I’m Moving To Berlin! Introducing My New Site BerlinOrBust.com

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So the day has come where I finally set out and start planting the flags of my travel blog empire onto new territory.

Today I am officially announcing the launch of my new site BerlinOrBust.com!

Those who already follow The Most Alive on Facebook or Twitter, may have noticed a few references to my upcoming move to Berlin, Germany in March.

These references were primarily posts from BerlinOrBust.com, used to “test the waters” for how I wanted the site to look and the style of message it would convey.

My good friend and mastermind behind the design work of Vagabundo Magazine’s bi-monthly issues, Luis Alvarez, has hooked me up with an incredible logo and header for the new website, and with it firmly in place and looking the goods, I am letting BerlinOrBust.com off the leash to run free and find its course.

Musicians at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Germany


While, my initial motivation for starting BerlinOrBust.com was to keep my family (well lets be honest, my Mum…) and friends in the loop while I’m living in Berlin, I realised that there wasn’t a whole lot of relevant information online for someone in my demographics (those primarily being extremely good looking and incredibly humble).

I have decided to document the highlights of my move to the German capital to not only keep my Mum off my ass, but also to hopefully help others who may be considering the same move in the future.

BerlinOrBust.com will be an unfolding project where I share my advice on essential topics such as finding accommodation in Berlin, to the more trivial aspects of Berlin living where you can expect to see a few titles like “The best ways to react to 6ft tall men in knee high leather boots winking at you from across the subway platform.”

Soviet Memorial, Berlin Germany

Beim Schließen

I visited Berlin for five days on my way to New York from Bangkok. I knew it was going to be great, but I wasn’t expecting it to captivate me in the way it has.

Ever since I decided to take advantage of the Work Holiday Visa agreement that exists between Australia and Germany, I have been counting down the days until I got myself back there. Now that that day has almost arrived, I’m excited to share this story with the world and I hope that some of you will enjoy, follow and share it also, as it all unfolds.

“Du bist verrückt mein Kind, du mußt nach Berlin.”

(“You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.”) – Franz von Suppe 

16 thoughts on “I’m Moving To Berlin! Introducing My New Site BerlinOrBust.com

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  2. Congratulations on the site and the move! I have only been to Berlin once but it is a truly fascinating city. I’m sure you will get to explore plenty of Western Europe too. Looking forward to reading all about it!
    Suzy recently posted..The Sicilian Love StoryMy Profile

  3. Welcome to Germany. It is a fascinating and varied place to travel. :) How long does the working visa scheme let you be here?

    I’ve been in Freiburg (complete other end of the country) for five years now and still finding neat stuff. (Grounded Traveler>The blog in the link has a lot about Germany and living here if you are interested).
    Andrew recently posted..Weekends are for laundryMy Profile

    • Thanks for the welcome (I dont get there for a few days yet still!)
      The visa lets me live and work in Germany for one year and I can get it up until I turn 31.
      Freiburg sounds unreal, definitely keen to check different parts of the country out while Im there, will definitely search the site for some tips! Thanks!

    • My friends have just been telling me about how cold winter was here, but glad to hear you enjoyed it so much even during those gloomy times!

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