The Cappadocia Series: “Love Valley” – When Nature Gets Pornographic

Throughout this feature series on the Cappadocia region of Turkey, the core attribute linking each post has, without a doubt, been the incredibly unique landscape that is found here.

The rock formations of "Love Valley", Cappadocia, Turkey

While much of the attractions found in these parts of Turkey highlight the unique interaction that has evolved between man and the land here, a simple walking tour through the natural rock formations of ‘love valley’ provided one of the most comical travel experiences I’ve had to date. 


Arriving in Cappadocia’s unofficial backpacker hub town of Goreme, you can quickly get overwhelmed with the huge amount on offer to do in the region – especially if you are on a restricted budget and time schedule.

While I preferred spending much of my time and money on tours that explored the more historical aspects of Cappadocia, the one that stood out the most for me was a simple walking tour that went through a number of valleys that surround Goreme.

Love Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey

My partner in crime at the time, Mick, and I where joined by a Dutch family and few other random travellers as we followed our hostel’s son on the budget friendly walking tour.

The tour zigzagged through a number of gorges whose colours were ever changing and giving justification to their appropriately assigned names; ‘rose valley’, ‘honeycomb valley’… you get the picture…

rose valley, cappadocia, goreme, walking tours in turkey

Rose Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey

At about the halfway point, we came across one of Cappadocia’s trademark “Fairy Chimney” villages, that was slowly being engulfed by establishments belonging to the hospitality industry but in saying that, it definitely had a lot more of a unique vibe to it than Goreme.

From the random village, we made our way back into a valley that looked no different to the other we had spent the better part of the last hour walking through.

Fairy Chimney's, Cappadocia, Turkey

Inspiration to keep interest was starting to linger…

We turned a bend and it was there that all lively aspects of our artistic imaginations became erect…


Love Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey

Either way, mick and I went from having the mindset of sensible young adults to that of pre-pubescent adolescents within seconds of spotting the towering schlongs.

An unashamed amount of ‘selfies’ quickly followed as we (awkwardly including the mother of the Dutch family) posed in various compromising positions.

Mick and his...

Love Valley

Love Valley

Eventually Mick and I noticed we were alone and had been so for quite a few minutes. We scrambled through to the other side of the valley to find our tour group huddled around an old man making fresh orange juice.

The whole group burst into laughter at the site of us and upon our reaction of “whaaaaat!?”, they notified us that “we could hear you two giggling like a couple of school girls the whole way through that place!”

Guilty as charged…


And so it is on the travellers path… monstrous stone formations that are uncannily familiar with the nether regions of the male anatomy, would become a travel highlight…


*Most Hostels and Guest Houses in Goreme offer the Love Valley walking tours for around 15TL.

*The tour takes about 3-4 hours on foot on flat terrain.

*Make sure your hostel organises to pick you up in a vehicle at the end as well.


Have you been to a place where the natural landscape or culture takes on a somewhat ‘comical’ aspect? We’d love to hear in the discussions below!



30 thoughts on “The Cappadocia Series: “Love Valley” – When Nature Gets Pornographic

    • You’re blushing?! You should of seen me when the Dutch mum asked my to take a photo of her – lets just say it involved her ‘squating’…

  1. Because of a delayed flight that screwed up our travel plans by a day, we missed out on a scheduled trip to Cappadocia. Thanks for filling us in. On the joy that was denied us.
    Gran Canaria Local recently posted..ArinagaMy Profile

  2. I just returned from Turkey and spent 2 days in Cappadocia…. I spent a good portion of my time laughing. Seeing as I teach high school boys I tend to laugh at, well anything 15 year old boys laugh at. My student TA (a senior in high school) saw a few of my pics and immediately started laughing and then turned red when she realized I was smirking at her. My sister in law quite enjoyed the postcard I sent her :) And people say mother nature/God etc. don’t have a sense of humor…..

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