Making The Internet A Better Place: 11 Shout-Outs From 2013

In a year that social media continued to stamp its presence as a now integral part of modern society, 2013 saw a particular rise in “upworthy-esque” sites, solely committed to grabbing the world’s distraction traffic at any chance they can get.


The online travel scene was no stranger to this, and while it continues to harbour a lot of yawn-worthy material, there is no question that it also produces some of the world’s best online content.

Spending a fair chunk of time in front of a computer in different parts of the world this year, here are a few blogs, sites and social media handles that stood out as a traveller. I can only recommend keeping them on your radar in 2014 also.



Photo Credit: Nate Roberts –

Ask me what my favourite travel blog is and I wont hesitate in directing you to the writings and photography of fellow Aussie, Nate Roberts. I first came across Nate’s work when he was documenting his travels through Iran, a destination I’ve been fascinated with for a few years now. Since then I’ve regularly visited his site and vicariously travelled with him through some of Eastern Europe and Asia Minor’s most unique and fascinating destinations.

It doesn’t look like Nate’s travels are easing up any time soon so definitely keep an eye on his work through 2014.


Bedouin Writer

Spending a good chunk of this year living in Berlin, I had the pleasure of becoming personal friends with Gesa Neitzel, author of Bedouin Writer.


Photo Credit: Gesa Neitzel –

I was a fan of Gesa’s writing before I had met her, so you can be assured there is no bias here (but for the record, over hearing her proclaim that she would never date a man shorter than her was the moment when all my dreams and ambitions for a life in Berlin came crashing down…).

Gesa is a gifted storyteller, and I have no doubt she will accomplish her long term goal of being a successful career writer. While originally a dual-language blog, I have noticed Gesa’s recent content has been only in her native German. Either way, her writing is still worth reading, even if it’s through Google Chrome’s Auto translate feature…


The Paper Planes Blog

Photo Credit: Alana Morgen

Photo Credit: Alana Morgen

I had the pleasure of meeting Alana Morgan of the Paper Planes blog ealier in 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Anyone who knows me well, knows the special place that Chiang Mai holds in my heart so it is on a regular basis that The Paper Planes blog has me returning to my former expat life in this great city of Northern Thailand.

Funky content and photo’s, ch-ch-ch-check it out yo…



Not a travel blog as such, but definitely a site I enjoy whenever it is updated.

wartardAs a fan of political debate surrounding international conflict, Wartard’s ingenious commical writing brilliantly highlights how retarded humanity can become in all matters to do with war.

I cant describe it – have a read and you’ll get what I mean (plus you’ll also understand why it takes him so long to release each post)


Let’s Travel Somewhere

Photo Credit: Nisa Maier -

Photo Credit: Nisa Maier –

A visual project started by photographer Nisa Maier, Let’s Travel Somewhere will leave you either wanting to travel deeper into the destinations you visit or take up photography but most likely both of those…

On Let’s Travel Somewhere, Nisa allows talented photographers to show off this amazing world through their camera’s lenses…



Photo Credit: @ramijamesaoun via instagram

Photo Credit: @ramijamesaoun via instagram

Instagram… one of my favourite social media apps. While it has largely highlighted humanity’s down fall with the likes of an unforeseen rise in the amount of bathroom mirror selfies, some bright lights continue to shine through on this platform.

If you know me well, you will most likely know that Lebanon is one of my favourite places that I have had the pleasure of traveling to. I also have a great appreciation for great architecture – something Lebanon is surprisingly full of. @ramijamesauon documents both Lebanon’s incredible vista’s as well as its unique architectural aspects.

Photo Credit: Will Peach

Photo Credit: Will Peach

A mentor turned friend, I can personally account to the fact that 2013 was a trying year for the travel blogging community’s most controversial son.

I have appreciated Will’s complete honesty and have taken great admiration in watching him become more and more open to the randomness of life. A true master of the written word, watching his work take a turn from travel related commentary to its now philosophical tone, I recommend keeping an eye on his dynamic art as it continues to develop and inspire into 2014…


Do You Yoga

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

In a year of hard lessons, one of the great blessings of this year personally was discovering yoga.’s founder Andy Zoltan became one of my best mates during my stint in Berlin and his yoga site opened up a rather intimidating scene fro a middle-aged white male… created a free youtube series called the “30 Day Yoga Challenge” with my newest internet crush, Erin Motz. A great resource for those wanting to stay healthy while on the move…

It was also inspiring to hear that after the success of the 30 day yoga challenge,’s recent kickstarter project to launch an online yoga school and community reached its target within 8 hours!

Namaste bitches…

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

If you aren’t a rugby fan, I pity the fool… Living in football (round type) heartland of central Europe, televised rugby was hard to come by. Rugby Dump allowed this travelling rugby fan to stay up to date with all the highlights from the world’s major fixtures but most importantly, clips of the games biggest hits…

You know Jesus played rugby right?


Spartan Traveler

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Spartan Traveler is the running documentary of Clayton’s pursuit of a location independent lifestyle.

His post on recovering from serious injury was one of the single most inspiring posts I read this year. Six months later I am on the path of recovery and regaining full range of motion of a two year old injury, after Clayton’s post had me realising that living with pain doesn’t have to be the norm.

I’m keen to see where 2014 takes him.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

The Most Alive had the honour of being one of Gapelia’s featured blogs this year.

Still very much a work in progress, Gapelia is building a platform that exists to champion the cause of quality story telling, art and intellectual discussion.

2014 will see their work come further into fruition, definitely a space you would want to be watching…





2013 was a year like no other and saw The Most Alive take some new directions.

The main one being it move from a running account of my personal travels, to the introduction of contributors Hannah Watkins and Adam Bennett, thus becoming more of an open source of information and inspiration to backpackers and independent travellers.

2014 will see TMA continue down this path and in the coming weeks, we will be announcing more contributors who will be joining the TMA, bringing our audience more engaging and inspiring storytelling, tips and images from around the world.

To our readers – thanks for being apart of this blog, we hope you have enjoyed its content as much as we have enjoyed sharing it and we look forward to sharing the life changing experiences that only travel can bring with you further into 2014.

“One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.”

Ash Clark – Founder,

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