100 Days of Paleo – The Beginning

This is not a resolution.

This is a goal.

The paleolithic concept of diet and nutrition has probably been both one of the most impacting and liberating influences on my life in the last two years.

It has opened my eyes to the lies of government food agencies, as well as the Pharmaceutical and mass-farming Corporations that fund them.

I started eating paleo styles around two years ago and within a few months into it, I was the healthiest and most productive I had ever been with the blood tests to back it.

But alas, injury, lack of discipline and well… three months in the cheeseburger-infested wilds of North America have had me lose my ways on the Paleo path.

But this is no more! My triumphant return to Australia has seen me catch up with my be-loved family and friends. All Christmas parties and New Years shenanigans are done – and with them their accompanied junk food, beer and excuses.

The next 100 days I’m dedicated to getting back on the path to optimal health and fitness that will ensure a life of longevity, free of major illnesses. I plan to be on top of my health and diet plans well before my upcoming move to Berlin in late February.



What is this Paleolithic diet stuff I speak of you ask? You may have heard it from one of your over zealous crossfit friends, but unlike crossfit, paleo won’t leave you broken when its done with you.

The term Paleolithic drives from the era of humanity where we were hunter-gatherers. The abbreviated version is that although our societies and farming techniques have evolved since then, our digestive systems have not. Our relatively recent rise in illnesses diseases and obesity have almost all the arrows pointing to our move from a simple diet based on meat and veges, to one rich in gluten filled carbohydrates such as breads, pastas, grain and corn.

BBQ at the Luang Prabang Night Markets, Laos.

Exposure to these types of foods lead to un regulated insulin responses from your pancreas and, long story short, see people packing on the pounds.

The other area that is of grave concern is that exposing our digestive systems to gluten over a lifetime causes our guts to go into a constant state of systemised inflammation. This leads to all sorts of eventual deformations when your cells reproduce themselves and is a clear indicator to why cancer and auto-immune related diseases have spiked so drastically in the age where humanity’s diet has changed so much.

In Short: It is a lifestyle of consuming clean meat so that your body is receiving essential oil and fats only found in animal sourced protein, plenty of veges, and snacking on a little bit of fruit and nuts.

Oh! And lots of water… AND COFFEE!!!

Doesn’t get more paleo than this. Grass fed stake and BBQ veges!


Why 100 days?

Well it actually on;y takes about 30 days for the body to get set back onto eating right again, but my friend threw the number out there the other day and stuff like this is a lot easier when you’re accountable to someone.

I’m sure there are lots of holes and questions in what I’ve written here, but if you get your hands/ears/eyes into any of the following people’s resources, I’m sure they’ll be as big an eye opener for you as they have been for me:

Where to now?

Well, for me, this is a war on the encroaching love handles I’ve managed to acquire over the last few months of diet debauchery.

I have taken ‘before photo’s’ but these wont be making their way onto the intergoogles until I have self gratifying ‘after’ photo’s to go with them… right now I’m a bit, well…”DON’T LOOK AT ME IM DISGUSTING!!!!”

I will also be getting a full blood test early next week (the soonest possible time I can get to a medical centre in a fasted state) so I can let the science of blood results do the talking after the 100 days is up.

The main thinkgs I ll be keeping an eye on blood wise will be:


  • Vitamin D – The closest we humans have got to a plants photosynthesis process and said to be the main preventer of yearly nasties such as the common cold and flu… so aiming for high numbers on this one.
  • CRP (C-Reactive Protein) – This shows a measure of inflammation in your bodies digestive system. It also gives a measure of stress levels, I obviously don’t want numbers showing up here.
  • HB A1C – this is an indicator of sugar, so again, as low as possible is the goal.
  • VLDL Cholesterol – Very Low density Lipo-protein. This is the bad cholesterol…


I ll be sure to post the results of this test as soon as I get them back.

Exercise wise I ll be getting back into my cycling, doing a heap of sprints to boost testosterone levels and relying on body weight exercises to maintain muscle tone and strength.

beats looking at yourself in the mirror right?



Im really excited about what 2013 has to offer and from past experiences, my best results have come when my health is in top form.

As I said earlier, Im doing this with a friend, but if this is something you would like to give a crack as well, you’re more than welcome to joinus. Get in contact so we can keep on each others case and hopefully have some results to share in 100 days!



Have there been any particular health kicks or diets that have worked well for you? Have you had experiences with the paleo diet yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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