or bad the memory you’ve got about those places what makes them. I can tell you a lot about Australia from my point of View and what I think about the people there and the discrimination and racism you got in your home country but then again i will be generalizing and stereotyping.

    8- For the people whom are cursing My Beloved Egypt, I tell them didn’t you ever wonder why My Old Lady Egypt is like this now? it’s the poverty not the Culture not the Religions not the ignorance – alone. when you do an Income/Cost of living analysis you’ll find that the majority can’t afford to get married (Harassment), or Eat (Scams) , or even have decent homes with the normal utilities (if you can call it home at all) they’ve not granted with medical insurance nor social insurance nor enough employment. think about it and then give me your brilliant solutions other than killing the extra. although all of these reasons cant justify the actions but come one before cursing give me a solution.

    9- if you are wondering why there are Egyptians that hate Egypt that much and other love it that much, I’ll tell you; the first category see every thing happens as i told you, but cant handle it or accept it any more, their social energy is gone (who can blame them) and the second category also see every thing but they cant bear to see or hear some one cursing the country with out defending it even in a blog (and again who can blame them). and that is what i love about my Egypt it got a marvelous balance that keep it alive regardless what actually happening in it.

    And Finally since I’m from the second category I can tell any one cursing My Lady Egypt FUCK YOU AND YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ANY MORE


  134. While Egypt is a wonderful country with a lot of great people, unfortunately, the author’s experiences a part of the daily life of almost every women in Egypt. I am a German and have lived with my wife and our son for ten years in Cairo. Although, my wife was always dressing extremely decent, trying to respect each millimeter of the culture, she made continuesly the same experiences, regardless of where she walked, middle-class or working-class areas in Cairo or even in an ashwa’iyya – no difference between Zamalek, Dokki, Boulaq al-Dakrour or whatever.

    Once, she was walking in the afternoon in the middle-class neighbourhood of Dokki with our son (when he was six, they both were coming from the Kindergarten), three men of around 20 to 25 yo. – obviously better educated – approached her, laughing, joking and touching her breast in front of our son, then walking away, laughing as it has been a great joke. Maybe their afternoon sports exercise.

    Another afternoon, she went by taxi with our son home, also in the afternoon, when the taxi driver stopped in a quiet street, left the car, went into the entrance of a building, letting down his trousers and showing his P. to my wife, as it would attract her… My son didn’t see this, she left the taxi immediately and went away (in panic).

    I could fill a whole book with similar experiences of her, not to count the common verbal abuses whereever she walked in the street. And if you talk around with other women, you will discover, that this is unfortunately part of the very normal daily life.

    And, as proven many times by so many women and sociological surveys, Hegab (veil) or even Niqab (face veil) doesn’t help…

    We left Egypt for this reason, it was psychologically too challenging for my wife, when things like this could happen around every corner (and were, too many times). She was unable to walk around relaxed. She wanted to lead a very normal daily life again without any special measures, and we moved back to Germany. She is 40 yo., and all her life she was never harassed in the streets of Germany, not in big cities, not in villages, not at night and, of course, never during day time. It simply didn’t happen to her.

    We still love Egypt, because we met so many wonderful people, we still have plenty of very closed friends there. It is still kind of a second home to us both. We see, that there is a majority of men in Egypt, which are depressed and embarrased by this ugly phenomenon in the very same way as we are. I feel pitty for them, the shame is just too big for them (though I always tell them, you don’t need to feel ashamed, you haven’t done anything bad…).

    In the same time, I see that the majority of silent (and good) Egyptians HAVE to act. They HAVE to stop to deny the problem, they have to address the deep social and cultural roots of the problem (which is not just connected to educational levels), they have to blame those who help growing the problem by making the women guilty for what men are doing.

  135. Attitudes toward homosexuality also have a place in this hyper-male mix. If homosexuality is feared and hated, then men feel compelled to harass women in order to “prove” their hetero-ness. Of course, groping women proves nothing, except that these men are afraid.

  136. For a traveller who writes blogs I must say you have done a pretty shit job.
    First of all, your and your friends ignorance is bordering on hilarious. All Arab countries aren’t the same! Any idiot who hasn’t been on a fucking plane is aware of the harassment problems we r experiencing in Egypt. Perhaps you could have just googled Egypt before assuming that it was similar to Dubai!
    But then again that’s the average ignorance one would expect from someone like u, assuming all Arab countries r the same!!
    Second of all, you seem to be comfortable spittin on people or towards people that just goes to show how you probably deserved the ill treatment u were receiving
    Third, u make a generalization about Muslim men.. Did u go up to each and every person u encountered and ask them what religion they practice?
    Fourth.. Camels aren’t the way people are proposed to perhaps ur ignorance masked observation
    For everyone defending this piece of shit writing:
    I am no writer myself so I know not to write but I know crap writing when I c it.. And dudes writing style here is crap
    Yes Egypt is experiencing an immense amount of issues the first of them being poverty and sexual harassment. But breaking news poverty and harassment exist everywhere (I’m not defending it in any way.. But for example I’m sure if his friend lived long enough in Dubai some rich guy must have tried picking her up)
    And hell yea everybody who is not white is discriminate against in the so called democracies.. Arabs, Muslims.. You name it
    So before dude here passes a judgement perhaps he should have just googled Egypt before hoppin on a fucking plane because it seems like the weather was also something that he didn’t enjoy!!
    Word of advice dumb travelers should not have blogs!

    • It is depressing to see the replies here, to see People trying desperately to save a little bit of their Illusion (“harassment and rape happen everywhere” etc.). I feel pitty for them, it is really depressing. Because as long as the silent majority of Egyptians ignores or denies the Problem, it will never Change. One hour ago I have explained the bad experiences of my wife for over ten years which we were living in Cairo (see above), harrassment didn’t happen every day, maybe not even each second day, but continuesly several times per week, verbal and physically, for a period of ten years. It was not a single exceptional experience, it was daily life like milk and bread — for my wife and almost all other foreign and Egyptian women we spoke to during this ten years. While such things exist in Germany, where we come from, it is nothing compared to Egypt. My wife is 40, and she never experienced something like this in Germany. In Egypt her own experiences count into the hundreds of cases, in Germany not a single one all her life.

    • Mariam,

      So you’re saying he should have “googled it” before putting ass on an airplane? So he should have done just to know in advance that egypt is soo fucked up? Yes, you should in the egyptian travel and promotional brochures. Here’s a front cover for your new brochure to attract tourism, “Do not even fucking ever come to egypt because it sucks soo badly” Then, if you got that logical dialogue out there to travelers who now have decided to NEVER come to egypt, and bye the way, it would be a huge service to travels who might assume that they might expect to be treated with some form civility, that they won’t that here! here’s a map, pretty much anywhere you go around here then you’re kinda fucked. Enjoy your stay”
      p.s. you are very correct, you in fact cannot write at all. You should go ahead and stop trying..

  137. Okey i just wanna point at something..not because “a foreigner” experienced such thing from a stupid Egyptian means that All Egyptians are the same..Actually i got 2 friends from Norway met them in Sharm EL Sheikh,2 Polish and other 2 from Germany met them in Hurghada! Actually There is nothing wrong with Egypt Except that there are serious bad things happened after the Revolution which is something normal to pass by as we were living under dictator’s rule for 30 years so do not expect that all things gonna be “Green” LOL…and as Egyptian and Muslim i am really proud of who I am and i got alot of Christian Friends and actually I dont feel we are different at all…we study together and we eat together we go everywhere together so we are one family …i saw some insulting Muslims and Arab People..well i wont really reply to you by insulting you but you are reflecting only yourself i wont even judge on a whole country because an action of a single Person!..yet regarding Sexual harassment i am blaming the police and at last the Public …First of all if Sexual harassment is treated as a crime things gonna be much better but its really neglected and they dont care about it..also when a girl walking down the street and experiencing that shit ..really nobody is taking any action..and if they did they are gonna get blamed for interfering ! its sad really but we will work on getting things to be better ..and i am happy seeing alot of true Egyptians here saying the truth ..God bless you all =) Salam

  138. I’m with you completely about what you said, but you have to take your mind that Egypt lives very tough days of chaos and the political situation is unstable that lead people to be more poor than before, and that forced people to steal and lie to people for gaining money for their daily needs, and about the sexual harassment, in Egypt all kinds of women are being harassed, even those who are covering their faces, this problem has been enormously increased the last two years, there is some youth groups that are trying putting and end for this problem -Sexual harassment-, I’m sorry for what happened with you and your friend, I hope you come again in better situation, and sorry for my bad English and grammar, just trying to improve them :)

  139. although im very sad right now to see how people look to our country ,however, on reading these very negative opinions about my country and my people , i gotta say to all of you ,it s easy,just don’t visit us and leave us and our ancestors’ monuments alone , and for SARA T , come girl and live with us ,u r most welcomed here , at least we don’t treat an Egyptian with American roots with that rudeness, and although our country have a lot of fucked up retarded extremists but it also have a lot of good people ,people who aren’t racists at all,
    for all who wants to visit us you r welcomed in our country, for all that hate us . go fuck ur selves

    • Interesting to see how some of the Egyptians here fight the messages and the messengers instead of fighting the depressing reality.

      But fortunately, there are others, other Egyptians, which acknowledge the reality, which feel ashamed by it and try to improve it, they are trying to make a change. THEY have honor and THEY are the hope of Egypt. Not those which cry hysterically: “They attack our beloved country…”

      • Daniel,
        You will do the same if someone attacked your country rudely like this. It’s not even constructive criticism!

  140. Worth watching.

    You will see many ppl. Majority are good and descent, but like it takes one whistle blow to shatter the silence, it takes only one incident to destroy a beautiful day.
    These incidents happen way too many times in Cairo and other tourist cities. Good bless Egypt.

  141. fEgypt, seriously that’s your name, you fucking fat ass? What the fuck are you doing here with a name like that, you bitch?

  142. I read some of your comments and I’d like to state

  143. I just downloaded the wrong series! I downloaded 3 GBs of the wrong show and you’re bitching about some girl got harassed on the street while you watched and gone mad deep inside

  144. John B is Sarah T? You on crack or something? Boy, you got somethin in yo head. Delusional. Have fun with it. That’s the funniest shit I heard all day. Gotta believe someone who hides behind a name, a true liar, to call on people to believe him. Go Fuck yourself! Oh, or better yet, prove it. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. First off I wanted to commend Sarah for protecting Egypt. Sarah, hats off to you! What a way to defend what you believe in. I always loved Egypt, as well. But to be honest, we are drifting from the conversation. People are taking this too personal. This issue is about a racist pig named Ash who is attacking a country that I love as well. My husband and I visited Egypt and the people were the kindest people ever. Even if they they scammed us for a bit more pounds, it is understandable given the situation of poverty there. I do not want to read anymore of your posts on attacking each other because this article is not about that. It is about a person who has a personal issue with Egypt. But I will say that I visit Egypt every year and I will continue to do so. I never ever felt unwelcomed.

  146. Loooool, honestly, please let me go. People don’t defend me. I don’t need it. I’m over this…and JBS, I won’t even write your full name in case you wanted to make people believe your little fantasy world. I have a real name, I’m not hiding like you. I’m a real person you offended,, by attacking my country. You should be ashamed of yourself. Now let this convo be about the topic…it’s not about me people. Ok….thanks! Move on and discuss whatever u need to about this issue. It’s pointless and I’m giving this piece too much attention. that’s it. Bye.

  147. It would seem that the words faggot and homosexual have entered the fray here, people of arab or muslim persuasion calling those who have made comments such.
    Oh, again, the irony. Just like with arab and muslim men being pigs when they don’t eat pork, the world of homosexuality, though it goes against the charter that is the bible that they believe in, that homosexuality is a sin and punishable by death (just think of the disputed territorites near Israel where homosexuals are hanged from cranes), homosexuality is rife in the arab and muslim world.
    Just like men in prison who would never have countenanced the practice beforehand, the lack of female company allows men to have sex with other men, for the release of their pent up emotions and desires, though still maintaining their innocence at being called a fag, and that is what happens in the arab and muslim world.
    Girls are verboten, until marriage takes place, and thus these desires and emotions lead to arab and muslim boys having sex with each other. It’s a natural progression, masturbating just doesn’t do it for them after a while, so a bit of sodomy or fellatio remedies that.
    I’m not saying it’s wrong, just that it’s their only outlet for sexual release, so go for it boys.
    Just spare me the hypocrisy that abounds in all countries where arabs and muslims abound, and accept the fact that homosexuality is a way of life. That once marriage takes place most men would forego sex with other men because they have their sexual outlet there for them.
    Sheeps and goats though, I’m not too sure are safe. I daresay they would still be on the menu, and not just for eating. Though I believe it is haram to dine on a sheep or goat that one has had sex with. Such is the mentality of those who read that version of the bible. And you have to laugh. No, you do.

  148. Actually Sarah T is doing a nice job defending her country, I’m Egyptian as well and I don’t do half what she’s doing. Maybe cuz this article is just worthless and we have tourists anyway so few opinions won’t change anything.

  149. I’m so sorry to read this. I hope you come again but avoid Cairo. Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are much better.

  150. Everybody defends their country even if their country sucks monkey cocks.. Sara T is a huge example

  151. uhm just wanted to comment about the stupid man

    Egyptians Are Humans and Most of The Humans Are Not very good in their thoughts or behaviors

    he was Stupid one but i’m sure that you will find Egyptian
    that will help you in your journey , Introduce you to the local people & And Help you dealing With The Local people
    just because he sees that his behavior is Right

    also i wanted to say that some of Egyptians says non arabic people as enemies Because a lot of reasons ( Iraq And Plastien Issues for example )

    If you licked to visit Egypt again , i would love to help you in visit in my local area ( Dammitta , Al ra7mna It’s a village But The Air Is Better than City’s ) :D

  152. well, I am an Egyptian, and honestly reading your article doesn’t offend me because you said “fuck Egypt”, it offends and angers me because it is true, unfortunately, my nation has been living in poverty, ignorance and lots of myths, i mean a massive amount of legends about how the Egyptian man is most appreciated anywhere, they think they are smart when they try to marry you and pay you in camels, (how many camels did they offer you by the way ?), this is the first time i ever heard of this, anyway, to what depth did our tourism sink in the hole of shit ?, we have no order at all now, and i know it was bad before the revolution but after it all hell broke loose, i am not against the revolution, all i am saying is all the harassment we used to see samples of now has become a habit, my own sister faced situation like this when i am not with her, makes me so pissed off i wish i would be there one time to break the fucker’s arm, show him some fucking consequence of his action, anyway, sorry for all your terrible experience, try visiting us again in ten or fifteen years when everything is fixed.. bye.

  153. It strikes me that what a lot of people are reacting to here is the tone Ash used (“Fuck Egypt” versus “Egypt has some deep-seated social problems). I live here in Egypt (I came here about two years ago to study Arabic), and not surprisingly, there’s good and there’s bad. The many, many wonderful Egyptians I deal with on a daily basis and consider good friends (the professor who gave me a tour of the neighborhood and then wouldn’t even let me pay for his shisha and coffee; the poor family in El-3rafa who sent their son to guide us around the neighborhood because they worried about our safety; the people who directed us away from the gas and riot police during the revolution) will always stay with me. There is much to love about the Egyptian culture of hospitality, kindness, and humor. If I hadn’t come here with my wife, that’s probably all I would see.

    My wife, from day one, has dressed modestly, used good sense about places to go and not go, and been understanding of Egyptian culture. She can’t walk a quarter-mile from the grocery store to our apartment without being subjected ignorant and filthy comments from the men hanging around in the street. I’m sorry Ash had the experience he had here, because there’s much to admire in Egypt and its people. But as some others have pointed out, this is a country with a social crisis on its hands, and one that isn’t especially ancient. When I talk to my older Egyptian friends, they tell me that thirty, forty, fifty years ago, sexual harassment wasn’t even an issue. Egyptian women wore short skirts and tank tops and had no problem walking through the streets. This isn’t a problem that proceeds from Islam (though I don’t believe for a second that Salafis–and their unwitting apologist servants like Sarah T.–aren’t egging it on)–it derives, as another user said, from ignorance and poverty. The excuse, “she asked for it because of how she dressed” would have been at home in a lot of Western countries in the 1950s. But the bottom line is that NO one deserves to be subjected to the treatment my wife, Ash’s friend, and something like 98% of Egyptian women receive here. That’s not a criticism of Egypt, that’s a basic axiom of human dignity, and I would repeat it anywhere. Such behavior is disgusting and indefensible, pure and simple.

    I don’t really want to provoke more of Sarah T.’s tiresome jingoism, but something stood out for me in all her tirades: “We don’t propose with camels, we propose with diamonds.” Look, “I’ll give you a thousand camels for your wife/daughter/sister/girlfriend” is an old joke shopkeepers use on tourists–nobody with a tenth of a brain takes it seriously, but I can see how it would get old if you had dealt with the kind of harassment Ash’s friend did on top of it. But guess what, Sarah–a lot of Egypt doesn’t propose marriage with diamonds, and they don’t do it because they’re too poor to afford regular food and shelter, let alone meals at Chili’s and Hardee’s (and I can only wonder about somebody whose defense of their homeland is, “We’re great! We’ve got American chain restaurants!”–if you asked me to name the ten best things about Egypt, the fact that I can go to Applebee’s if I want wouldn’t even be on the list). Forget I-might-have-to-finance-this-ring, working-class, Western poor; I’m talking grinding, miserable poverty–children begging in the streets. You probably don’t see them while you’re partying at City Stars, Sarah, but they’re here and they’re the victims of a class of robber-barons that ballooned under Mubarak. I know Egyptians of all classes who are very concerned with the state of their country, economic, social, and cultural–and they’re working to fix it. You aren’t one of them, Sarah. If you think diamonds and Chili’s are the Egyptian norm, go to Imbaba sometime, or visit your co-religionists in Manshiyat Naser, who literally live in the Cairo dumps. If you truly believe Egypt has no problem with sexual harassment, go for a walk downtown during Eid one night. Actually, no–just SUGGEST to your family that you’d like to do that and watch their reactions. LOL!

      • Thank you, K. Living in Egypt has been a very valuable experience, and I’ve met some amazing people here. Nothing’s black and white, but there are problems.

  154. Ash … said it all without sugarcoating his words, I respect that it may be harsh to some Egyptians to hear it, But common this is something nobody can deny,
    We are going down the drain and It’s wrong to blame the government for Immorality, if so well all of Amsterdam should be whores also Germany.
    Morality comes from people also comes from the house that you been raised inside. Most of the young boys they been raised hearing that the Man is powerful, the man honor is like a lighter…he can marry 4 …all these shitty comments that we hear on TV or in the street or from our fathers.
    Also the women are being suppressed by other women, my sister works at a governmental entity and she has been approached by women inviting here to wear Neqab cause that is the virtue. when is cloth define you as a person and why in fucks sakes you judge a person by his cloth.
    I used to live in Mohandesen and it’s one of the finest areas as some say, My girlfriend is foreign but she looks like and Egyptian no blonde hair no blue eyes. and she gets harassed while she is walking with me in Mohandesen. also she is trying to practice her Arabic, when she goes to a super market by her self…some Men looks really respectable inside luxurious cars they stop for here and open doors.
    No Honest Egyptian Can deny that the country with it’s culture is going down the drain and you have to be really up high so you can enjoy the country. And I mean up high …rich don’t ride transportation have your own car never walk in the street have your own apt in a compound , you go to certain beaches to enjoy a couple of days away from the shit in Cairo.

  155. I am Egyptian and i say FUCK Egypt and am FULLY PROUD to say it you know why?? coz most of you ignorant fucks dont say the truth about this country keep on been proud over some historical shit that you didnt even do your selves This country ruined my life i would piss on it for what it had done to my life FUCK EGYPT STRAIGHT UP!

  156. The funniest thing about this post is how lacking in perspective and knowledge its author is. If this had been written by someone who’s been to Egypt several times, and who’d traveled to regions of similar economic and political instability for context, I could’ve taken it seriously. But instead, it uses shock value and generalities to propagate a negative message, which will simply damage Egypt’s unfairly bad reputation further, decrease tourism and manifest the problems that existed on a small scale when this toolbag was there, so that in the future, it will be like this.
    Robert Schrader recently posted..7 Awesome Things To Do in ThailandMy Profile

  157. Did you visit the 29 Governorates of Egypt? because Egypt is such a big country. I just want to know if you formed this negative point of view after visiting all regions in Egypt or not :)

  158. Sorry for the bad experiences you had. we all go through them, Egyptians and non-Egyptians alike.

    it’s a transient period socially speaking. so your opinion should be strictly about the situations and experiences you had at that time not about Egypt or Egyptians in general.
    it’s only a couple of years or (decades) in the lifetime of the most ancient country in the world.

  159. Unfortunately this is true, everything that annoyed you about Egypt had the same effect on me, and i am Egyptian, i love Egypt as a land and history. But i hate its culture, my holidays in Egypt are always over shadowed with the negative experiences more then anything. Peoples mentality need to change. This doesn’t only happen with tourists, it happens to all Egyptian girls.

  160. It saddens me to see this conversation, because it hurts everyone who calls themselves a Christian. I too call myself a Christian, and this is exactly the type of thing that gives us a bad rap. It’s like the Westboro Baptist guys, they do such ridiculously hateful things and and give true Christians a terrible image.

  161. I’m Egyptian and I read your post over and over again… To say your opinion about Egypt is one of your basic rights but to insult the country is definitely not your right.
    “Fuck Egypt!”? Really? I’m sorry to say that you’re the hypocrite criticizing Egyptians for their culture and manors and basically doing the same thing.
    What happened to your friend is sad and educated Egyptians are working as hard as they can to stop this from happening.
    “a funky little revolution that recently caught much of the world’s attention” what an ignorant comment!

  162. i felt really sorry after reading this :(( the one thing that increased my grieves that i know its true .. over the past 3 decades, egyptian regimes managed to evacuate egypt of the middle class educated population .. the kind of people whom u can communicate with and contact even if there is a cultural difference .. whats left now is a massive population of rude sleezy disgusting young generation .. with no honesty nor manners , i would say that travelling through cairo in a group would be much safer .. or at least with an egyptian friend .. being alone then u better head for sharm or hurghada and u still have to watch out from being tricked in shops .. i am sorry for what happened i dnt know what else to say :(

  163. when i was 15 i went to Egypt on a school trip and we got stuck in a hotel that was like an apartment complex the room numbers were not in order or close to each other and a guy brought us to a wrong room and tried to do stuff to me and my friend. also walking down the streets of Alex we heard sexual remarks.

  164. Im russian and lived at Egypt for 4 years. And im mainly disagree what is written above. I had an experience to travel alone and visited almost every corner of Egypt. And all was fine. I feel so sad to read your review. Egypt is a still great country and there are millions very kind and decent ppl. Maybe i was lucky or i knew how to behave at oriental county.
    Im already out of Egypt, but still missing it a lot.

  165. What Nabil said. Middle class western kids who think a quick round-the-world jaunt gives them the right to pontificate like this are tiresome.
    robin recently posted..Der TurmMy Profile

  166. well i think Ash is far more right than you hypocrites. BTW i am Egyptian and LIVE in EGYPT since ever. Harassment crimes in Egypt often go UNPUNISHED because pigs think that every woman in Egypt is HALAL for them (even she is married).
    Try using public transportation and feel the agony of Egypt’s ladies and girls.

  167. On a different perspective, I worked with Egypt in the 1990′s. I witnessed a lot of mistrust, corruption, manipulation, dishonesty, and fraud. I used to work for a computer company that at that time was not as popular as it is today (Apple) and this experience showed why the Egyptian economic situation cannot improve. It is one of the worst country for hope of development not only economical, but political, social, and cultural too. Another country was (is) Greece. The good thing was enjoying eating pea soup and “mulujiya”.

  168. Sad to hear stories like this about any country. I’m really not surprised by the sexual harassment. I have a few female friends who have traveled solo through quite a few countries that treated women very poorly–and that turns me off to traveling to those destinations more than the simple scams.
    chinamatt recently posted..Inherent Dangers of TravelMy Profile

  169. I am sorry to see the sorrow this has brought to so many Egyptians. I have had mostly wonderful experiences in Egypt, and the experiences the author gives of great acts of honesty and kindness are true too. Generally, I am less afraid of serious crime in Cairo than I am in major cities in the US, though a friend of mine was stabbed outside of the American embassy in Cairo yesterday.

    But the experiences of sexual harassment described here are true as well. In Morocco, I never experienced harassment of a women I was walking with, but, like the author, my experience was that in Egypt, male accompaniment is no barrier to harassment in the streets–at least if the male is also of European descent. The last time I was there, I stayed well away from the tourist areas and I didn’t have any of the unpleasant encounters with tourist hustlers. I was much happier. But for those who are there to see the Pharaonic, Islamic, and Coptic sites–and they are amazing–it is unavoidable and really a drag.

    Like the author, I can understand that people who work in the tourist trade need to eat too, and with so few tourists these days and so many people trying to earn money from them, you really have to hustle to buy your fuul and ta`miyya at the end of the day. But the constant hustling doesn’t make for a very pleasant vacation, and if this is the kind of reputation the country earns and the tourist revenue dries up, Egypt is in trouble.

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  171. this article is 100 percent true, anyone who is doubting or arguing is either one of those creeps harrassing women in the streets or a fucking retard who is so inlove with this fucked up country due to brainwashing done when he/she were little.

    sarah t kossomek neek enty bent metnaka kadaba bent a7ba

  172. I’m an Egyptian and I want to say 2 things :
    First, Yes, sadly a lot of what you are describing is happening now and the community is rallying endless social and human rights groups working relentlessly to make a difference.

    But I’ve seen a better Egypt when I used to take my foreign friends around. Yes, vendors would wave stuff in our face but as soon as we make it obviousn that we’re not buying, they’d move away. In the early 90′s tourism hit an all time low, and during those days, a European tourist was walking in Luxour with a low-back dress, and a man crept up and tickled her back. Shop owners sprung to their feet and beat him to death right there and then. He was giving the country a bad name and standing between them and their bread. That’s what it was like….sadly so much has been messed up by the system since.
    Second: A note about the language being used here, it all started with that foul mouthed guy in his car. Talk about ripple effect

  173. As an Egyptian, I feel really bad about what you and your friend had to go through. I’m not offended by what you said so much as how you said it.

    Sexual harassment *is* a big issue here, you’re by no means the first person to “discover” this. Anyone who denies it’s a major issue is in one word: delusional. But it’s by no means a problem limited only to blonde-haired foreigners/tourists. Every woman in Egypt, down to the completely concealed niqab-wearing women are harassed. Being a woman myself, I know this for fact. But to use the sort of language you used and the horribly generalized statements just makes you look ignorant.

    Our “funky, little revolution”, really?

    You come here to my country as a probably well-meaning, but privileged tourist. What happened to you both is despicable. And I can’t apologize for close to 90 million Egyptians, but as an individual I can say i’m sorry for what happened to you here. But instead of dropping about a dozen F-bombs how about you show a little understanding? Because honestly your comments abound in ignorance and obvious privilege. As an Egyptian, I can tell you my country is riddled with a ridiculous number of problems. But the situation is also much more complex and nuanced than how you so simplistically presented it.

    “I believe it lies with the wider Egyptian society that continues to sit by and let this culture somewhat thrive.”

    This comment alone shows how little you know about Egypt. Ever since the revolution, (and arguably before that) sexual harassment has been called out as a major issue that needs to be dealt with urgently. Campaigns have been sprouting up everywhere. Most of them are in Arabic, but please take a moment to google campaigns like “Harassmap”, “Stop Harassment”, “Be a Man”. The amount of work these campaigns have done is extraordinary. There are also literally countless facebook pages that aim at exposing, photographing, and reporting harassers. There are dozens of individual cases, as well, of women fighting to get this issue recognized and fought. And you undermine the struggle of all these people, no, the struggle of ALL Egyptian women combating sexual harassment. So no, the “wider Egyptian community” is not just sitting back and being idle while women are being groped, raped, and catcalled. Yes, we’re still eons away from a harassment-free Egypt, but we’re definitely on our way.

    “but unless the country as a whole is willing to implement a social dialog which stamps out this attitude and culture towards its tourists, it’s only itself that it is truly going to fuck.”

    Again, I could address this comment but i’ll only be reiterating everything I said in response to the other comment. Instead of getting angry and labeling Egypt as your “least favorite country” try keeping an open mind and not dissing an entire country and its people based on your singular experience.

    I hope one day, in the distant (or not so distant, hopefully) future you and your friend will be able to visit Egypt again and have a much more positive and enjoyable experience. The day that happens will be the day I, too, will be able to roam the streets of my city without fear and every Egyptian will feel safe in their homeland.

    Thanks for reading.

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  175. all true. yup. im egyptian and even though i dont live in egypt i go at least twice a year and everytime i go , i get harassed even more. the thing about visiting egypt today is, you have to have the lowest expectations. sexual harassement is one of the main epidemics i say that have spread among egyptian men. the good news is, this is finally being seriously addressed and there are social groups and organizations spreading awareness about sexual harassement all over the media. some even go to the extent of handcuffing these men and handing them over to the police. back until the early 70s i heard this wasnt an issue, but decades of corruption and poverty have taken their toll. yet its not an excuse. some of the people here agree with your point but are they doing something about it? the least you can do as an egyptian women taking this shit is to raise awareness to the closest people around you.
    some men seriously think theres no harm in whistling for example.

  176. Unfortunately I think this is a problem across the whole of North Africa & the Middle East, not just in Egypt. I had similar problems as a female travelling solo in Morocco (which I spoke about in this article It was very demoralising, intimidating, and frightening to have grown men grope you and shout disgusting things at you in the street for no apparent reason (even when you tried your best to adopt local customs and traditions). And that was Morocco which is generally a bit easier to travel than other North African countries.

    It is my greatest hope that these countries will do something soon to stamp out this derogatory treatment of women (both local and foreign) because their country would prosper in so many ways with just a few simple changes. Certainly from a tourism perspective anyway.

    As for those who have pointed out that bad things happen in other countries like the US etc, – I think you have missed the point. Other developed countries may well have their faults, but that doesn’t take away from the fact this is a problem in Eqypt and the Arab world in general. Although you may not like how Ash has told his story, the truth is that it’s an accurate description. His reaction although harsh is actually a natural one to have when you’ve experienced (either yourself or in his case with his friend) sexual harassment. It’s natural that he would be angry about what happened because quite frankly it doesn’t happen in other countries in the great frequency in which it does in Egypt.

    That’s my 2 cents anyway. :)
    Runaway Jane recently posted..3 Cool Ways to Find Spectacular Views in SpainMy Profile

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  178. I believe everything you said and as an Egyptian i have to confirm that this is all true
    my girlfriend is not Egyptian and she’s blonde so i kind of experienced all of what you are talking about
    i ended up fighting with every son of a bitch in the street which was annoying because instead of just walking and enjoying being in the street with my long-distance girlfriend who i see every few months, we decided to stay at home which was also impossible because i’m egyptian and she’s not and the fucking traditions don’t allow this
    let alone the fact that she couldn’t do anything alone because of the constant sexual harassment….my girlfriend hated Egypt so much and decided not to ever come back and now I hate Egypt so much and i moved to china to avoid dealing with the constant stress of seeing this happening in the streets of my country and trying to prevent it which has the consequences of you fighting with a group of guys who all agree that the girl is a slut only because she left home
    whatever I’m so fed up of the whole country….i’m on vacation now in cairo and i got stabbed and my phone stolen so i can’t wait to go back home (china)
    Peter Aziz recently posted..Downtown Cairo – I got stabbed and my phone got stolenMy Profile

  179. sadly, most of what you said is true. Immediate and strict measures must be enforced to end this situation, but labeling a revolution – which more than a thousand people died facing oppression, defending their right in living and speaking up – funky is seriously fucked up. and what is that fuck Egypt you intermittently threw there? How does that help you or the reader? How is that fucking opinionated even?

    You wronged an entire country, its people, its revolution for a bad experience you had travelling, bravo.

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  181. My experience exactly; finally someone telling the truth about Egypt. How long waS ithere? 5 years on and off. Must be the top place in the world for tourists not wanting to go back. And this was before the revolution. Now women are being raped in the streets. Fuck you Egypt. You shoot yourselves in the foot before and after the revolution because of the way you treat foreigners. I know so many who won’t go back and it is not the poltical situation it is the lying cheating thieving
    sexually harassing Egyptians who drive them away and keep them away.

  182. Look bro. I’m not going to argue with you about all of that shit that happened to you andyour girl friend, bec. Honestly if I were you I would have done the same thing or even more, I live in Egypt and I’m a Christian too, some people their in Egypt have sexuale problems, and I don’t mean like they are shemales or shit like that, I just mean that if they just saw a half naked leg they will go loco, some times I just wonder why we take from our women, Why we rape our women, and from those women we came and got our name from a women, so what people do is just illogical, its time to protect those women,and lets be honest here, that doesn’t happen only in Egypt, it happenes all over the world, but if their is the bad their are also the good, the people who protect our women, those people are the true men.
    I know that what happened their had build anger and rage inside you and made you hate Egypt but still you can’t judge the people of a whole country bec. Of one dude, their is always the good and the bad.

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  184. Hey!
    Lots of comments on this one…not surprisingly with a title like that!

    That’s too bad that you had such a negative experience in Egypt. We were there during the Revolution and had the BEST time ever. The people were outstanding, so helpful, kind and generous. We were invited in for tea everywhere we went.

    In the bigger, more touristy cities like Aswan and Luxor, there was minimal harassment (like in most 3rd world countries) but outside of that, in the western deserts especially, the people and experiences were fantastic.

    It’s definitely one of our favourite countries, ever.

    Sorry you had such a shitty time, maybe you can give it another chance???

    Dariece @GoatsOnTheRoad recently posted..It’s My Birthday: Unconventional At 29!My Profile

  185. Seems its back in the news for all the wrong reasons….

    “The woman is believed to have undergone surgery for horrific injuries sustained in the attack, as a volunteer vigilante group formed to protect women in Tahrir Square reported a new wave of sexual violence by groups of men targeting women.”

    Read more:

  186. Hi, I just hope for anyone who read this topic to realize:

    1- What was mentioned in this topic is true, no denial.
    2- It doesn’t happen to only tourists, it also happens to locals.
    3- People everywhere are different, you have to accept that in order to live in the world and society.
    4-Before you throw any judgment, please, just as was mentioned, don’t make judgments on the whole based on actions of the few, as every society has it’s own moral troubles “Good People, and Bad People”.

    I’m from Egypt, and I speak on Behalf of myself: My sincere apologies for you and everyone who was offended by some persons from my country, please accept this apology.

    Thank you.

  187. This piece resonates with me, three months after my boyfriend and I finally escaped our trip to India. It became so routine to have to deal with shitty people and shitty situations that almost everything else was overshadowed.

    I felt deceived. So many people **LOVE** India. Many whom I trust. Many who are women. It was worse than I had imagined, and the worst part is that the constant worry over just existing with a vagina in such a country has not worn off completely even after 94 days. And that worst part? It’s not even cheap! In order to generally not die and have some form of toilet and maybe some food that doesn’t fuck up my insides, we had to pay a similar amount to what we would have if we’d travelled to Japan.

    My consolation is that we stayed long enough that we never. Have. To go. Again.


  188. Coleen i do understand what you are saying. being an Indian woman i know how taxing and tiring it can be and makes you feel unsafe.
    I am sure with all public rage and reforms coing in this will improve over time, though how much time it will take to permeate to less frequented and less educated India we don’t know.

    I hope when you come next time you find it getting better. As far as Eqypt is concerned, this doesn’t encourage me to visit and definitely not visit alone.
    Parul recently posted..My Cendol StoryMy Profile

  189. I spend a lot of time on the streets of London (UK) and sexual harrassment is very VERY rare, we went to Egypt – its everywhere. That said there are some decent and honest people who live there – but I bet they would like to live somewhere better. Egypt isn’t part of the third world for no reason, and its not just the financial poverty. Egypt needs decent leaders, at every level, as a starting point. I’m also not really sure mohammedism is helping it either.

    My thanks to the men who worked at the currency exchange in the old Cairo Airport terminal, the policeman who stopped some women from continuly harrasing us on the street in Luxor, and the tour guides who actually cared for me and my family, also the staff of one of the hotels.

    I wish the people of Egypt well, but know that its society should be, and deserves to be so much better.

  190. I don’t really think it is healthy or ethical to stereotype social behavior based on nationality. However, i do feel sorry for your experience in Egypt.

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